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What We Find (Sullivan's Crossing Book 1)…
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What We Find (Sullivan's Crossing Book 1) (2016. Auflage)

von Robyn Carr (Autor)

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A Denver neurosurgeon relocates to the small rural town named after her ancestor in the aftermath of a wrongful malpractice suit to recover and reconnect with her estranged father.
Titel:What We Find (Sullivan's Crossing Book 1)
Autoren:Robyn Carr (Autor)
Info:MIRA (2016), Edition: Original, 347 pages
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What We Find von Robyn Carr

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There was no real angst or anything else really moving this story. It's about two pretty bland people finding each other, enjoying having sex with each other, and getting married. The end. Seriously.

I loved Carr's Virgin River series, so I tend to pop up and read her standalones now and again hoping that I can capture some of the magic from that series in her other works. But this book was not that interesting.

Maggie Sullivan is a neurosurgeon who suffers a breakdown after being dumped by her long term self involved boyfriend as well as dealing with the aftermath of a miscarriage. To top all of that all off, she's also being sued by the parents of a teenage boy she could not save. She decides to retreat to her father's store/camp grounds in Colorado (Sullivan's Crossing). Maggie gets there and ends up pretty much hiding from friends/family and herself while staying in Sullivan's Crossing.

The book jumps back and forth between Maggie and her love interest named Cal Jones. A running (not funny theme) is Maggie trying to figure out what Cal stands for in the book, I have to say the reveal of his full name made me cringe in sympathy.

We find out that Cal is also running from some things, but Carr tries to build it up into something big that may separate the two lovers from each other, but that does not happen.

There are other characters in this book, but honestly I was more interested in Maggie's stepfather Walter. Maggie who is 37 by the way, pretty much rails at her father, mother, and anyone dumb enough to listen to her about how hard her life was and how angry she was that her mother divorced her father and rarely let her see him. But then you read she did get to see her dad for months at a time and honestly I started running out of sympathy for Maggie. Poor you, you had a well to do stepfather who honestly loved you and your mother and your mother wanted something more than just running a general store with her husband in the woods. At least Maggie's father finally had enough and told her about herself (the only part of the book I liked).

There's also a random kidnapping plot point in this thing, as well as a woman who is being charged as an escort that totally made me wonder why in the world Carr included that in this book. Maybe even she realized that the two leads were boring.

The writing and flow kind of chug along. I really wish I could say more than just I was bored. But honestly, I was just bored. The end eventually comes and I was relieved. I definitely will not be reading any more books in this series. ( )
  ObsidianBlue | Jul 1, 2020 |
With What We Find, Robyn Carr's newest series, Sullivan's Crossing, is off to a fantastic beginning. Set in Colorado, this first installment pairs neurosurgeon Maggie Sullivan with mysterious stranger Cal Jones and their unexpected romance is absolutely delightful.

When Maggie's professional and personal worlds implode, she retreats to her family's campground for a much needed break. Immediately after her arrival, her beloved father Sully suffers a heart attack and what is supposed to be a short stay lengthens as she helps him through his recovery and pitches in as needed around the camp. Along with the regular employees, camper Cal volunteers to help them prepare the campground for the upcoming season. Although Maggie appreciates his help, she cannot help but be a little suspicious of the enigmatic outsider. While Cal does not reveal much information about his past, Maggie slowly begins to trust him and their friendship slowly turns romantic. With both of them at a crossroads in their lives, will their love affair survive once summer ends?

Emotionally depleted and somewhat depressed, Maggie is in desperate need of a break when she returns to Sullivan's Crossing. Although she is a talented and highly competent neurosurgeon, her career is unsettled due to an impending court case and her partners' misconduct. Her personal life is in shambles following a heartbreaking loss and the abrupt end to her relationship with another doctor. Maggie loves performing surgery and helping her patients but the business aspect of her job is rather draining. She is somewhat in limbo as she tries to decide what she wants both professionally and personally and her unexpected sabbatical provides her the opportunity to reconnect with Sully while at the same time deciding what she wants for her future.

Cal is friendly and well-liked by everyone at the campground but he is very close-mouthed about his past. He reveals just enough to alleviate Maggie's qualms but he easily deflects her more in-depth questions. Despite his reticence to talk about himself, Cal is always upfront and honest with Maggie about his intentions and plans. After re-evaluating his priorities and coming to term with a tragic loss, Cal is ready to move forward but he still remains uncertain exactly what comes next for not only himself, but his relationship with Maggie.

Despite Maggie's initial doubts and misgivings about Cal, the two quickly form an easygoing friendship. Their romance is slow-growing but passionate and free from conflict despite their uncertain futures. They are very supportive of one another as they talk through their problems and they respect one another's boundaries. When Cal begins to pull away from her, Maggie does not hesitate to confront him when doubts begin to creep in.

What We Find is a leisurely paced novel with an engaging storyline, a picturesque setting and a marvelous cast of characters. Maggie and Cal are well-developed and likable protagonists with realistic flaws and true to life issues to overcome. Sullivan's Crossing is a delightful location and Robyn Carr brings both the locale and its residents vibrantly to life. An enchanting romance that will leave readers impatiently awaiting the next installment in the Sullivan's Crossing series.
( )
  kbranfield | Feb 3, 2020 |
family ( )
  Janicemo | Aug 19, 2018 |
I had to try a few times on this one. I should have just dropped it, but I kept reading how good it was. It was just okay, imo. ( )
  VanChocStrawberry | Apr 2, 2018 |
OMGosh, I haven't read Robin Carr for awhile, probably thought I could indulge my brain to bigger things but you know what?, my brain ate this book up like candy. And I do learn things with every book I read. I didn't realize the Continental Divide Scenic Trail, is the longest in the USA, over 3000 miles and goes through Colorado. I know the second of this series is out but I'll wait for paperback to come out! ( )
  mchwest | Jan 21, 2018 |
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A Denver neurosurgeon relocates to the small rural town named after her ancestor in the aftermath of a wrongful malpractice suit to recover and reconnect with her estranged father.

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