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Beautiful World, Where Are You: A Novel von…
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Beautiful World, Where Are You: A Novel (2021. Auflage)

von Sally Rooney (Autor)

MitgliederRezensionenBeliebtheitDurchschnittliche BewertungDiskussionen
6622627,462 (3.63)26
Titel:Beautiful World, Where Are You: A Novel
Autoren:Sally Rooney (Autor)
Info:Farrar, Straus and Giroux (2021), 368 pages
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Schöne Welt, wo bist du von Sally Rooney

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    Nach einer wahren Geschichte von Delphine de Vigan (JuliaMaria)
    JuliaMaria: Es geht jeweils um eine mit ihrem letzten Buch sehr erfolgreichen Schriftstellerin und wie sie danach wieder ins Leben zurückkommen.
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    Transit von Rachel Cusk (JuliaMaria)
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4.5 stars rounded up

RTC ( )
  yulissaeuceda_ | Jan 21, 2022 |
4.5 stars rounded up

RTC ( )
  yulissaeuceda_ | Jan 21, 2022 |
Two college friends write letters to each other telling about their lives and their dates. Alice is a successful novelist who meets Felix through a dating app, and they have a horrible first date, but later become lovers. Her friend, Eileen, has been in love with Simon since they were children, but won't admit it to herself, although they also become lovers.
This story follows the ups and downs of these two couples and their love lives.
This book got a lot of buzz, but I was disappointed. ( )
  rmarcin | Jan 11, 2022 |
Best for:
Fans of Sally Rooney’s books.

In a nutshell:
Eileen and Simon have known each other since they were little. Alice and Eileen have been friends since university. Eileen and Felix have just met. Events transpire.

Worth quoting:
“I think I have by now forgotten how to conduct social intercourse. I dread to imagine what kind of faces I was making, in my efforts to seem like the kind of person who regularly interacts with others.”

Why I chose it:
This was in a book subscription I got, and it’s the only hardback fiction on my to-be-read bookshelf, so thought I’d finally read it.

Sigh. I think this is a book I’m ‘supposed’ to like? Or maybe I’m too old for it? The main characters are all in their 30s, and I’m in my 40s, so perhaps this is just not for me? But I’ve read other fiction where the leads are all much younger than me and enjoyed those, so maybe it’s just this author’s style that doesn’t sit well with me. I enjoyed her first book “Conversations with Friends”, though “Normal People” was fine, and enjoyed this the least.

It isn’t that the story isn’t believable, or that there is anything inherently wrong with it. It just isn’t very good. Or should I say, it isn’t constructed in a way that I found interesting. I finished it mostly because it was a pretty easy read (though my kingdom for a paragraph break or a set of quotation marks) and I’d already started it. I briefly saw one review that it was an attempt at a modern take on 18th century novels of letters, which, absolutely fine, but the emails that take up half the book are borderline absurd. Maybe that’s the point! But I can’t imagine anyone really writing to their friends in such a way. I mean, perhaps people do, but I think people text their thoughts? I don’t know, perhaps this was Rooney’s way of trying to knock texting, or make a social commentary on how we choose to interact with those who don’t live near us. If so, cool. But it still didn’t work for me.

As for the characters, I guess I cared about them? Again, I don’t know. I suppose I should have seen Eileen’s personality early on, but the Eileen in the second half of the book could have been a complete different character from the Eileen in the first. Also I suppose the focus was on the women, but giving a little bit of background to the men frustrated me because either we’re going to get to know them or we aren’t. Going halfway there didn’t work for me.

I’d imagine being a lauded author with one’s second book even better received than the first can create a lot of pressure for the third, and I hope that this is the book Rooney wanted to write regardless of how it might be received. I think a lot of people are going to enjoy it. Just not me.

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1 abstimmen ASKelmore | Jan 4, 2022 |
So on the last day of 2021 I finished sally Rooney‘s new book called Beautiful World Where Are You? This is my second novel of hers and after Normal People was such a hit, I was anxious to delve into her obviously brilliant mind. I found the book a compulsive read, centering around two best friends in their 30s. Alice, like the author herself, is a famous novelist who suffers a bit from negative critics and Internet trawlers and apparently after a bit of a breakdown, goes off to live in a remoter section of Ireland, near the water. The novel begins with Alice meeting Felix on a tinder date that doesn’t go well at all. When she brings him back to show him the large house that she is currently living in, he wants to know what she does for a living. When she explains to him that she is a writer, a writer of novels, his response is a question: you make money doing that? In a letter to her friend, Eileen, Alice tells her "About ten days ago I went out on a date with someone who worked in a shipping warehouse and he absolutely despised me. To be fair to myself (I always am), I think I have by now forgotten how to conduct social intercourse." And so begins one of the two relationships that are described in detail throughout the novel. Felix is somewhat the most interesting character because he is not part of this literary world and he’s nowhere near the intellectual that Alison and her friend Eileen seem to be. The novel contains a series of letters between Alison and Eileen and in those letters there is discourse on things like beauty and art and climate change and motherhood. To some critics, these letters that are almost like mini essays might be a distraction, but I found them interesting to read even if they didn’t exactly carry the plot into any significant feature. The second relationship is between Alice’s friend Eileen and her longtime crush, an older man named Simon. Simon is a political consultant and more religious than the others. He is six years older than the two girls and so in that sense he seems to be a bit of an enigma to them. The novel builds up to the time when Eileen and Simon who have an on again off again relationship go to visit Alice at her new home at the shore and they meet Felix. Felix appears to be the bit of a catalyst because he’s innocent of their past lives and so asks important questions that give them all some uncomfortable thoughts to ponder.
Ms. Rooney has a detached observational narration that doesn't always use its omnipresence ability. Her dialog and manipulation of the intertwined relationships is well constructed. I look forward to her continued literary endeavors

About ten days ago I went out on a date with someone who worked in a shipping warehouse and he absolutely despised me. To be fair to myself (I always am), I think I have by now forgotten how to conduct social intercourse.

For me it feels like looking down and seeing for the first time that I’m standing on a minuscule ledge at a dizzying vertical height, and the only thing supporting my weight is the misery and degradation of almost everyone else on earth.

The present has become discontinuous. Each day, even each hour of each day, replaces and makes irrelevant the time before, and the events of our lives make sense only in relation to a perpetually updating timeline of news content.

People who intentionally become famous—I mean people who, after a little taste of fame, want more and more of it—are, and I honestly believe this, deeply psychologically ill. The fact that we are exposed to these people everywhere in our culture, as if they are not only normal but attractive and enviable, indicates the extent of our disfiguring social disease. There is something wrong with them, and when we look at them and learn from them, something goes wrong with us.

I think if every man who had ever behaved somewhat poorly in a sexual context dropped dead tomorrow, there would be like eleven men left alive.

People our age used to get married and have children and conduct love affairs, and now everyone is still single at thirty and lives with housemates they never see.

I know we agree that civilisation is presently in its decadent declining phase, and that lurid ugliness is the predominant visual feature of modern life.

I’m conscious of the extraordinary privilege of being allowed to make a living from something as definitionally useless as art.

That’s your problem, he said, you’re hard on yourself for not being more like Jesus. You should do what I do, just be a dickhead and enjoy your life. ( )
  novelcommentary | Dec 31, 2021 |
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