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The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities: Exhibits, Oddities,…

von Ann VanderMeer (Herausgeber), Jeff Vandermeer (Herausgeber)

Weitere Autoren: Aeron Alfrey (Illustrator), Hugh Alter (Catalog Contributor), Kristen Alvanson (Illustrator), Charlie Jane Anders (Catalog Contributor), Julie Andrews (Catalog Contributor)80 mehr, Kelly Barnhill (Mitwirkender), Christopher Begley (Catalog Contributor), Holly Black (Mitwirkender), Jayme Lynn Blaschke (Catalog Contributor), Nickolas Brienza (Catalog Contributor), Greg Broadmore (Illustrator), S. J. Chambers (Mitwirkender), Stepan Chapman (Mitwirkender), Ted Chiang (Mitwirkender), Michael Cisco (Mitwirkender), Gio Clairval (Mitwirkender), John Coulthart (Illustrator), Tucker Cummings (Catalog Contributor), Rikki Ducornet (Catalog Contributor), Scott Eagle (Illustrator), Amal El-Mohtar (Mitwirkender), Brian Evenson (Mitwirkender), Minister Faust (Mitwirkender), Kaolin Imago Fire (Catalog Contributor), Jeffrey Ford (Mitwirkender), Lev Grossman (Mitwirkender), Jess Gulbranson (Catalog Contributor), Vladimir Gvozdariki (Illustrator), Jennifer Harwood-Smith (Catalog Contributor), Will Hindmarch (Mitwirkender), Willow Holser (Catalog Contributor), Rhys Hughes (Catalog Contributor), N.K. Jemisin (Mitwirkender), Caitlín R. Kiernan (Mitwirkender), Paul Kirsch (Catalog Contributor), Mur Lafferty (Mitwirkender), Jay Lake (Mitwirkender), Michael J. Larson (Catalog Contributor), Yishan Li (Illustrator), Therese Littleton (Catalog Contributor), Graham Lowther (Catalog Contributor), Claire Massey (Catalog Contributor), China Miéville (Mitwirkender), Mike Mignola (Illustrator), Tony Mileman (Catalog Contributor), Adam Mills (Catalog Contributor), Michael Moorcock (Mitwirkender), Alan Moore (Mitwirkender), Reza Negarestani (Mitwirkender), Annalee Newitz (Catalog Contributor), Garth Nix (Mitwirkender), Jonathan Nix (Illustrator), Naomi Novik (Mitwirkender), Eric Orchard (Illustrator), James A. Owen (Illustrator), Helen Oyeyemi (Mitwirkender), Ron Pippin (Illustrator), J.K. Potter (Illustrator), Cherie Priest (Mitwirkender), Ignacio Sanz (Catalog Contributor), Eric Schaller (Illustrator), Steven M. Schmidt (Catalog Contributor), Ekaterina Sedia (Mitwirkender), Ivica Stevanovic (Illustrator), Grant Stone (Catalog Contributor), Jan Svankmajer (Illustrator), Rachel Swirsky (Mitwirkender), Norman Taber (Catalog Contributor), Brian Thill (Catalog Contributor), Nick Tramdack (Catalog Contributor), Nicholas Troy (Catalog Contributor), Tom Underberg (Catalog Contributor), Horia Ursu (Catalog Contributor), Sam Van Olffen (Illustrator), William T. Vandemark (Catalog Contributor), Carrie Vaughn (Mitwirkender), Myrtle von Damitz III (Illustrator), Jake von Slatt (Illustrator), Kali Wallace (Catalog Contributor), Tracie Welser (Catalog Contributor), Amy Willats (Catalog Contributor), Tad Williams (Mitwirkender), Nadine Wilson (Catalog Contributor), Ben Woodard (Catalog Contributor), Charles Yu (Mitwirkender)

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3661454,724 (3.88)6
Collection of stories centering around Dr. Thackery T. Lambshead's astonishing cabinet of curiosities, which is filled with artifacts and personal diaries and recreates the doctor's many exploits.
  1. 00
    Enigmatic Pilot: A Tall Tale Too True von Kris Saknussemm (PghDragonMan)
    PghDragonMan: Brothers in spirit: two brilliant men ahead of their times whose genius is only now being recognized.
  2. 00
    The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric and Discredited Diseases von Mark Roberts (PghDragonMan)
    PghDragonMan: Essential reading for all Lambshedian scholors.
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This book was a pleasure to read, and it is one to browse through. Pick the passages that appeal to you first, then come back and read others. The book combines a feel of nonfiction, kind of like like reading an exotic guide or even something like the 10th edition Brittanica combined with a good fiction collection. There is also a subtle sense of humor along with a sense of wonder in the collection. Since I borrowed the copy I read, I did feel a bit rushed, but this is a book I would not mind buying so I can go back to it now and then. If you like Steampunk, Victoriana, or similar genres, you will enjoy this book. The photos and art in it are pretty good too. ( )
  bloodravenlib | Aug 17, 2020 |
This is a monster that shames but does not shamble, that bites but does not shit, that writhes but does not grasp.

This anthology succeeded as a perfect diversion. Premise is simple: fictional scholar/collector travels the world assembling the merely odd and the paranormally affected. Nothing too ghastly. Just weird. I bought it for the heavy-hitters, Moore, Chiang, Negarestani and especially Miéville, and they did not disappoint. Most of these collections are typically hit-and-miss, this one was uncanny, unheimlich, and ultimately entertaining: no duds. It is no easy task, providing a portrait or provenance in static form with just a hint of unease. ( )
  jonfaith | Feb 22, 2019 |
I got to page 170 of this book and then decided to set it aside. It's a very creative idea; the whole book is about a fake man name Lambshead and his curiosities. It's written like a non-fiction book. I wasn’t a huge fan of Vandermeer’s “City of Saints and Madmen” either and I didn’t realize this book was related to that one (which it is).

This isn't the kind of book you sit down and read, but rather a good coffee table book that you pick up now and then and read a bit of. It's intriguing, odd, but ultimately wasn't really for me.

I think the thing I disliked most about this book was that it read a lot like a non-fiction book (which I am not a fan of reading a ton of non-fiction) but I knew it was all fake. So, I was suffering through reading a non-fiction-like book that wasn’t really helping me learn anything real.

My favorite part of this book were the stories based off of objects in Thackery’s Cabinet; some of these were decent and I enjoyed them.

Overall this book wasn’t for me but it is very creative and well done for what it is. If you are into Vandermeer’s whole fake steampunk world that he introduced in “City of Saints and Madmen” you’ll enjoy this. If you like the whole fake subject presented as real fact in a tongue-in-cheek sort of way I think you will enjoy this as well. ( )
  krau0098 | Oct 8, 2018 |
This is a book that's hard to rate - some of the stories are quite brilliant - and others less so. I like the stories of the different people actually meeting Dr. Lambshead or the descriptions of the stuff in his cabinet, but some of the stories about the actual objects dragged a bit. The illustrations are quite brilliant. ( )
  TheDivineOomba | Nov 23, 2014 |
Book Info: Genre: Satire/speculative shorts
Reading Level: Adult
Recommended for: Those who enjoy speculative fiction and clever storytelling

My Thoughts: I learned about cabinets of curiosities from reading the Pendergast novels by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child. One of the novels is actually titled The Cabinet of Curiosities and it explains what these are. Basically, a cabinet of curiosities is a private collection of interesting and odd things, which were quite popular in the 19th century. Whatever the person putting it together is interested in would be collected. In this collection of short, speculative, essay-type stories, the various writers describe the stories behind the items in Thackery T. Lambshead's cabinet of curiosities.

This book is not as funny as the book of fake diseases I just read, but it is still wonderfully well done. The various authors have written of their assigned objects so convincingly that I often found myself thinking that I should look up more information on one thing or another, but of course the chances are that they were just making things up. However, there were some fairly funny stories, such as the story “Diminutions” by Michael Moorcock, in which some men decide to bring the Gospel to germs, and to receive some extra funding:
“Bannister... persuaded the governors that, if a will to do evil motivated these microns, then the influence of the Christian religion was bound to have an influence for good. This meant, logically, that fewer boys would be in the infirmary and that, ultimately, shamed by the consequences of their actions, the germs causing, say, tuberculosis would cease to spread.” [p. 169]
I enjoyed the stories by Charles Yu and Garth Nix so much that I plan to look through their available works to find new books for my wishlist. So, yeah, I really enjoyed this one, too.

If you are interested in this book, or if you read and enjoyed it, then you should check out the earlier anthology, The Thackery T. Lambshead Pocket Guide to Eccentric and Discredited Diseases (review linked here). And if you haven't read this one yet, definitely check it out; it's really fascinating and the stories are very well done.

Disclosure: I bought this book for myself. All opinions are my own.

Synopsis: The death of Dr. Thackery T. Lambshead in 2003 at his house in Wimpering-on-the-Brook, England, revealed an astonishing discovery: the remains of a remarkable cabinet of curiosities.

A carefully selected group of popular artists and acclaimed, bestselling fantasy authors has been assembled to bring Dr. Lambshead’s cabinet of curiosities to life. Including contributions from Alan Moore, Lev Grossman, Mike Mignola, China Miéville, Cherie Priest, Carrie Vaughn, Greg Broadmore, Naomi Novik, Garth Nix, Michael Moorcock, Holly Black, Jeffrey Ford, Ted Chiang, and many more. ( )
  Katyas | May 26, 2014 |
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AutorennameRolleArt des AutorsWerk?Status
VanderMeer, AnnHerausgeberHauptautoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Vandermeer, JeffHerausgeberHauptautoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Alfrey, AeronIllustratorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Alter, HughCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Alvanson, KristenIllustratorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Anders, Charlie JaneCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Andrews, JulieCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Barnhill, KellyMitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Begley, ChristopherCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Black, HollyMitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Blaschke, Jayme LynnCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Brienza, NickolasCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Broadmore, GregIllustratorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Chambers, S. J.MitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Chapman, StepanMitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Chiang, TedMitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Cisco, MichaelMitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Clairval, GioMitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Coulthart, JohnIllustratorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Cummings, TuckerCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Ducornet, RikkiCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Eagle, ScottIllustratorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
El-Mohtar, AmalMitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Evenson, BrianMitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Faust, MinisterMitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Fire, Kaolin ImagoCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Ford, JeffreyMitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Grossman, LevMitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Gulbranson, JessCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Gvozdariki, VladimirIllustratorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Harwood-Smith, JenniferCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Hindmarch, WillMitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Holser, WillowCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Hughes, RhysCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Jemisin, N.K.MitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Kiernan, Caitlín R.MitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Kirsch, PaulCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Lafferty, MurMitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Lake, JayMitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Larson, Michael J.Catalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Li, YishanIllustratorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Littleton, ThereseCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Lowther, GrahamCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Massey, ClaireCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Miéville, ChinaMitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Mignola, MikeIllustratorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Mileman, TonyCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Mills, AdamCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Moorcock, MichaelMitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Moore, AlanMitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Negarestani, RezaMitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Newitz, AnnaleeCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Nix, GarthMitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Nix, JonathanIllustratorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Novik, NaomiMitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Orchard, EricIllustratorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Owen, James A.IllustratorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Oyeyemi, HelenMitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Pippin, RonIllustratorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Potter, J.K.IllustratorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Priest, CherieMitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Sanz, IgnacioCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Schaller, EricIllustratorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Schmidt, Steven M.Catalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Sedia, EkaterinaMitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Stevanovic, IvicaIllustratorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Stone, GrantCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Svankmajer, JanIllustratorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Swirsky, RachelMitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Taber, NormanCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Thill, BrianCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Tramdack, NickCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Troy, NicholasCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Underberg, TomCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Ursu, HoriaCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Van Olffen, SamIllustratorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Vandemark, William T.Catalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Vaughn, CarrieMitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
von Damitz III, MyrtleIllustratorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
von Slatt, JakeIllustratorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Wallace, KaliCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Welser, TracieCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Willats, AmyCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Williams, TadMitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Wilson, NadineCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Woodard, BenCatalog ContributorCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Yu, CharlesMitwirkenderCo-Autoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
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Dedicated to the memory of Kage Baker, a wonderful writer and a good friend of Dr. Lambshead. You are not forgotten.
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To his dying day, Dr. Thackery T. Lambshead (1900-2003) insisted to friends that he "wasn't much of a collector."
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Collection of stories centering around Dr. Thackery T. Lambshead's astonishing cabinet of curiosities, which is filled with artifacts and personal diaries and recreates the doctor's many exploits.

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