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Detransition, Baby: A Novel von Torrey…
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Detransition, Baby: A Novel (2021. Auflage)

von Torrey Peters (Autor)

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3801953,330 (3.99)49
Titel:Detransition, Baby: A Novel
Autoren:Torrey Peters (Autor)
Info:One World (2021), 352 pages
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Detransition, Baby von Torrey Peters

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I don't feel comfortable doing a review or assigning stars to this book. While parts of it were compelling, I had to do a bit of skimming which isn't fair to the author. I'm sure this is an important book which is why I wanted to read it, but it just wasn't working all the time for me. Perhaps, I will come back to reread.
  Dianekeenoy | Jan 11, 2022 |
I don't usually put a lot of time into reviews but I feel like this 5-start rating needs some explanation because this book hit me in so many different and unpredictable ways.

I guess I was just kinda expecting to read an interesting story from perspectives not my own. But what I ended up with was profound thoughts on motherhood and gender and those thoughts have shaken a lot of my perspectives of myself - as a woman and a mother - to their core. It opened my mind in many ways, especially about my own femininity and motherhood. I wish I owned the book so I could have highlighted my favorite passages, alas I listened to the audio and so I'm just hoping to one day have a copy I can reread and then mark all over.

A few notes though about ME as a reader of this book: Sometimes I have weird responses to sex scenes in books, depending on how I relate to the characters.. It's not about being prudish, or about the fact that it's queer sex (because the same things happen to heterosexual scenes as well). It's strange...I find that if I really know my characters, that somehow being part of such an intimate part of their sex lives feels...intrusive? Like...I'm invading their privacy? With this book, I felt like my brain would get to Reese's sex life and suddenly think, "Oh...this is Reese's private moment with her lover...I should not be here for this..." I felt this weird mothering protection for Reese specifically, and so when I would get to her sex was like I was invading her privacy.

I felt that same maternal protection for Katrina too, honestly. Maybe because both of them were struggling so much with thoughts/ideas around motherhood in the same way I often did/do...but because I'm older and past a lot of that I wanted to hold them and guide them like I was THEIR mother, in some weird way. And because I was having this maternal response to their characters, I felt like being a part of their sex life was almost like a betrayal.

I just think it's an amazing quality as an author to get me to love these characters in that strange way.

But it because of this that I really struggled with the ending. I won't spoil it, but because I found myself so protective of all three of these characters in the end, and so invested in their well-being, that I needed more closure. These three characters are somehow imbued into my soul as if they were ALL my children, and I was almost devastated when the book ended. I still gave it 5 stars because I recognize that devastation I felt is actually indicative of the quality of the character building, but I was really sad with how it ended. I want to be with these characters for longer, I guess. I suddenly am feeling the same type of grief like when my kid enters adulthood and I can't keep tabs on them anymore.

I loved this book. And will definitely read it again. ( )
  KimZoot | Jan 2, 2022 |
Detransition, Baby was a very, very difficult book to get your hands on earlier this year and for good reason. This novel is unlike anything I’ve read before in its presentation of blunt, honest messiness of the characters who are primarily trans. It’s a deep look into a world most cisgendered people know very little about.

Reese used to almost have it all as a transgender woman. She was in a great relationship with Amy and had a cool sounding job where she occasionally met celebrities. But then it all got messy when she hooked up with her ex and Amy found out. Now Reese is alone, having a fling with a rich cowboy and sharing a small apartment with a friend. Amy appears initially to have landed on her feet. She detransitioned to become Ames, has a great job and something a bit more with Katrina (who happens to be Ames’ boss). But then Katrina tells Ames she’s pregnant and Ames freezes. Deep down, Ames still sees herself as a transgender woman, even though she doesn’t present that way. Ames doesn’t think she could be a dad, or a mum. But Reese would make a great mum and it’s something she has always wished for. The road to telling Katrina this plan is rocky, but eventually Reese and Katrina seem to get along. But will it last?

The primary plot of alternative ways of raising Katrina and Ames’ child with Reese in the mix is somewhat in the background, with a lot of backstory of Amy and Reese’s relationship and even before that. These backstories are wonderfully intricate, giving a lot of insight into why Reese and Amy act the way they do. Ames’ transition to Amy and detransition to Ames were insightful and both joyous and painful. It’s easier to see why Ames acts the way she does than with Reese. Reese is much more complex, holding things back from even the reader and at times purposefully mucking things up. Why? Not even Reese is sure – is it just her lot to be unhappy? Katrina remains an enigma, only seen through the eyes of Ames and Reese. This leads to the conclusion being rather ambiguous because the reader has no idea what Katrina will do. It could be something completely unexpected (like when she outed Ames to some clients) or incredibly tender (like introducing Reese to her mum).

The writing is brilliant and the depth of feeling unparalleled. Reese and Ames are wonderfully messy and realistic – no tidy endings for them or this novel. It’s also blunt in its honesty ranging from sex to friendship to gender, from the big questions to the smaller ones. It’s emotional, messy and shows that Peters is a writer with many talents. ( )
  birdsam0610 | Dec 18, 2021 |
Oof. I loved this book so throughly and completely. I love queer people. We are so good. Trans women are so good. Mothers are so good. I want to read it again but my heart and my body hurt and so it will have to wait until I am ready and I need it again. ( )
  banrions | Dec 7, 2021 |
Peters's work made me think through questions about gender and sexuality that I didn't even know I had. She writes gorgeously and empathetically. The story was made a bit more complicated than necessary by its nonchronological presentation. But, that is a small criticism for a book that made me laugh, cringe, and wonder. I highly recommend it. ( )
  RTFlynn | Oct 25, 2021 |

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To divorced cis women, who, like me, had to face starting their life over without either reinvesting in the illusions from the past, or growing bitter about the future.
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The question, for Reese: Were married men just desperately attractive to her?
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Would that all difficult women be loved so deeply.
That's who he is now, he reminds himself, someone who makes decisions, who doesn't let life just act upon him. Wasn't that the big lesson of transition, of detransition? That you'll never know all the angles, that delay is just a form of hiding from reality. That you just figure out what you want and do it? And maybe, if you don't know what you want, you just do something anyway, and everything will change, and then maybe that will reveal what you really want.
So do something.
Once, Reese's friend Catherine was walking home drunk with her boyfriend when he tried to flirt with her by pushing her into a bush. She bounced back out of that bush like an enraged wolverine: spitting, scratching, fighting. For the rest of her relationship with him, he would say, "Careful, Catherine is aggressive," and Catherine would wince, understanding her womanhood was on the line every time. A good woman, she heard in the subtext, would have stayed in the bush and cried.
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