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Tremaine's True Love

von Grace Burrowes

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Reihen: True Gentlemen (1), Haddonfields (4)

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When he pays a visit to the Earl of Bellefonte, Tremaine St. Michael, an astute man of business, finds himself captivated by the earl's formidable sister, Lady Nita, who he believes needs his protection as she tends to the sick and the poor.
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While Borrowes's novels can stand alone, even when changing to a new series, I think it's best to have read all the preceding series. She ties her characters and their families together across books, and while yes, the outcome of a romance novel is obvious, it takes something away to see the change and growth before the actual story has been read. Overall, this book was a solid 4 stars. The OTP are honest and interesting, but sometimes, the conversations felt disjointed to the point of confusion. I admit to feeling even more lost than the hero at times. ( )
  ladypembroke | May 17, 2019 |
I think this was supposed to be a novel you sink into, wrapped in a blanket and sipping tea. I haven't read a lot of Burrowes' books, she publishes amazingly quickly, therefore, I'm not wildly familiar with all her characters, their families, and connections. I'm going to blame this for the main reason I couldn't sink into the story.
I liked our lead couple, a bit tepid but reserved in a way with their emotions that matches the times but what I'd call side characters, who are probably well known to avid Burrowes' readers, invaded the story way too much, along with the talk of sheep. I think it was supposed to be trifling funny and add credence to the overall story because, people's livelihood and all but besides the first baby lamb scene, I wanted to say baa-bye to them.
If I was editor, I would have slashed 70% of the story, I hate to say it but I was bored. I want to say nothing happens but I mean that in an action way, this is strictly a character driven and following along with relationships story. I usually like character driven stories but yeah, I still can't help saying nothing happens. Burrowes is a great writer and can turn a nice phrase but this book is probably better left to readers looking for a slower moving and wide circle of characters with varying stories, book.
I'm going to try the next in the series and hope it focuses on the main couple more. ( )
  WhiskeyintheJar | Feb 14, 2019 |
Good story about two people who aren't looking for love but find it anyway. Tremaine is a wealthy businessman who has arrived at the Earl of Bellefonte's estate to negotiate for the purchase of the earl's flock of Merino sheep. Upon arrival, he discovers that he's not the only one interested and that the earl contemplates using the sheep as hooks to find husbands for his sisters. Tremaine has had no thoughts of marriage in the near future but finds himself intrigued by Lady Nita, the oldest of the sisters. Nita considers herself firmly on the shelf. After the death of her mother, she devoted herself to running the house and taking care of her siblings, as well as serving as a healer for the district. With her brother's marriage, she has lost the need to run the house and has thrown herself into caring for the villagers and tenants.

I liked both Tremaine and Nita. He is the son of a French Comte and a Scottish woman who lost their lives during the Terror. He is somewhat bitter about the way that his mother abandoned him with his Scottish grandfather and returned to France with her husband. His childhood with his grandfather wasn't very pleasant and has caused him to keep his distance from what little family he has left. He prefers increasing his fortune using his wits rather than depending on his aristocratic background. As plain Mr. St. Michael he doesn't flaunt his wealth. Though a bit standoffish at the beginning, as he spends more time with the family his kindness and thoughtfulness become more apparent. Nita is independent, forthright, and more than a little stubborn. After a brief brush with romance when she was younger, she avoids any plans for marriage. Her dedication to caring for the sick has put her at odds with her family, especially her oldest brother, the local doctor, and the vicar. She won't turn away anyone who comes to her for help, including the local fallen woman. She doesn't judge; she simply renders whatever aid she can.

The relationship between Tremaine and Nita developed slowly. Tremaine was drawn to and intrigued by Nita and the way that she cared for everyone else. They began with quiet conversations as they would encounter each other at various times of day. I loved the scenes where Tremaine accompanied Nita to Addy's house. His compassion and kindness were evident, as was the difficulty of the memories that were resurrected. His actions endeared him to Nita, who had expected him to stay distant while she did what she had to do. I also liked her calming effect on him when he had a problem with his sheep. The more time they spent with each other, the more a feeling of attraction grew between them. As Tremaine spent more time thinking about Nita, he began to contemplate the idea of marriage. His thought processes were interesting, as was his broaching of the subject with Nita. She had a rather pragmatic reaction, with an unexpected prerequisite to accepting. One thing they didn't do was talk about their expectations, and this would come back to cause problems. As much as Tremaine admired Nita's dedication to her healing, he didn't seem to understand that it was more than what she does, it was a bone-deep part of who she is. On her side, Nita didn't understand how deep Tremaine's need to protect her was. When those two things came up against each other, and neither was willing to bend, things did not look good for their future. Their eyes were opened by an unexpected crisis, and I liked how both of them took a hard look at their beliefs. I loved their well thought out solutions and compromises.

There was a secondary story going on involving Nita's sister Susannah and her determination to marry their neighbor, Edward Nash. It turns out that there is much more going on with him than most of her family knows. Nita has her suspicions, but because she learned it in confidence, she is hesitant to say anything. Personally, I think she was wrong in that instance. I understood Susannah's desire to marry since it was what was expected, but I thought she was settling for too little. I didn't like Edward's attitude and treatment of Elsie and Digby, which gave a good indication of his character. I thought he got off a bit easily at the end.

I enjoyed the other secondary characters in the story. Nicholas, of course, who is blissfully happy with his bride, though he also frustrated me at times. If he had simply explained his objections about Nita's healing trips to her, there might not have been so many confrontations. Nita's other two sisters, Della and Kirsten, had their unique personalities and storylines. As the youngest, Della is the one who is most aware of what is going on with everyone else. Kirsten sometimes appears selfish, but she does have a kind heart and ends up being very helpful to Nita. She is also adept at defusing some confrontations. My favorite was George. His differences are handled sympathetically and without judgment. I enjoyed his introspective moments and what they revealed about him. I also liked that Tremaine realized that George was much smarter than many gave him credit for. George also has a very protective side that is revealed in an unexpected way. I hope to see more of him in later books. ( )
  scoutmomskf | Aug 7, 2018 |
As a rule I find Grace Burrowes to be a talented and entertaining author. However, a sub-plot in this book gave me pause. George has been a somewhat notorious fellow who prefers men to women. I have always enjoyed hearing about the implied escapades of George. In this episode he decides he prefers a woman and marries her. I am not certain this is a fair depiction. If George in fact is gay...well he should be who he is. If he has always been bi-sexual....then he should have been depicted as bi-sexual in earlier books as well. I suppose what I am trying to say is that I do not think gay or lesbian people have the luxury of waking up one day and deciding to have a 'straight' life. I do not believe it is an option and am concerned about the message being sent in this book. Yes, the book is fiction. Yes, George is a fictional character. No, I do not believe for most people their sexuality is a flexible thing. There was an effort to qualify George's sexual change....but it does not feel quite right to me. Ah well. Overall the book was enjoyable. ( )
  sweetfe | Jun 6, 2018 |
Move over Lost Lords series and make some room for True Gentleman series.
Grace Burrowes starts her brand new series with Lord Tremaine and it is as awesome as all her other books.

Let me tell you why I love to read this author. She creates characters that are so real to me that I lose myself in them. She roots her stories in reality, yet their stories are magical.
Tremaine St. Michael is a tradesman who at the moment is visiting Earl of Haddonfield because he is looking to buy some high quality sheep for their wool.

Earl’s sister Lady Nita is one of those sisters all brothers dread. She is of strong character and even stronger opinions, and what she does in her “spare” time is something her brother strongly disapproves, so he is taken into his head that sooner she marries, the better it would be for them both.

I liked that both lead characters were complex and yet straight forward. Their romance was slow, real and utterly sweet.

I am beyond excited for this new series and cannot wait for the next one, Daniel’s True Desire ;)

Melanie for b2b

Complimentary copy provided by the publisher ( )
  bookworm2bookworm | Mar 30, 2017 |
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"The greatest plague to ever bedevil mortal man, the greatest threat to his peace, the most fiendish source of undeserved humility is his sister, and spinster sisters are the worst of a bad lot".
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When he pays a visit to the Earl of Bellefonte, Tremaine St. Michael, an astute man of business, finds himself captivated by the earl's formidable sister, Lady Nita, who he believes needs his protection as she tends to the sick and the poor.

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