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Aurora Burning (The Aurora Cycle) von Amie…
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Aurora Burning (The Aurora Cycle) (2020. Auflage)

von Amie Kaufman (Autor), Jay Kristoff (Autor)

Reihen: The Aurora Cycle (2)

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3511557,877 (4.21)4
Titel:Aurora Burning (The Aurora Cycle)
Autoren:Amie Kaufman (Autor)
Weitere Autoren:Jay Kristoff (Autor)
Info:Knopf Books for Young Readers (2020), 512 pages
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Aurora Burning von Amie Kaufman

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Alright. I didn't love Aurora Rising but I didn't hate it, so I figured that would be the case for the sequel. Unfortunately, I have SO MANY issues with this book.

1) Scarlett has many more POV chapters this time, which would be fine if a) she wasn't so annoying and b) wasn't so obviously written by a man. I don't claim to speak for all women, but the many many I've known are NOT obsessed with boobs. We have boobs, we've gotten used to them. (Also, we usually says "boobs," not whatever dumb euphemisms Scarlett was using). And she is constantly pouting and winking, no matter the situation.
2) All of the POVs, again, were exactly the same. This whole book could have been in third person and that would have changed nothing.
3) I liked that Aurora was struggling with some survivor's guilt in the first book, and really wanted to find out what happened to her family. This thread is totally dropped in the sequel. It would probably take, like, 1 minute tops to research her mom and her sister, and she never does it. She never even mentions it!
4) Everyone is constantly "making mental notes" about what Aurora likes or does in case they have to do it for her in the future, and they only ever do it for her.
5) SO. MUCH. REPITION. Did you know Tyler has dimples? And that Zila's emotionless? And that Cat was a great pilot? Because if you didn't, you'll be reminded about a thousand times.
6) There's no chemistry in the relationships at all. WHY does Aurora like Kal, besides that he's handsome? WHY does Fin like Scarlett, besides the fact that she's beautiful (and has big boobs, don't forget)?
7) Zila. I got strong hints from the first book that she was autistic - uncomfortable around people, awkward/stilted way of speaking, didn't seem to understand situations or humor the way a neurotypical person would - and loved it; we always need positive diversity of every type. But now it seems like the authors are saying that she's how she is because of the trauma she suffered when she was young. (Also why is she shocked that someone gets shot in front of her and says she's never seen anything like that? She literally saw like 5 people die in front of her.) Which I can almost buy; she buries her emotions because she doesn't want to trust and get hurt again. But that doesn't explain any of the other aspects of her personality, and it's really gross that they're saying trauma can make someone autistic.
8) OBVIOUSLY Kal's dad is the Starslayer. It was a good twist that his weapon was the weapon meant for the Ra'haam, but how it was handled was so dumb. The squad was fine with Kal being hunted by his sister as long as he wasn't related, but now that he is everything is his fault? That makes no sense. And then Aurora totally abandons him, even though she "loves" him and specifically told him that the past doesn't matter??
9) Dumb middle-of-a-scene cliffhanger ending.

I'll probably read the third one when we get it in, but my expectations will be low. ( )
  Elna_McIntosh | Sep 29, 2021 |
I try to express only my most honest opinion in a spoiler-free way. Unfortunately, there is still always a risk of slight spoilers despite my best efforts. If you feel something in my review is a spoiler please let me know. Thank you.

The crew is in hiding and fugitives now. But despite that the continue on looking for the weapon that Auri is the trigger to. The romance between Auri and Kal is heating up even while the whole crew mourns the loss Cat.

Absolutely loved it, and that ending. Wow! I can't wait till the next book comes out and that isn't till next year. That's an insane amount of time to wait for more. The characters are so real and full of life. I hope for happy endings for everyone. But I'm afraid that may not be the case for this one.

It took me an insane amount of time to finish this considering how much I loved it. But real life has a tendency to get in the way, and lately, that has been the case. Been finish it I did and I'm sad to be done. At least until next year. ( )
  starslight86 | Jul 20, 2021 |
The story was good and the narrators made it even better. However, it did not overcome the fact that some of the events were predictable and I felt that the characters were unrealistic. On the plus side it was a great adventure and the plot was fast paced. The real kill joy for me was the ending. It gives a new meaning to cliffhanger. The story just ended in the middle. Not even a little feeling of some conclusion to this phase. I doubt I will read the next book, let alone pay money for it. Truly disappointed. ( )
  purpledog | Jun 9, 2021 |
That cliffhanger ending though! ;( ( )
  madar1a | Jun 5, 2021 |
So freaking good!! But that cliffhanger has me!! I need the next book in the trilogy and I need it now! I might almost like this series better than the Illuminae Series by the same authors - but I'm not sure yet. They are both REALLY good! Aurora Burning follows the same squad fresh off the loss of their pilot in book one, Aurora Rising. They now know who the enemy is and that they are the only ones who can stop them and in the process save the galaxy. Not at all a daunting prospect for these young adults. Funny, inventive, and so unique - readers can't help but to fall in love with this quirky cast of oddballs. I won't give more of a summary than that - if you haven't read the first book in the series - DO NOT read this one. Now give me the third book already! ( )
  ecataldi | May 6, 2021 |
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