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Spiderwork (Apocalypto, #2) von L.K. Rigel
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Spiderwork (Apocalypto, #2) (2011. Auflage)

von L.K. Rigel

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Her fate was to hold the world together. His destiny was to tear it apart.Jake and Char's love is tested in the strange new world as Jake takes on a position of responsibility and power and Char confronts the consequences of her infertility. Durga comes of age, ruling the chalices and establishing order among the city-states. Her life is filled with luxury, pleasure, and duty. She can have anything she wants ~ anything but love. Prince Khai, free-willed scion of the city-state of Luxor, will stop at nothing to win Durga's heart. Does she dare risk the goddess's wrath to accept him?… (mehr)
Titel:Spiderwork (Apocalypto, #2)
Autoren:L.K. Rigel
Info:Publisher Unknown (2011), Kindle Edition, 187 pages
Sammlungen:Deine Bibliothek
Tags:to-read, sci-fi


Spiderwork von L.K. Rigel

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In a way Spiderwork is less confusing, than Space Junque but less interesting as well. The story continues in the new world 8 years later. Little girl Durga possessed and chosen to lead the world by the goddess, is now 18 and starts changing her own life and views on chalices as soon as she falls in love with Khai.

Again there is not enough world-building, instead there are glimpses of what's happening. The storyline jumps between Durga and Char and Jake's struggles for their love and the city they built.

There is also a hint of another prophecy about a girl who will ruin everything Durga built... A guess next book will be about her. A mish-mash of stories and images, and I still couldn't see the whole picture.

( )
  kara-karina | Nov 20, 2015 |
This book started out slow for me. I started to put the book down then remembered that space junque started out slow. I keep reading and about 25% in it got interesting. I was a little confused. The book stated out about 2 people and somewhere near the end of the book was bout 2 different people.
( )
  MaryAlice411 | Feb 13, 2014 |
The author of Spiderwork (In Flagrante Apocalypto #2) calls her series a romance, but I think that's doing it an injustice. There are bigger themes at work here – the breakdown of humanity and its rebuilding, with tyrants, political intrigue, city-states, manipulations, and the resurgence of old gods and ancient religion. In a twist of reader irony, Spiderwork's being more than a simple love story, is what frustrates me the most about this novella (perhaps the series?) even though I loved it.

Rigel has a lot of plates spinning in the air. Spiderwork is potentially a complex story, with good characterizations, including a capricious god who has no compunction against making an example (killing) her loyal followers for their very human foibles. There are characters who sacrifice power for love, and those who risk everything for power.

The redevelopment of an old religion is another pervasive theme, with two rival gods, and hints of opposing worship practices. This is precisely the flaw of the story though... too many hints, not enough words in this short-ish installment.

*mild spoilers ahead*

Some of the spinning plates are dropped. What happened to Sky and Tesla? Were they ever found, was the technology recovered? How did Alice and the bees survive Sameal's cleansing fire? Sameal's worshipers are only referenced, but clearly important, so in what way is this rival faith developing, and if it's not, why not? How is Garrick's industrial and oil-dependent city surviving in a world that has regressed to mostly pre- and early- industrial conditions? And we still know next to nothing about the Empani – who appear to be an empath/morph race or hybrid. How did they come about, and what are their motivations?*

In spite of these flaws, which mostly boil down to “TOO SHORT,” (I know! I'm harping, I'm a harpy!) I really love the story and the world-building that is occurring here. I read quite a bit of post-apocalyptic fiction, and rarely see stories where a science-based society is returning to a faith-based one. Spiderwork is more fantasy than science fiction, but it's still quite solidly in the middle of the two genres as a cross-over – with a world that is still looking to the development of technology as a survival mechanism, but has been thrown into undeniable contact with old gods, their schemes and their desires.

I'm definitely looking forward to the next piece of the tale.

*addendum: in response to some of these questions (posed here in this review, and elsewhere by other reviewers) Rigel has expanded this installment of the series. (Score one for indies, who can revise a new work if needed.) Some of the dangling plotlines are either resolved or explained - and a good job too, they weren't overdone, so it doesn't feel like a knee-jerk revision - and some seem to be left for a later volume.

Much more satifying. ( )
  StaceyHH | Apr 8, 2013 |
The second book in the Apocalypto series, Spiderwork, shifts from being more of a space opera romance to more of a futuristic paranormal romance, but there is still a small bit of leftover modern technology existing alongside the old gods.

The first couple of chapters pick up where Hero Material ends and gives the reader some background, describes the god Samael's cleansing fires, and sets up the changing world. The next chapter jumps in time to the "now" which is eight years later. One-fifth of the world's population has survived. The world is starting anew and has been thrust back into an older way of life with dynastic rule. Jake has become the leader of his own settlement.

There are two romances going on here: Char and Jake are still together and in love but their relationship is established. However, Char must come to terms with how she will share Jake with a chalice. Durga is now grown up and the "Emissary" -- the chosen link to the goddess Asherah -- soon to reach the age when she must serve as a chalice to help repopulate a once sterile world. Her romance begins when she meets Khai, scion of Luxor.

I struggled a bit with the first half of this book. There seemed to be a lot of politics and it wasn't really keeping my interest. The second half of the book was more interesting. It went faster for me and I started to fall into the story. There was more action and the setup from the first half of the book started to come together.

There are some story elements that were hinted at in the first book that we learn more about in this book. In Hero Material we were introduced to the shapeshifting Empani but don't really get a clear idea of what they are. In this book we learn more about them, though they still confuse me a bit. I can’t tell if they are good or bad. They are Samael's creation and Samael is also another entity that I wanted to know more about. He is mentioned and referenced frequently in the book but never really shows up in the story. He and Asherah seem to work together at times and at other times they seem to be in conflict. Another story element we learn more about is Sky, Char's sister. Though you get some closure to that story thread, I'm not sure I was satisfied with it. Finally, there are the ghosts. I really liked the addition of the ghost, Alice, to the story line. I read LK's flash fiction story, Alice Ghosting, awhile ago and was glad to see her make an appearance in this book. I think I’m getting a handle on the “ghosts”.

There were a couple of scenes that didn't seem to flow well for me and I had to reread them a few times to get that little movie in my head to play properly, but this might just be due to my interpretation.

Oddly enough, considering the first book is more sci-fi, I liked Hero Material better. The story was wrapped up well for its size and I knew some of the story threads that were left hanging would be pursued in the next book. This book is also a novella on the longer end of the size range verging on a short novel. I don’t think Durga and Khai’s relationship was explored as much as I would have liked -- maybe because I get the feeling that this is the last we will see of Durga and Khai, and Char and Jake. As the book opens with a jump to the past, it ends with a jump to the future. From the descriptions of the next two books, Blue Amber (a novella) and Bleeder (a novel)...I think the story is moving on. I'm interested to see where LK will take us next in this world, so I'll definitely be continuing the series. ( )
  mishmelle | Apr 10, 2011 |
This is the second book in LK Rigel’s In Flagrante Apocalyto series, being equal parts paranormal and science fiction. I liked Space Junque (book #1 in series) because it introduced me to a genre I had never encountered before. The characters were interesting, the plot was interesting, and the world was interesting. Well, I liked Spiderwork even more. My initial reactions upon finishing the book were…”excellent”! And I believe the main reason for that is the plot and the characters just felt deeper – more complex and each unique in their own ways. Being the second book in the series, we also learn about more parts of the world LK has created. For example, in Space Junque, I was disappointed that what Ms. Rigel called “ghosts” wasn’t explained in a way that I could understand what they were and exactly how they fit into the world. But that resolves itself completely in Spiderwork when one ghost plays an important part in the progression of the story. And may I add, I really liked this character and I’m hoping for more “ghost” action in any of her upcoming books.

The world is also changed from what we saw in Space Junque. What is left of the people that inhabit the planet are ruled by the laws of the goddess Asherah. It’s 8 years after the big war and this almost like having to learn about a whole new world (not quite, but L K has changed her world in some major ways and that takes a bit of getting used to). What I liked about this was we don’t just get one perspective, but two – those of Char and Durga. Both of these women know the same people and have great influence in the political realm but they are different enough we are allowed a glimpse into much more of the world by the split of perspectives. Both of their love stories are also fabulous and add greatly to the reader’s understanding of how these two women’s lives fit into the greater picture that is essentially Asherah’s world. And the souls! I really wish I knew a way to say something about this without spoilers, but um…that was great! The only thing I felt missing from the story was a deeper understanding of some of the peripheral characters. For instance, I would like to know more about Garrick and the chalices (Maribel and Faina come to mind). They are in the story just enough for me to want more but not enough to satisfy my curiousity.

So, if I were you, would I read Spiderwork after having read Space Junque? Yes! Would I read Space Junque just so I could get to some more juicy bits in Spiderwork? That’s a yes also!

Note: Spiderwork was quickly edited to add additional scenes and reposted to Amazon within a week of it’s release. This review is for the second, edited version. ( )
  ErikaReadingBooks | Mar 2, 2011 |
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Her fate was to hold the world together. His destiny was to tear it apart.Jake and Char's love is tested in the strange new world as Jake takes on a position of responsibility and power and Char confronts the consequences of her infertility. Durga comes of age, ruling the chalices and establishing order among the city-states. Her life is filled with luxury, pleasure, and duty. She can have anything she wants ~ anything but love. Prince Khai, free-willed scion of the city-state of Luxor, will stop at nothing to win Durga's heart. Does she dare risk the goddess's wrath to accept him?

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