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Die Gabe (2018)

von Naomi Alderman

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3,2152023,136 (3.77)276
Suddenly - tomorrow or the day after - teenage girls find that with a flick of their fingers, they can inflict agonizing pain and even death. With this single twist, the four lives at the heart of Naomi Alderman's extraordinary, visceral novel are utterly transformed.
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Interesting speculative fiction story about a new world order where women become physically dominant. Females are born with an electrical skein imbedded in their collarbones which give them supernatural electrical power in their fingertips. With practice, this power can overcome anyone and maim, torture or kill when necessary.
The story’s characters include Tunde, a journalist who documents and publishes the effects of this power around the world; Roxy, the daughter of a British mafia baron; Jocelyne, the daughter of a politician Margo CLeary who sees the potential for advancement; Allie, who becomes Mother Eve the religious leader who champions and then dominates the world wide political movement; Tatiana, who imitates the modus operandi of Eastern European dictator and challenges Mother Eve.
The Power demonstrates that whether power is in the hands of men or women, corruption, assault, dominance, crime, bribery, mob violence appears in either camp ( )
  MaggieFlo | Sep 10, 2021 |
I'd give 3.5 but Goodreads doesn't really do half stars for individual reviews.

Generally speaking, I prefer subtle meta discussions and clear plots. The Power is part of a trend/subgenre of slightly dystopian spec fic that likes to have those things the other way around: very stark meta discussion and less emphasis on tightly-written plots.

Therefore, when I say I find it to be an unsubtle novel (and I do), what I mean is that the moral message as such comes across as very labored to me. The author goes to great pains to be visceral, something else which I feel is slightly trendy these days, and while the descriptions are excellently written, you can definitely have too much of a good thing. A book which wants to discuss the power relationship between men and women, yet is saturated in gratuitous violence and rape, loses the very qualities it requires to field that discussion successfully - those being, nuance and personal devastation.**

That's not a problem per se, just a personal preference. Other people, probably ones who tend to read more crossover/lit lite/contemporary literary, will almost certainly like the novel how it is. And the shock value can be very effective; besides which, everyone will have different opinions on how much is too much. I can only give you mine.

Meanwhile, though there's a lot of good discussion in the book, the plot and pacing are disjointed (from a narrative perspective, I mean). It's hard to remain invested in characters who change so much across the years, particularly when, excepting Allie/Eve, you tend not to see that change occurring, as you only encounter the new version of the characters.

Other people have made Margaret Atwood comparisons and I think that's accurate. My reaction to this is similar to my reaction to the Handmaid's Tale: somewhat over-the-top and labored, with a wavering narrative arc and weak ending (Note: this isn't as wavering or weak as I found the Handmaid's Tale to be, but it evoked a similar sense for me.) There's a sense that sometimes, the violence and rape are being used to spice up the narrative for cheap reaction, or to string it together, and that's not what you want at all - it defies the underlying point of this book.

It's not a bad book. I didn't love it or hate it, but I wasn't wowed by it, and also I really struggled through the early portions. If not for the fact that my book club is reading it I'm not sure I would have persevered, although once it gets going it has interesting things to say.

**NB: I don't know what the technical term would be, but "personal devastation" is how I think of/categorise that crucial reaction whereby a story makes you feel connected to an individual's internal tragedy. So a bland statement of fact might be "John Doe's mother died" but the personal devastation aspect would be bringing John Doe's pain to life. I have very little sense of personal devastation in a novel which features repeated incidences of supposed personal devastation.

( )
  Sunyidean | Sep 7, 2021 |
Amy Murray friend rec
  wordloversf | Aug 14, 2021 |
Better written than I expected. I liked the first half better than the last half although the explanation for the artefact illustrations was excellent. ( )
  Je9 | Aug 10, 2021 |
Interesting premise. I don't think it quite succeeds at what it was trying to do. ( )
  SocProf9740 | Jul 11, 2021 |
Alderman [...] imagines our present moment — with our history, our wars, our gender politics — complicated by the sudden widespread manifestation of “electrostatic power” in women. Young girls wake up one morning with the ability to generate powerful electric shocks from their bodies, having developed specialized muscles — called “skeins” — at their collarbones, which they can flex to deliver anything from mild stings to lethal jolts of electricity. The power varies in its intensity but is almost uniform in its distribution to anyone with two X chromosomes, and women vary in their capacity to control and direct it, but the result is still a vast, systemic upheaval of gender dynamics across the globe.
hinzugefügt von melmore | bearbeitenThe New York Times, Amal El-Mohtar (Oct 25, 2017)
Alderman has written our era's "Handmaid's Tale," and, like Margaret Atwood's classic, "The Power" is one of those essential feminist works that terrifies and illuminates, enrages and encourages.
hinzugefügt von melmore | bearbeitenWashinton Post, Ron Charles (Oct 10, 2017)
The novel is constructed as a big, brash, page-turning, drug-running, globetrotting thriller, one in which people say things such as: “It’s only you I’ve blimmin come to find, isn’t it?” and “You wanna stand with me? Or you wanna stand against me?” But it’s also endlessly nuanced and thought-provoking, combining elegantly efficient prose with beautiful meditations on the metaphysics of power, possibility and change.
hinzugefügt von melmore | bearbeitenThe Guardian (UK), Justine Jordan (Nov 2, 2016)

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Suddenly - tomorrow or the day after - teenage girls find that with a flick of their fingers, they can inflict agonizing pain and even death. With this single twist, the four lives at the heart of Naomi Alderman's extraordinary, visceral novel are utterly transformed.

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