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novel series

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Bearbeitet: Aug. 8, 2010, 9:24am

After reading Tim's blog post on series readers, I was reflecting on the serial character of Cthulhoid literature. Although the standard form is the short story rather than the novel, the continuity of the Mythos seems to generate many of the desired effects of novel series: book after book with shared characters and concepts, and sometimes plot development over long historical arcs. The "Mythos Cycle" books edited by Price help to bring out these features in many cases. But they don't (or shouldn't) have a single authorial voice over many volumes, which is a distinct attribute of a "proper" series of novels.

As it happens, I'm in the middle of reading a Lovecraftian series right now: Lumley's Dreamlands series. (I've finished the first book and Ship of Dreams is next.) Lumley has written other series--notably Titus Crow--that are equally Mythos-derived.

As far as "series" of short stories go, these are endemic to the Weird Tales paradigm, so its unsurprising to see the various groupings of CAS stories around a single character or setting, and HPL's own Randolph Carter Dreamlands stories fall into this pattern. More recently, Tierney wrote a series of delightful Simon of Gitta stories that were collected as The Scroll of Thoth.

Are there other series of novels that I don't know about?