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Love & Rockets: New Stories #3 (Love and…
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Love & Rockets: New Stories #3 (Love and Rockets (Graphic Novels)) (2010. Auflage)

von Jaime Hernandez (Autor)

MitgliederRezensionenBeliebtheitDurchschnittliche BewertungDiskussionen
994223,658 (4.13)1
After Jaime's two-part super-hero epic from Love and Rockets: New Stories #1 and #2, we return to the enthralling minutiae of the "Locas" cast's lives for the first time in three years. In the main story Ray finally gets his date with Maggie: The couple g
Titel:Love & Rockets: New Stories #3 (Love and Rockets (Graphic Novels))
Autoren:Jaime Hernandez (Autor)
Info:Fantagraphics Books (2010), Edition: 01, 104 pages
Sammlungen:Deine Bibliothek


Love and Rockets: New Stories (Vol. 3) (Love and Rockets) von Gilbert Hernandez (Author)

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I've taken a long break from the worlds of Los Bros Hernandez, so it was good to get back to them.

This is much darker than the first two volumes in the New Stories edition and the quality of the writing and artwork is as great as ever. Gilbert's stories of a scientific expedition on a distant planet which goes horribly wrong, and the sort-of-linked story of b-movie actress, KIller, are visceral and disturbing.

Jaime's stories, The Love Bunglers and Browntown are quite superb. His artwork is fantastic as ever and it was good to catch up with Maggie and Ray and their romantic complications. Browntown is a flashback to the childhood of Maggie and a disturbing incident involving her brother, Calvin (who also pops up in The Love Bunglers.....).

If I could draw like anyone it would be Jaime. Great stuff. ( )
  David.Manns | Nov 28, 2016 |
This issue represents a true pinnacle in a fine series.

Both Jaime and Gilbert have found a way to incorporate stories employing genre elements into their more "real world" sagas. Gilbert is now telling stories about a teenage actress called Killer who appears in the B-movies that are the fantasy tales. Jaime's fantasy tales often star his real world characters, but they play out in other dimensions, as shown in the last issue, where Maggie is sent "home" from the superhero universe she had been inhabiting.

In this issue, Jaime's (real world) Maggie is the star. Maggie is a character who ages in real time. Being a fan of such a character (as I am) can be a bittersweet experience. Comics (most of the really good ones anyway), are a slow, labor intensive process. Over the years, we've gotten no more than four installments of L&R every year. Maggie and her supporting cast thus seemed to morph more quickly and terrifyingly into middle age than they should have, even though I have only to look in the mirror to see that I've taken the same journey myself, just in a more continuous way. But in a way, it's more comforting to know that Maggie will always be about four years younger than me. I remember the weird feeling I'd get on realizing that my age had caught up to and surpassed certain comic book characters: Archie Andrews, Peter Parker, Kal-el, etc.

Anyway, fans of Maggie will find a lot to savor in this fine issue. It has been said in the past that of the Hernandez brothers, Gilbert had the more novelistic approach: the stories better constructed, with the flashbacks, revelations, symbolism, etc., all perfectly placed. Stories that seemed like they knew where they're going. On the other hand, Jaime, while praised as an artist, never got that kind of kudos as a writer. His stories seemed more made up on the fly. This issue turns all those stereotypes on their heads. We get the story of Ray Dominguez, in the present, trying to grab the chance at a relationship with Maggie that he's missed, coupled with a story from Maggie's childhood, filling in more than we ever knew about her early family life. The way the past informs the present is poignant and artistically thrilling. It's amazing to see an artist (who was great in his youth) continue to mature and deepen thirty years on, while at the same time telling stories of the same characters he started out on. Simply amazing! ( )
  EricKibler | Apr 6, 2013 |
Los Hermanos Hernandez have pulled me in, again. Gilbert explores newish territory, while Jaime plumbs deep into the well of Maggie's past--so real it feels more like he is revealing past history than creating it. ( )
  kivarson | Jan 29, 2011 |
While the second volume in this series didn't do much for me, the third installment sets things back on course with great contributions from both Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez. Particularly rewarding is Jaime's pair of stories exploring the character of Calvin (one of Maggie's younger brothers) as both a child and an adult. While the two stories are distinct, they are broken up and sequenced in a highly effective manner that serves to flesh out the complete picture of the character. And surprisingly, Gilbert's pair of stories are fully coherent, not something that can be claimed for all of his recent work. More to the point, the stories are thoroughly entertaining. This all bodes well for the future direction of what could prove (over the long haul) to be a truly top-notch series. ( )
  dr_zirk | Oct 3, 2010 |
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Hernandez, GilbertAutorHauptautoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Hernandez, JaimeAutorHauptautoralle Ausgabenbestätigt

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After Jaime's two-part super-hero epic from Love and Rockets: New Stories #1 and #2, we return to the enthralling minutiae of the "Locas" cast's lives for the first time in three years. In the main story Ray finally gets his date with Maggie: The couple g

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