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COVID Chronicles: A Comics Anthology von…
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COVID Chronicles: A Comics Anthology (Original 2021; 2021. Auflage)

von Gene Ambaum (Autor), Julio Anta (Autor), Ned Barnett (Autor), Ken Best (Autor)

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Titel:COVID Chronicles: A Comics Anthology
Autoren:Gene Ambaum (Autor)
Weitere Autoren:Julio Anta (Autor), Ned Barnett (Autor), Ken Best (Autor)
Info:Graphic Mundi - PSU Press (2021), 296 pages
Sammlungen:Deine Bibliothek
Tags:2021, graphic novel


COVID Chronicles: A Comics Anthology von Kendra Boileau (2021)

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I know some people try to put the COVID-19 in a closed little compartment in their brain as much as possible, but for anyone who wants to read more about how others are getting through these trying times, this collection of short fiction and nonfiction comics is a pretty good place to start. With over 70 contributors, there is quite a wide range of diversity in people and experiences.

Among other things, there are comic diaries, a firsthand account of a COVID-19 survivors, a history of pandemics, and a review of world leaders' handling of the crisis. The pieces about powwow dancing and a funeral director really stood out for me, but there are plenty of good ones to choose from and hardly any clunkers at all, which is quite a feat when you are filling over 250 pages.

Graphic Mundi is a new imprint that is going to be publishing the type of books that have previously been published in the Graphic Medicine series. If you've enjoyed those books in the past, you'll want to watch for this imprint in the future.

One caveat: I get a little paranoid when I see that the creators have donated their work to the anthology and the publisher is donating "a portion of the proceeds" -- an unspecified "portion" -- to a charity. I have no reason to doubt the sincerity of the people involved here, but it always gets my hackles up regardless. ( )
  villemezbrown | Mar 10, 2021 |
(Full disclosure: I received a free e-ARC for review through Edelweiss. Trigger warning for illness, death, and crimes against humanity.)

I must have been in an especially masochistic mood when I requested this title on Edelweiss: after all, we're still in the midst of a pandemic and, while an end is in sight (thanks to Pfizer, Moderna, and the Black women and POC organizers who delivered a win to Biden!), we're still looking at another six months+ of isolation, not to mention the ripple effects of systemic racism, unemployment, mass evictions and homelessness, scarcity of health care and the increasing number of uninsured, and the ever-widening wealth gap.

As I write this, Dems in the House are holding a vote on a standalone bill to give qualifying Americans one-time stimulus checks of $2000 (eight months having passed since the first round of $1200 checks), and reports that the TSA screened 2.3 million passengers over the Christmas weekend is a harbinger of the misery still yet to come.

So yeah, reading an anthology of comics about a pandemic while you're still living through it? Maybe not my wisest mental health choice.

For this reason, COVID CHRONICLES is a hard one to rate. Like many anthologies, it's a bit of a mixed bag: some of the artwork, stories, and ideas resonated with me more than others. Its greatest strength is its breadth and diversity of perspectives, including its focus not just on the micro but also the macro. While the collection includes plenty of personal stories - memoirs, narratives based on true stories, and fictional accounts - some of the authors pull their lenses back, for example, comparing different countries' pandemic responses, or placing the COVID-19 pandemic in a historic context. (S.I. Rosenbaum and Arigon Starr's poingant piece on "How to Have a Powwow in a Pandemic" comes to mind.")

Nearly all of the stories are nonfiction(ish), which is why the lone SF tale really jumped out at me ("Same," written by Jazmine Joyner). It also tickles me that I can spot John Jennings's artwork from the first panel!

I tend to base around 50% of a book's rating on how it made me feel. On the one hand, COVID CHRONICLES gave me a sense of belonging and connectedness; it made me feel a little less alone. (As a single person who's been riding this thing out solo, with only a flagging senior dog and an a-hole cat for company, it's been rough.) But it's also depressing AF and triggered more than one breakdown.

While COVID CHRONICLES is certainly an important historical artifact, it comes with a pretty big content warning, especially if you're struggling as it is. ( )
  smiteme | Dec 28, 2020 |
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This book is dedicated to our frontline workers and to those who lost their lives to COVID-19.
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Please note: What follows is not professional medical advice.
You're sitting at the kitchen table research Covid-19 (watching French bulldog puppy videos on YouTube) when you get that tingle in your joints.
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Preface - Kenra Boileau

COVID-19 Diary - Jason Chatfield

COVID Dawn - Jesse Lambert

Ring the Bells - Emily Steinberg

Sheltering in Place: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly - Ajuan Mance

Morning Commute - Rivi Handler-Spitz

The Iron Lung in the Enders Lab - Katy Doughty

Past Pandemics - Ned Barnett

Apocalypse of Ignorance - Seth Tobocman and Tamara Tornado

Isolation Exercises - Laura Holzman

And This Is How I Leave You - Sean Seamus McWhinny

Sort of Together & Mostly Apart - Brenna Thummler

Hi, Dad. It's Rivi. - Rivi Handler-Spitz

Eye of the Storm - Janet K. Lee

It's a Laugh a Minute Round Here - Joe Decie

Meditations - Gerry Chow

Grief Changes - Shelley Wall

Solidarity - Luis Manriquez (story by) and Simon Gentry (drawn by)

The Hero in My Heart - Kang Jing (story and art) and Pavith C. (colors)

Lessons Learned - Tim E. Ogline

Two Weeks' Notice - Mark Heinrichs

Quarantine Week - Comic Nurse (MK Czerwiecz)

Yōkai Parade Presents Amabie! - Zack Davisson and Lili Chin

How to Have a Powwow in a Pandemic - S.I. Rosenbaum (words) and Arigon Starr (art)

We didn't get far . . . - Rivi Handler-Spitz

Katie's Coronavirus Diary! - Tom K. Mason (creator/writer), Eduardo Garcia (artist), Kurt Hathaway (letterer), and Chris Summers (colorist)

PAW Patrol to the Coronavirus Rescue . . . - Sage Stossel

Shelter-in-Place Sing - Lee Marrs

If I Was - Justin LaRocca Hansen

Librarying During a Pandemic: Library Comic strips - Gene Ambaum and Willow Payne

Just heading over to a friend's place for dinner. - Rivi Handler-Spitz

Small Acts - Stephanie Nina Pitsirilos (written by) and Seth Martel (illustrated by)

Protecting Simmons Base - Armond Boudreaux (script) and Ignacio Di Meglio (art)

Puzzling Together - Kelly Latham

Ripples - Brian Canini and Amy Canini

Live * Love * Eat - Scott J. Jones

This Is My Wartime Haircut - Ben Mitchell

Which step are you on? - Rivi Handler-Spitz

April 11-15, 2020 - Rob Kirby

My New Normal: Rinse & Repeat - Rob Kraneveldt (story) and Mike Garcia (art)

Epitaph for Myself - Rivi Handler-Spitz

The Dance of Death - Peter Dunlap-Shohl

State of Emergency - Sarah Firth

Earth Force 2020 - Quincy Scott Jones (written by), Ken Best (art by), and Zen (lettering by)

Between Two Worlds - Julio Anta (written by), Jacoby Salcedo (illustated by), and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (lettered by)

We made faces instead. - Rivi Handler-Spitz

Seasons of the City - Stephanie Nina Pitsirilos (writer) and Aaron Guzman (illustrator)

The Right to Breathe - Maureen Burdock and Joanna Regulska

Pandemic Precarities: An Account from the Intersection of Two Worlds - Kay Sohini

Saying Goodbye - Christopher Harland-Dunaway (interview by), Thi Bui (illustrated by), Sarah Mirk (script), and Amanda Pie (script)

Going Viral - Rivi Handler-Spitz

Eviction - Eiri J. Brown

Back to Work - Seth Tobocman and Tamara Tornado

Mundane Hazards - Rivi Handler-Spitz

New Model Consultation - The Bad Doctor (Ian Williams)

Self-Care - Joe Decie

A New Reality - Annie Zhu and Richard You Wu

New Life - Roland Burkart and Natascha Hoffmeyer (translation)

What the hell?!?! - Rivi Handler-Spitz

COVID Hardball: World Leaders Step Up to the Plate - Rich Johnson (script) and Eli Neugeboren (art and lettering)

Dr. Anthony Fauci, MVP - Kenra Boileau (script) and Eli Neugeboren (art and lettering)

Same - Jazmine Joyner (story) and John Jennings (art)

Corona Diary - Hatiye Garip

Spread Love, Not COVID - Terry Moore

List of Contributors [incomplete]

Lonely 2020 - Jay Stephens
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