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Mrs. Pollifax lebt gefährlich (1970)

von Dorothy Gilman

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Mrs. Pollifax, from Brunswick, N.J., answers the call of Carstairs of the C.I.A. to act as courier and contact an agent missing in Istanbul.
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Mrs. Pollifax remains a breezy, entertaining read. There were several points where, as carefully as I was reading, I was pretty sure I missed a smoking gun and went back to comb through to find the hint I had missed and, well, it wasn't there. Which docked it a star. But it is a good read, with humorous moments, when you want something light... and when you don't want to read about peerless beauty and dark, brooding handsomeness. And why does the nice agent always have to die? I liked Henry. Grrrrr.

More of an action adventure book than a mystery, though. ( )
  OutOfTheBestBooks | Sep 24, 2021 |
It is not as easy as Mrs. P makes it sound to drive a helicopter I believe ( )
  Wanda-Gambling | Feb 18, 2021 |
A quiet Sunday afternoon for Emily Pollifax is shattered by a phone call from Carstairs of the CIA. A Communist agent has defected to the West and has turned up in Turkey. The last agent the CIA sent to contact her ended up dead. But they need to get a passport and money to her so she can get to the States. Carstairs naturally thinks Mrs. Pollifax will fit the bill as the most unlikely spy. So forget the Garden Club and the art association: time for car chases and murder.

This is the second book in the series and as such is still fresh and exciting. I originally rated this a three-star because it wasn’t one of the books I compulsively re-read, but reading it now is a lot of fun. The book was first published in 1970, so there are a lot of newspaper clippings and telegrams, and zero cellphones and internet. I especially liked in this one how Mrs. Pollifax assembled a squad of people to help her out, and she helped build them up as well (I’m thinking specifically of Colin Ramsey). And now that I have an abiding love of all things aviation, the scene where Mrs. Pollifax, with no training whatsoever, attempts to fly a helicopter is hysterical.

This is one of my go-to series when I want something a little bit cozy. ( )
1 abstimmen rabbitprincess | Sep 30, 2020 |
The amazing Mrs. Pollifax returns in this second romp of an espionage thriller, and the results are charming! Just returned home from church one Sunday morning, our elderly heroine is reading a story in the newspaper about the defection of a notorious Communist agent, when Mr. Carstairs rings up, asking her to undertake another mission for him. It turns out that Magda Ferenci-Sabo, about whom Mrs. Pollifax had just been reading, was no Russian spy after all, but one of the CIA's top assets, and that she must be retrieved from Istanbul at all costs. Previous agents having failed due to their high profile, a complete unknown like Mrs. Pollifax is needed. And so our flowered hat-wearing grandmother (who now studies karate!) heads to Turkey, where she soon finds herself involved in a most unexpected high stakes adventure, on the run from both police and assassins, and making all sorts of unlikely friends...

I adored these books as an adolescent, reading them again and again, and they have certainly been living up to my memory of them, on this recent reread! The Amazing Mrs. Pollifax is every bit as charming, humorous and exciting as I remembered it being, and I breezed through it in one sitting. Dorothy Gilman certainly manages to pack quite a bit of dramatic incident into a novel that is only 176 pages in length! With spies and assassins, codes dating back to WWII, long-lost and newfound lovers, unexpectedly resourceful allies, and a caravan of gypsies, there's no shortage of fascinating characters and engrossing plot developments. As with the first book, I found the settings quite interesting - the caravan travels through Cappadocia at one point, and the description of the region is such that I have always longed to visit it, a feeling greatly increased by the Turkish children's book, The Secrets of Cappadocia, that I read many years later. The depiction of the gypsies/Romany was romantic, utilizing a number of stereotypes about their supposed mystical abilities, but it was also sympathetic. Highly recommended to anyone who read and enjoyed The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax. ( )
  AbigailAdams26 | Apr 13, 2020 |
I'm going to be unconventional here and give two ratings:
2 ★s ~ For plot credibility (and that is generous!)
3½ ★s ~ For the writing style and story structure.

I think I've outgrown the naiveté of the Pollifax character. Mrs. Pollifax behaved so unbelievably, that the action was rendered senseless. However, the novel's concept was rescued by the characters 'Sandor' and Colin. I enjoyed the saga of traipsing through the Turkish backwaters with the gypsies. The final twist was satisfying.

As a Reading in the Time of SARS-CoV-2, it was dandy escapism. However, if you want something by Gilman that is more intriguing and sensible, I do recommend the Countess Karitska books, The Clairvoyant Countess and Kaleidoscope. ( )
  SandyAMcPherson | Mar 28, 2020 |
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Gilman, DorothyHauptautoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
Poubos, MattyÜbersetzerCo-Autoreinige Ausgabenbestätigt
Rosenblat, BarbaraErzählerCo-Autoreinige Ausgabenbestätigt

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For Christopher and Jonathan Butters
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Mrs. Pollifax war an jenem Sonntagmorgen in der Kirche gewesen.
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Mrs. Pollifax, from Brunswick, N.J., answers the call of Carstairs of the C.I.A. to act as courier and contact an agent missing in Istanbul.

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