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von Cherie Priest

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Vampire and thief Raylene doesn't need any more complications in her life. Her Seattle home is already overrun by a band of misfits, including a blind vampire and an ex-Navy SEAL drag queen. Now she's off on a hunt to steal a bizarre set of artifacts-- a hunt that sets her up against a crazy sorceress determined to stomp anyone who gets in her way.… (mehr)
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    Hexenzorn: Roman von T. A. Pratt (TheDivineOomba)
    TheDivineOomba: The main character Raylene in Hellbent is a lot like Marla Mason in Blood Engines. The characters are driven by similar wants, which is to keep friends and family safe. Raylene is a more balanced character I think than Marla, but both have the same sort of Moral ambiguity.… (mehr)
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Hellbent was my first foray into the world's of Cherie Priest. I've heard wonderful things about her steampunk series, the Clockwork Century, but of her vampire series, beginning with Bloodshot, I'd heard very little.

Let me put that to rest.

If you're just looking for all that glitters, this isn't the spot. Nor is Priest's take on vampires entirely horrific, though. What she is is blunt and snarky and very engaging.

You can almost forget that Ray (Raylene) is a vampire, except maybe when she's rescuing a kitten that's tracked through a crime scene because its paws smell so good, what with all that fresh blood. Ray is a thief. A very, very good thief, who's hired to track down some magical artifacts and relive their current owner of them. The maniac witch that's threatening to bring down heaven and hell with them is just a complication in the plan, right?

The other major plot threads of the novel center around blind Ian (another vampire) and his former House, and Adrian's (a human) search for what happened to his sister. While a lot of the historical details to these plots is left unsaid, enough context was given (and even an outright "This is what happened before" blurt) that you didn't feel lost if you hadn't read the first book. It also didn't feel like Priest overly did the recap, as most of it was up front early on, letting the story progress on its own from there.

Hellbent was a splendid mix of action and comedy, and of course magic, vampires, ghouls, and some tasty, bloody kitten paws. Probably a few too many jokes about the objects Ray is hired to steal (I'd hate to be the one to reveal that spoiler), but other than that a solid, fun read. ( )
  kodermike | Jul 31, 2020 |
I really enjoyed Hellbent--possibly more than Bloodshot? Not sure, but I'm really bummed there aren't more. Adrian/Sister Rose is the best, and their relationship with Ray is A . Also, Ray is open about her mental illness, and sympathizes with a woman with schizophrenia. She doesn't really know what to do with the woman once she finishes her revenge spree, but Ray's willing to try, at least. So much of this book was just wonderful, and I would read boatloads more of the Cheshire Red books. ( )
  whatsmacksaid | Sep 21, 2018 |
Raylene Pendle is back, trying to protect her vampire boyfriend Ian from his SF family who want to kill him, by investigating an Atlanta vampire House on behalf of SF. Also, she’s trying to get some mystical penis bones from a schizophrenic genius who is trying to use them to erase her past mistakes (including the people and places involved). If that seems scattered, it fits the narrator’s internal monologue, which has a lot of tangents. I enjoyed it but lots of plot-related things happened really fast. ( )
  rivkat | Aug 8, 2018 |
Note: While this is Book 2 in the series, it works just fine as a stand alone novel.

Raylene is an expert thief and a wayward vampire. Her fixer Horace has an unusual job for her. He needs these rare yet odd relics stolen and he offers her a big financial incentive to take on the job. However, someone else is also after the relics – Elizabeth Creed. She’s a warlock and one who isn’t all there. Tossing in some trouble on the homefront, Ian (a blind vampire) has been summoned home by his House. It’s a death sentence to go and a death sentence to not go. Ray may not be able to help Ian with this one.

First, there was lots of humor and banter in this book, and plenty of it is a bit dark. The odd relics that Ray is hunting for are actually baculum, which are penis bones. Yep. Many placental mammals have penis bones. Alas, humans do not. Anyway, these particular baculum are from things like werewolves and such, making them perfect for magical spells. I’m sure you can see how this particular job was rife with humor.

The quest takes Ray out of Seattle and to Houston and Atlanta. She’s also trying to give her support to Ian as he tries to reconnect with this son Brandon. So we get to see a chunk of the country in this book. Adrian, an ex-military drag queen, is also along for the ride. Hooray! I really enjoyed his character in Book 1, Bloodshot. When he’s in drag, she’s Sister Rose. In the previous book, he was searching for his younger sister Isabel. That search comes up again in this novel and I was glad to see that Adrian had not given up his hunt.

There’s a touch of romance in this novel. There’s a low simmering heat between Ray and Ian, but since they live in the same big house, they have been keeping things casual. They also share space with two orphaned kids, Domino and his little sister Pepper. Domino is going through his angry teen years and I really was worried he was going to get dead in this book! Pepper is the brains of the two even if she’s only 7 or so.

There’s plenty of action as Ray tries again and again to doge the crazy warlock, the military group that once held Ian captive, and also Ian’s House. There are so many ways that things could go very, very wrong for Ray! Eeeeep! This was a real page, or, rather, disc, turner for me. I didn’t want to put this book down. Between the humor and the high-stakes action, I was hooked and enjoyed the entire book.

Narration: Natalie Ross did another great job with this book. I continue to be amazed at her performance with Adrian/Sister Rose. I also enjoy her various accents as needed here and there. Her rough, kind of seedy voice for Horace was perfect – just like how I picture him. ( )
  DabOfDarkness | Oct 31, 2016 |
While Hellbent is a sequel to Bloodshot, I don’t think it’s strictly necessary to read them in order, although I’d suggest it if you can. The plots are largely independent, and Hellbent has a recap type thing to fill you in on what you need to know. Namely, that Raylene is a vampire thief living in Seattle. For most of her existence she’s been solitary, but within the last six months she’s moved in with a blind vampire (Ian) and two homeless kids and gained an ex-navy SEAL drag queen (Adrian) as a best friend.

The renovations to her building have cut into her supply of cash, so Raylene accepts a job that’s supposed to be totally easy – steal a box of bones out of an everyday home. Only, turns out a schizophrenic sorceress is also after them. And if Raylene didn’t have enough going on, the patriarch of Ian’s old vampire House has died, and the new regime needs to make sure that Ian can’t be in the running for succession.

The plot was faced paced, but it felt very episodic. Maybe it was the result of all these interlocking plot threads? It felt like the book was moving very clearly from one scene to another, and it sort of cut into the tension.

One thing I did like was how Raylene relates to Elizabeth, the aforementioned schizophrenic sorceress. Raylene’s neurotic and possibly got OCD, which back when she was alive in the 1920s got her a diagnosis of hysteria for which she was lucky not to wind up in an institution. Elizabeth hasn’t had any such luck, and Raylene sees some sort of commonality between them.

Hellbent doesn’t pick up any of the plot threads from Bloodshot. It almost feels like a detour, only it’s unclear whether there’ll ever be more books for the series. Priest only had a contract for two books, and there’s currently no plans for a third.

I’ve enjoyed both Bloodshot and Hellbent, and I’d recommend them to anyone looking for a couple of fun urban fantasy stories.

Originally posted on The Illustrated Page. ( )
  pwaites | Mar 29, 2016 |
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Vampire and thief Raylene doesn't need any more complications in her life. Her Seattle home is already overrun by a band of misfits, including a blind vampire and an ex-Navy SEAL drag queen. Now she's off on a hunt to steal a bizarre set of artifacts-- a hunt that sets her up against a crazy sorceress determined to stomp anyone who gets in her way.

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