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Die Herrin von Wildfell Hall (1848)

von Anne Brontë

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MitgliederRezensionenBeliebtheitDurchschnittliche BewertungDiskussionen / Diskussionen
6,7371581,221 (3.94)4 / 587
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    Jane Eyre von Charlotte Brontë (amerynth)
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    Sturmhöhe von Emily Brontë (Catreona, Olivia_Atlet_Writer)
  3. 70
    The Brontës: Wild Genius on the Moors von Juliet Barker (amerynth)
    amerynth: Great biography of the Bronte sisters and their brother Branwell
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    Middlemarch: Eine Studie über das Leben in der Provinz von George Eliot (amanda4242)
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    The Yellow Wallpaper von Charlotte Perkins Gilman (TheLittlePhrase)
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    Vernunft und Gefühl von Jane Austen (sturlington)
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    Am grünen Rand der Welt von Thomas Hardy (Lapsus_Linguae)
    Lapsus_Linguae: Both novels feature a strong female protagonist trapped in an abusive marriage. Endings are also pretty similar.
  8. 30
    Norden und Süden von Elizabeth Gaskell (Lapsus_Linguae)
    Lapsus_Linguae: A self-righteous heroine leaves the place where she lived for many years, gets wrongly accused of "immoral behavior", has strong Christian views, and so on.
  9. 20
    Stolz und Vorurteil von Jane Austen (Lapsus_Linguae)
    Lapsus_Linguae: Both novels start with the arrival of a new person in small rural community... Anne Bronte's style is often compared to Austen's.
  10. 20
    Der Besucher von Sarah Waters (susanbooks)
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    A Jury of Her Peers von Susan Glaspell (TheLittlePhrase)
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    Trifles von Susan Glaspell (TheLittlePhrase)
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    Herzen im Aufruhr (Roman) von Thomas Hardy (Lapsus_Linguae)
    Lapsus_Linguae: Both stories feature a failed marriage and social ostracism. Both were considered "immoral" when published. Both criticise the institution of marriage in their own way. Anne Bronte and Thomas Hardy have many similar topics in their novels.
  14. 10
    The Victim of Prejudice von Mary Hays (holly_golightly)
  15. 12
    Die Forsyte Saga I. von John Galsworthy (TheLittlePhrase)
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I came into this book with some trepidation, not being a great fan of Charlotte Bronte. However, I was thoroughly delighted by Anne. This was Austinian with significantly more grit and depth. Highly recommend ( )
  FaithBurnside | Aug 17, 2022 |
A much underrated and underread book, and one I prefer to Wuthering Heights.[return][return]A mysterious woman (with a child but no husband) moves into Wildfell Hall, and one of the local landowners Gilbert Markham becomes intrigued with her remoteness. Gilbert falls in love with Helen Graham, but feels that he is getting nowhere, and becomes suspicious of her relationship with her landlord.[return][return]Gilbert confronts her, and she reveals that she is in love with him, and hands over her diary for him to read. It provides reasons for her living apparently unmarried but with a child; her marriage to a violent drunken husband; her relationship with her landlord; her need and desire to protect her son; trying to earn a living in a society that does not allow women to independently have a serious job or career without the "protection" of a husband (living with a violent drunk always being preferred to walking away).[return][return]Rightly or wrongly I've always seen Gilbert as the "younger man". I think in terms of years, he is probably older than Helen, it's just in terms of emotional maturity and life lessons, she is much older than him. He has had a reasonably easy and unchallenging life whilst she has had so much to confront.
1 abstimmen nordie | Apr 18, 2022 |
This is a very well written book with a compelling story and well drawn, realistic characters. The heart of thr book is the long central section of Helen's diary. The clever use of Bible references adds to both the powerful direct dialogue and the narrative. At the time there was speculation over the gender of the writer but how could anyone doubt this was written by a woman. Was the disintegration of a marriage ever so forcefully described?

So why not 5 stars? Well, despite all her good points I thought Helen Graham came across as a bit of a self-righteous prig - and I think this was unintentional by the author.. Also the extreme Schadenfreude by which the author described the sad ends of the unworthy characters indicated an unforgiving spirit in the author. So a well written story but not an author I would have liked to meet! ( )
  Joe_Gargery | Feb 2, 2022 |
This epistolary novel presents a portrait of debauchery that is remarkable in light of the author’s sheltered life. It is the story of young Helen Graham’s disastrous marriage to the dashing drunkard Arthur Huntingdon—said to be modeled on the author’s wayward brother Branwell—and her flight from him to the seclusion of Wildfell Hall. ( )
  Marcos_Augusto | Jan 19, 2022 |
A treatise on Stockholm Syndrome, and I can't believe Helen didn't just take her money and her child and vanish into the ether at the end. Still enjoyably Bronte though. ( )
  Monj | Jan 7, 2022 |
"profane expressions, inconceivably coarse language, and revolting scenes and descriptions by which its pages are disfigured"
hinzugefügt von GYKM | bearbeitenSharpe's London Magazine
"a morbid love for the coarse, not to say the brutal"
hinzugefügt von GYKM | bearbeitenSpectator
"The reader of Acton Bell gains no enlarged view of mankind, giving a healthy action to his sympathies, but is confined to a narrow space of life, and held down, as it were, by main force, to witness the wolfish side of his nature literally and logically set forth."
hinzugefügt von GYKM | bearbeitenNorth American Review
[English] society owes thanks, not sneers, to those who dare to shew her the image of her own ugly, hypocritical visage".
" the fatal melody of the siren's song, its very perfections render it more dangerous, and therefore more carefully to be avoided."
hinzugefügt von Lapsus_Linguae | bearbeitenSharpe's London Magazine (Oct 1, 1848)

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To J. Halford, Esq.

Dear Halford,

When we were together last, you gave me a very particular and interesting account of the most remarkable occurrences of your early life, previous to our acquaintance; and then you requested a return of confidence from me.
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