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The Warden and the Wolf King (The…
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The Warden and the Wolf King (The Wingfeather Saga -Book 4) (Original 2014; 2020. Auflage)

von Andrew Peterson (Autor), Joe Sutphin (Illustrator)

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1,0721018,620 (4.77)1
Separated when the Fangs of Drang invade Ban Rona, the three Igiby siblings face sea dragons, Stranders, Ridgerunners, Cloven, and more in their final, epic battle.
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War has come to the Green Hollows and surrounding lands. King Kalmar knows that fighting the overwhelming forces of Fangs won't be enough, though, and is determined to confront Gnag the Nameless himself. The Wingfeathers hope for a better future and a return to their homeland, but what will it cost to get there?

Again I find myself wishing I could say more, but not wanting to have to post behind a spoiler tag. The conclusion to the saga was at least as amazing, if not more so, as the run to get here. For a series that started a bit slow (not boring, but slow), the ensuing adventure, peril, emotion, and character development was worth every bit of the build up.

The character development throughout the series, and especially this last book, was realistic and even made me examine my own heart more closely. Though I have to admit that I don't think Leeli had much development overall. The ending was incredible, and I never saw it coming. It left me in shock, and with the biggest book hangover I've ever experienced. I am already looking forward to when I re-read this series (which will probably be in September when the second half of the re-released books come out, which my husband already pre-ordered for me).

Keeping in mind that that this series is middle grade fiction, I'm going to share a bit of a story:

I read the first 2 books earlier this year, as ARCs for the re-release that will include all new illustrations and footnotes (the books originally came out 10 years ago). I remember thinking that my then 9-year-old daughter might enjoy them, but she likes reading in theory more than in practice, tending to start books and not finish them.

When Andrew Peterson started reading the first book live online during the quarantine back in March, she started listening with me part way through (she was usually outside playing when he read, and she didn't have enough interest initially to stay inside to listen). By the time he finished reading book 2, she was hooked. She sped on ahead of me and listened to the audio books for 3 & 4. She loved them so much, she was desperate for me to read the rest so she could talk about them with me. She then proceeded to go back and read the first 2 books and re-listen to the last 2 books a few times. All in the space of a few months, by a girl who only halfheartedly read before this.

So to sum up, while the series itself is incredible–inventive, adventurous, emotional, even beautiful–the best thing about these books is that it gave my daughter and me something to enjoy together and discuss. Though we have to do it in whispers, because our enjoyment has gotten my husband’s interest piqued, and we don’t want to spoil anything for him.

Though I've been saying all through the reviews for this that the book is not overtly Christian--and it's not--there was a message in this book that I really appreciated. And I just have to say that I think it's okay to be jealous about someone else being allowed to literally directly encounter God, and you're not invited. I can't recommend this book enough to readers of all ages, and particularly suggest that reading it along with your kids, or even out loud to your kids, might just provide hours, days, weeks of great bonding time.

Thank you so much to Netgalley and WaterBrook & Multnomah for providing me a copy of this book to review. ( )
  Kristi_D | Sep 22, 2023 |
Name: North! Or Be Eaten
Author: Andrew Peterson
Genre: Children Fiction, Fantasy, Sci-fi, Adventure, Mystery, Drama
Age: 6
This book is brings us to the very end of the adventures of three siblings, Janner, Kalmar and Leeli.
The final battle between the Fang of Dang and Gnag, the Nameless is about to begin. Janner, the throne warden; Kalmar, the Wolf King; and Leeli, the Song Maiden of Anniera—are ready and willing to fight alongside the Hollowsfolk. But the lizardlike monster, Fangs of Dang makes the first move and invades Ban Rona, this leads to the seperation of the three siblings. Janner is lost in the hills alone; while Leeli is fighting the Fangs from the rooftops of the city; and Kalmar, who carries a terrible secret in his heart, is on a course for the Deeps of Throg.

Nowhere is safe, in the waters, dangerous sea dragons lurk; in the burrows, Wicked Stranders crawl; on the land Ridgerunners and trolls prowl. Forest are haunted while monsters and Fangs and villains lie between the children and their only hope of victory.

Once again, our favourite master storyteller, Andrew Peterson returns with his quirky writing style and homour. The story is thrilling and enchanting for the readers and it feels like this book devours the reader's attention with absolutely amazing story and wonderful illustrations throughout the pages of the book. An epic conclusion which brings an ending to this amazing series.

For Further Reading:
Percy Jackson and The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan
Eragon by Christopher Paolini ( )
  Fatima_Anwar | Nov 30, 2020 |
Fantasy friends be prepared because this book takes you on an adventure not easy to forget.

Janner, Kalmar, and Leeli might be young, but they are more the ready to take up their roles and fight to save Fang of Dang. Not only is it difficult to keep the various groups united, but they face untold danger themselves. Especially when they get separated and need to fight as well as they can. But the monsters are fierce and the battle seemingly impossible.

I did not read the first books in this series, which was a mistake. While it wasn't too much of a problem to get into this book, the background information definitely would have helped. Plus, this book was so amazing that I'm not sad I didn't start with book one.

This is a pure fantasy world, chucked full of imagination. In other words, the world building is very well done and packs tons of surprises along with unique characters and settings. The author lets his fantasy take flight and takes the reader with him. It was a delight to experience all the monsters, magic, warriors, and even the smaller things like food and landscape. And with all this, the story never slows down.

Adventure ranks high as does the danger. This tale twists and turns and squirms, making sure it's a read that's hard to put down. When I saw the word count on this one, I did swallow, since it's quite a chunk for many young readers. But this tale doesn't squander the page space. To break things up, there are illustrations scattered through-out. But even then, this tale is grabbing and holds tons of surprises along the way.

My favorite aspect of this book is how it's written. While the world building is rich and then plotting sits tight and well-woven, it's the characters that make this shine. These are kids, and the author doesn't forget that. Even if they are thrown into adventures, which most adults would edge away from, they still act like kids. And speak like kids. And think like kids. They also have a wonderful bond of friendship and sibling loyalty.

This is not only a fun read and one that keeps the reader at the edge of their seat, but it also has heart. And the ending...well, it really hits home. I'm planning on gifting this series to a fantasy lover because I'm sure they'll enjoy it quite a bit. I received an ARC through Netgalley. ( )
  tdrecker | Aug 27, 2020 |
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Separated when the Fangs of Drang invade Ban Rona, the three Igiby siblings face sea dragons, Stranders, Ridgerunners, Cloven, and more in their final, epic battle.

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