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Great Circle

von Maggie Shipstead

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MitgliederRezensionenBeliebtheitDurchschnittliche BewertungDiskussionen / Diskussionen
3761953,041 (4.16)1 / 49
Kürzlich hinzugefügt vonprivate Bibliothek, MysAnita, JoeB1934, PaulCranswick, mpmills, FLCC-library, janerickson, Hansford, Datli
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This big, sprawling novel, begins on a doomed ocean-liner in 1914 and ends in both Antarctica and New Zealand, sometime in the 1950s. It mainly focuses on Marian Graves and her twin brother Jamie, raised by their bachelor uncle in rural Montana. Marian has an early fascination with flight and begins taking lessons as a teenager. She soon becomes an ace pilot, running bootleg liquor. This is just the tiny tip of the iceberg of this story, as it also follows her through WWII, as a member of a female flying brigade and her life beyond, including friendships, romances and lots of adventure. This is a beefy read, but Shipstead is a fine writer and a gifted storyteller, so it pulls the reader along. Her research skills are immense too, which I found impressive. This was my first book by her and now I want to read her earlier work. ( )
1 abstimmen msf59 | Oct 6, 2021 |
I did like this book, the story of Marian Graves, a fictional woman pilot. But it didn’t need to be 600 pages long. I liked how the story jumped between time periods and how well developed all the characters and plot points were. But some of the minor plot points could have been shortened to shorten the book.

It was a good historical saga, I liked how the author used a more traditional style for the book. ( )
  kayanelson | Sep 24, 2021 |
Multiple people, multiple time periods, multiple plots. It is also very long. However, it is an amazing book filled with nuance and drama. Her other books have also been excellent but this was amazing. A good read for a long plane ride. ( )
  shazjhb | Sep 20, 2021 |
42. Great Circle by Maggie Shipstead
readers: [[Cassandra Campbel]]l & [[Alex McKenna]]
published: 2021
format: 25:16, 608 pages in hardcover
acquired: July 30
listened: Jul 30 – Sep 10
rating: 4
locations: Hollywood, Missoula, Montana, Seattle, Vancouver, Alaska, England, Antarctica, and other places.
about the author:from Mission Viejo, California. Born 1983

Another long book I liked but didn't love. Great Circle is the story Marian Graves, a (fictional) pilot who tried to be the first to fly around the world by crossing both poles in 1949-50, but disappeared somewhere off the New Zealand side of Antarctica. Now the overlooked pioneering pilot is a the subject of a movie under production.

No simple story, Marian and her twin brother must survive a shipwreck, lose their parents, and grow up somewhat wild, and be raised by an uncle in Montana. When Marian first sees a airplane she becomes obsessed, drops out of school to make some money and makes a number of other sacrifices to pursue her goal of flying.

In Hollywood an off-kilter brazen actress suffering bad press, who lost her parents to a plane that disappeared, and who was raised by her uncle, feels a connection to Marian, and is selected to play her in a movie.

The stories are told in contrasting tone (and two different narrators on audio), but interact through the mystery that was Marian.

It was not a wow for me. And I thought it lacked a hook. I never really understood why Marian was so special to spend time with. I mean I liked her. Just, she didn't draw me in. On a different note, I didn't like that she was such a passive character. It seems a little wrong that a pioneering pilot was so passive, but mainly it's just an overdone thing. So many contemporary novels live off outrageously passive characters. Maybe this was just a little too conventional for me. But it‘s still a good novel, and Shipstead creates some wonderful moments, with some striking prose.

2021 ( )
2 abstimmen dchaikin | Sep 12, 2021 |
I expect to be in the minority, since buzz has it that Great Circle is THE book of the summer. I thought it was way too long and really dragged at times. Pages and pages and pages of technical descriptions of the pilot's controls, aviation maps, the mechanics of flying, the weather--all things I just didn't care about, and I found myself skipping long sections of the book. The author fell into the same pattern when Marian joined the female "airplane delivery" crew during World War II: too much boring detail. The fact that I found Marian a pretty unlikable character didn't help. Her story as a young girl was interesting, but then she turned into a selfish user. I guess that paralleled with Hadley's story, which was little more than a rehash of the demise of the Kristin Stewart/Robert Pattinson relationship. On the whole, I really didn't care what happened to either one of these women. I was so bored with this book at one point I put it aside and read something else ([The Sweetness of Water,] which was wonderful--and I read it in just a few days while it took me more than a month to plod through this one). When I got back to it, I just wanted [Great Circle] to be over, and I skimmed the last hundred pages or or so. That was enough for me. Zzzzzzzz.

I ended up giving Great Circle a generous 3 stars for the parts that interested me and for some of the side characters--Marian's twin brother Jamie and Caleb--but I feel that I wasted a lot of valuable reading time on this book. And that made me angry, tempting me to downgrade my rating to two stars, which I may still do. ( )
3 abstimmen Cariola | Aug 20, 2021 |
Shipstead [...] writes with precision on both macro and micro levels, bringing a sure-footed fluency to descriptions of landscape, potted highlights of aviation history and close-up details of people and places [...]
hinzugefügt von Nevov | bearbeitenThe Observer, Stephanie Merritt (Jun 14, 2021)

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Shipstead, MaggieHauptautoralle Ausgabenbestätigt
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McKenna, AlexErzählerCo-Autoreinige Ausgabenbestätigt
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