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An Affair Without End

von Candace Camp

Reihen: Willowmere (3)

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1384158,554 (3.91)1
When Lady Vivian Carlyle agrees to introduce his American cousins to London society, Oliver, Earl of Stewkesbury, is captivated by this outrageous woman who refuses his marriage proposal and suggests that they become lovers.
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I so loved this novel. I could not put it down, and I was glad to have the characters involved be the focus of the story. The history between the main couple played well into their changing relationship and all of the issues inherent. The secondary couple involved my favourite Bascombe sister, Camellia, and her unfashionable antics. I actually fell for everyone in these two pairs just a little bit as the book went on. Add in the interesting mystery in the background, and while I was part right about the culprit, I did not see the ending coming. So points to Camp for fooling me. ( )
  ladypembroke | May 17, 2019 |
A strong finish for the trilogy. Those who have read the first two books will enjoy reading Oliver and Vivian's story but reading the first two is not a requirement for this book. It operates as a nice standalone. I enjoyed learning about Vivian seeing her interactions with her family and friends (I hate books where the hero and heroine are isolated). Oliver has been developed over the last few books but really came to life in this one. The subplot romance of Camilla was great too; I wish that more of the novel had been devoted to her! Before this trilogy, I hadn't read a lot of Candace Camp in recent years but definitely have her back on my author list now. ( )
  reesa00 | Apr 16, 2011 |
AN AFFAIR WITHOUT END by Candace Camp is an interesting historical romance set in Regency England. It is the final installment of "Willowmere" series,but can be read as a stand alone.It is well written with depth,details,romance,love,betrayal,adventure,danger,and sweet sensuality.The plot is easy to follow and will capture your attention.It is an exciting tale of a bold Lady of society,Vivian, who eagerly steps into danger and breaks the rules the of the ton.She has also decided she will never get married,but along comes the handsome,Oliver,Earl of Stewkesbury.Oliver she determined not to marry until he must,but he can't resist Vivian and her need to be outrageous.When Vivian suggest that she and Oliver become lovers,he is surely tempted.And as they say the rest is history.Oliver and Vivian have known each other for years.Vivian has always done outrageous things to Oliver.But when Vivian becomes entangled in an alarming series of jewel thefts rocking London,he knows he must help her or she will be in grieve danger.This story also has another plot intertwined within it,featuring Vivian's sly,bookish brother,Gregory,The fifth Marquess of Seyre,and the lovely bookish,gun totting American, Camellia, one of Oliver,The Earl of Stewkesbury's cousins. This is really a fast paced story with a few slow spots,only because of the details involved.Otherwise,it is an exciting tale of breaking the rules of society and finding love and happiness.It has moments that will have your laughing out loud.The charcters will capture your heart.This is a great historical romance.This book was received from Pocket Book Book Blogs and details can be found at Pocket Star Books, a division of Simon and Schuster,Inc. and My Book Addicton and More. ( )
  tarenn | Mar 24, 2011 |
It has been far too long since I last read a romance by Candace Camp - if only because I had overdosed on the genre and pretty much fell out of love, so to speak. An Affair Without End had sounded too good to resist, and let me say that I am now staring at my copy longingly because a re-read seems to also be hard to resist!

Compared to Francesca from The Courtship Wager (Matchmakers series), Vivian will certainly match Francesca in her feisty zest for the ton and perhaps even kick it up a notch as she challenges society's rules for a well-bred lady. She had cajones, dear Readers, and Oliver never stood a chance of resisting her scandalous proposition! I loved their witty banters and snipes at each other - a perfect historical romance full of fluff and fun that warmed me like hot chocolate!

I'm not sure if I will chase after the first 2 books of the series - they could be fun, but I've been down that road before (reading the last book and then starting at the beginning) and I think I prefer basking in the afterglow of An Affair Without End for a little while longer. I love Vivian and Oliver - not to mention, Camellia and Gregory - too much to let them go for their earlier selves. What I appreciate about Ms. Camp is that she writes series, but each book can definitely stand by itself with no major cliff-hangers to worry over. ( )
  theepicrat | Mar 20, 2011 |
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When Lady Vivian Carlyle agrees to introduce his American cousins to London society, Oliver, Earl of Stewkesbury, is captivated by this outrageous woman who refuses his marriage proposal and suggests that they become lovers.

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