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Cemetery World von Clifford D. Simak
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Cemetery World (Original 1973; 1973. Auflage)

von Clifford D. Simak

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448844,071 (3.33)14
Titel:Cemetery World
Autoren:Clifford D. Simak
Info:G. P. Putnam's Sons (1973), Edition: Book Club (BCE/BOMC), Hardcover
Sammlungen:Deine Bibliothek
Tags:fiction, science-fiction


Heimat Erde. von Clifford D. Simak (1973)

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If you haven’t ready any of my Simak’s reviews in the past, I’m a fan of his work. I find it a rare breed of calm but wonderous science fiction. And I love the premise of this story. Earth is the victim of a devastating global war and mankind flees to the stars. Fast forward 10 thousand years into the future, and mankind has successfully spread across the galaxy, while the Earth has recovered and has been claimed as a planetary-wide cemetery. People across the galaxy pay extraordinary fees to send their dearly departed back to mankind’s cradle.

Simak creates an incredible feeling of nostalgia at the beginning of this book.
“The cemetery stretched away in the morning light, a thing of breathless beauty.”
“The stately pines, planted in the aisles that ran between the rows of graves, made soft and moaning music.”

But just as quickly, he creates a feeling of unease. Earth, it seems, is not the serene, tranquil resting place it has been proclaimed. To me, the story unfolded a bit like the “Wizard of Oz.” A journey across a strange land, where odd creatures join the party, and must ward off various evils. Maybe I saw too much into this, but it seemed to me that the scarecrow and the tin man, at least were present. Nevertheless, I greatly enjoyed the first half of the story.

But then, I felt like Simak lost his footing. The plot became unfocused and the book couldn’t seem to decide what it was. Is it a love story, a treasure hunt, voyage and return, quest for adventure, or defeat the monster? Well, it’s all those things and ultimately does none of them well. The caretakes of Earth, “Cemetery, Inc.” are established as the villain and a great treasure is suggested, but neither of these plotlines had satisfactory resolutions in my opinion. The second half of the book wandered and could have used more focus and clarity of plot.

Despite these disappointments, I still enjoyed the book through to the end. It’s creative, quaint, and well-told. Simak is not hard sci-fi, he’s not rip-roaring action adventure, but he is a wonderful storyteller and that carries the day for me.

An imaginative journey across a graveyard Earth, set in the far future with an eclectic cast of characters that concludes in a somewhat unsatisfying ending. Four ornate marble stars. ( )
  Kevin_A_Kuhn | Aug 23, 2021 |
In the far distant future, humanity has spread to many worlds. Earth was all but abandoned in the last days of the last war, as it was pretty much destroyed. In the ensuing centuries, Earth has recovered and been taken over by the Cemetery Corporation, who promise to bury your dead on Old Home Earth in a bucolic environment. Our hero doubts the sincerity of the corporation and under the guise of composing an artistic piece about the scene of humanity's origins, embarks on a quest to discover the truth.
The rest of the narrative proceeds in the vein of a hero's quest, as the evil Cemetery Co. tries to stop him, and he meets foes and fantastic allies along the way.
I actually could have done with a lot more of this book. It was quite an interesting concept and could've included more backstory and extended scenes. The ending also seemed rather abrupt, leaving more questions to be answered. Again, I'd have liked more. I suppose a good book ought to leave one wanting more. ( )
  EmScape | Jan 6, 2018 |
In this short science fiction novel from the early 70's -- or maybe it's a science fantasy novel, since it's got ghosts in it -- Earth has been largely abandoned by humans in the wake of a devastating war, but now serves as a massive graveyard to which people all over the galaxy send their dead for burial, at great expense. An artist, a treasure-hunter and a very old robot make their way to this world to, uh, make art, hunt treasure, and see the old planet again, I guess.

Simak is a very strange author. He has this weird ability to get away with a lot of things in his novels that ordinarily irritate me in SF. He sort of does it in this one, too, as I found myself being quite willing to overlook the unnatural dialog, the nonsensical time scales, and the way the gaps between interesting far-future SF ideas are just filled in with transplanted 20th century American culture. There's something about his writing, some indefinable charm, that just pulls you along and makes you willing to go with it all. Or at least, it does for me.

But having relaxed and willingly decided to just go along with wherever he was taking me, I can't say I was entirely satisfied with where we went. There's a plot, I guess, but it feels more like a loosely connected collection of weird events (some cool and interesting, some rather less so) than like an actual story. It's not exactly an unpleasant read, but not exactly a satisfying one, either. ( )
2 abstimmen bragan | Dec 13, 2017 |
One of the better Simak, if you've not read anything beyond Way Station yet and want to. Still not great, still kinda sexist in a way, still has the motley assortment of 'friends' who find themselves on a quest, still has the bookish hero getting a chance to win a fistfight, still has awkward dialogue.... I make it sound bad, but I don't think it is. In any case, I'll read, and enjoy, anything by Simak. ( )
  Cheryl_in_CC_NV | Jun 6, 2016 |
A group of human but extra-terrestrials attempt to revive a world once settled by their ancestors. There is no clear "save the world plot", and several encounters with attempts at forms of immortality. Reads well. ( )
  DinadansFriend | May 8, 2016 |
Wat beweegt Fletcher om een bezoek te brengen aan de Oude Aarde? Hij onderneemt met zijn gezelschap een gevaarlijke tocht door verwoeste gebieden en ontmoet wonderlijke en soms onbegrijpelijke wezens. Een Typisch Simak verhaal...
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The cemetery stretched away in the morning light, a thing of breathless beauty.
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