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Doing Time

von Jodi Taylor

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Quick read, fun for fans ( )
  bardbooks | Nov 11, 2021 |

I know that St. Mary's and the Time Police have reached an accommodation in the past few books, where previously they were basically at war but I still couldn't imagine how Jodi Taylor, author of books where flawed heroes muddle through, wrangling chaos as they go, driven mainly by passionate curiosity, sustained by cups of tea and by always saying that you're 'fine' if anyone is crass enough to ask, would make heroes of the black-uniformed, jack-booted, heavily-armed, hierarchical, para-military, ruling-enforcing Time Police.

The answer turned out to be - through empathy. Jodi Taylor starts by thinking about the kinds of people who would join the Time Police as raw recruits. Why would they do it? What did they want to achieve? Why weren't they doing something else?.

She imagines three new recruits with very different personalities and motivations, who join up mostly to escape from elements of their home lives. She makes one arrogant, privileged, lazy and (annoyingly) also good looking, bright and, when he's not being a prat, quite brave. Another whose abusive background has stripped her of her confidence and who is convinced she'll fail if she's given enough opportunities. And finally, and this is a stroke of genius, Max's son - the boy who was raised at Time Police HQ and is also the darling of St. Mary's which is led by both of his parents - the boy who broke the time map - the boy who, before he was rescued, was raised feral and who still refuses to cut his hair.

Then we get the adventures of these three misfits as they form into a team. You might imagine that this involves a series of time jumps that allow them to grow as individuals and depend upon each other as a team and you'd be right. Except for the bits where the team starts to fall apart, where one of them is charged with a murder they think that one of the others actually did and the three of them end up going rogue and evading both the Time Police and Saint Mary's.

Doing Time was entertaining, fast-paced fun and was free of the gloom and angst that has stalked the most recent St. Mary's novels.

It was a good start and I'll be back for more in Hard Time, the second book in the series.
( )
  MikeFinnFiction | Sep 15, 2021 |
Taylor, Jodi. Doing Time. Time Police No. 1. Headline, 2019.
Jodi Taylor’s Time Police series is a spin-off of her well-established St. Mary’s time travel series. The Time Police are the usual antagonists for the bumbling historians of St. Mary’s Priory, who study major historical events in their contemporary settings, but insist they are not time travelers, that term being “so sci-fi.”. Doing Time introduces three young Time Police trainees, Jane, a shy runaway from an abusive grandmother; Luke, the rebellious and wastrel son of an industrialist; and Matthew, the nerdish son of historian Max, the formidable heroine of the St. Mary’s stories. These kids do not fit well in the regimented macho culture of the Time Police. There is trouble in the ranks, and the kids are caught in the crossfire. By this time, Taylor has all the elements of her universe well in hand, and her style is smooth and witty. An enjoyable read. 4 stars. ( )
  Tom-e | Jul 2, 2021 |
Doing Time - Taylor
Audio performance by Zara Ramm
3 stars

Taylor is calling this book # 1 in the Time Police series. It’s a spin-off of The Chronicles of St. Mary’s series. Matthew Farrell is an adolescent. (No one really knows exactly how old he is, do they?) His decision to join the Time Police is not popular with his mother. ( Of course, it is a crime punishable by death to remove a contemporary from their own time …. Except that the time police have done this more than once while recruiting agents.) I don't think this book could be enjoyed without knowledge of the original series.

The story had more rebellious adolescent/coming of age elements than the original series.That will probably become less significant in future books. I did not enjoy the introductory back stories of Matthew’s cohorts; Jane and Luke. Too much awkwardness, not enough humor. I appreciated that Taylor was a bit more subtle with her humor (well, at least, somewhat less of a sledgehammer) as she inserted a few Star Trek and Star Wars memes. There was even a smidgeon of interesting history as events bring all the important characters to Rome at the moment of Caesar’s assassination. Overall, it was the usual light entertainment with more overlap of the original St. Mary’s characters than I expected. ( )
  msjudy | Apr 11, 2020 |
Jodi Taylor's spinoff series starts slowly but warms up as Team Weird jumps to Australia to head off a rabbit plague by capturing its only bunny, who is pregnant. Inhouse differences among the Time Police create strife, almost mutiny which causes 2/3s of the team to flee to Rome, 44 BC on the Ides of March. As we well know, what a bad day that was for the Consul for Life. Enough historians to fill bleachers are present and all ends well?, in a hilarious St Mary's Grand Finale. ( )
  jamespurcell | Mar 31, 2020 |
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A long time ago in the future, the secret of time travel became available to all.
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