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Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your…
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Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation (2016. Auflage)

von Richard Rohr (Autor)

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305967,919 (4.05)9
"Drawing from Scripture, theology, and the deepest insights of mystics, philosophers, and sages throughout history, the authors present a compelling alternative to aloof and fairytale versions of God: God as Dance"--
Titel:Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation
Autoren:Richard Rohr (Autor)
Info:Whitaker House (2016), 224 pages
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The Divine Dance: The Trinity and Your Transformation von Richard Rohr

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Another white male theologian pretends to have just discovered ideas that have been part of womanist theology (and almost any discussion of contemplative spirituality) for decades. Lots of discussion of the relational dance of the trinity peppered with an annoying amount of pop psychology and false dichotomies. And lots of !!!! I should of stopped reading after the first week of book group discussion with folks who clearly worship Rohr and don't see any problems with the poor writing and blanket assumptions. My second attempt at a Rohr book will definitely be my last. ( )
  LucindaLibri | Oct 28, 2020 |
The trinity for a New Age audience. ( )
  MarthaJeanne | Jun 10, 2019 |
Giving a unique, relational picture of the trinity, this book will bring Trinitarian theology to life in practical, thought-provoking ways. Though some concepts may be controversial, they are certainly worth wrestling through with God in order to explore more fully the flow of this Divine Dance that we are all invited to participate in. ( )
  HCC_ResourceLibrary | Jan 9, 2019 |
The Christian doctrine of the Trinity is a mystery; a commonly accepted Christian truth that is rationally incomprehensible. In The Divine Dance, Richard Rohr attempts to explain it in a way that feels both familiar and completely foreign. Rather than the mystery being the end of the conversation, he uses it as an invitation to deeper understanding.

God for us, we call you Father.
God alongside us, we call you Jesus.
God within us, we call you Holy Spirit.
You are the eternal mystery that enables, enfolds, and enlivens all things,
Even us and even me. Every name falls short of your goodness and greatness.
We can only see who you are in what is.
We ask for such perfect seeing—
As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be.

The book is profound and insightful. Rohr puts words to your unconscious and intuitive understanding of the nature of God. But he does not try to make it a comprehensive, systematic explanation. It never completely settles on the rational side of things. His instruction adds confidence and clarity to your experiential intuition over your logical.

Rational certitude is exactly what the Scriptures do not offer us. They offer us something much better and an entirely different way of knowing: an intimate relationship, a dark journey, a path where we must discover for ourselves that grace, love, mercy, and forgiveness are absolutely necessary for survival—in an always and forever uncertain world.

The traditional understanding of the Trinity is that it consists of three distinct beings existing in perfect relationship. The emphasis on the beings. Rohr emphasizes how the relationship, the space between the members of the Trinity, is the foundational component.

Whatever is going on in God is a flow, a radical relatedness, a perfect communion between Three—a circle dance of love.

This subtle shift in weight caused so much to click into place for me. Think about it: God (The Trinity) is love because he is relationship itself. This adds a whole new dimension to why isolation and disconnectedness are so destructive. When I become vulnerable, when die to myself, I participate in fuller relationship with those around me. But it doesn’t stop there. In this movement towards weakness and self emptying, I participate, in some way, with whatever is going on in the Trinity!

The Christian God’s power comes through his powerlessness and humility. Our God is much more properly called all-vulnerable than almighty.

Back to the book itself, it is not a book of quick answers or comprehensive solutions. The best explanation I can give is that it works to resonate with you. As it resonates, you will understand certain things with a little more clarity. Some parts of the book resonate more than others. I’m certain that’s a result of where I am in my life and how much I am capable of understanding now. I’m excited to come back to it in a couple years and see how my thoughts have changed, because I am certain they will.

Be prepared for a period of adjustment as you start to read this book. Especially if you’re from a traditional Protestant background and have not read anything by Rohr before. He a friar in the Franciscan tradition, which holds different views on the incarnation and atonement, among other things. Franciscans also draw heavily on mystical and contemplative interpretations of scripture. I found this very valuable, but it’s possible it all may be too big a jump for you to make.

Originally posted at ( )
  Mattmcmanus | Aug 23, 2018 |
See Sanders' review. QV Nb Christnty Mod. theology thicket ( )
  keylawk | May 9, 2018 |
And my long—forgive me—review has one main point: it’s that The Divine Dance isn’t about the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. It’s a book about an alternative spirituality of Flow, committed to a metaphysic that refuses to recognize a distinction between God and the world. It’s one long looting of the language of Trinitarian theology, with an avowed goal of using that language to teach an entirely novel doctrine.

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"Drawing from Scripture, theology, and the deepest insights of mystics, philosophers, and sages throughout history, the authors present a compelling alternative to aloof and fairytale versions of God: God as Dance"--

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