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Not in Room 204: Breaking the Silence of…
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Not in Room 204: Breaking the Silence of Abuse (2017. Auflage)

von Shannon Riggs (Autor), Jaime Zollars (Illustrator)

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A teacher tells the children in her class to talk to an adult if they are being sexually abused.
Titel:Not in Room 204: Breaking the Silence of Abuse
Autoren:Shannon Riggs (Autor)
Weitere Autoren:Jaime Zollars (Illustrator)
Info:Albert Whitman & Company (2017), Edition: None, 32 pages
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Not in Room 204: Breaking the Silence of Abuse von Shannon Riggs

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This book was very hard to read, and I can honestly say that I almost threw up while reading it. Coming from my own experience, I recognized what was going on fairly early in the book, and wasn't sure if I was going to be able to continue. As uneasy as I felt, I pushed through because I know that I am an advocate for student's safety and well-being. I liked how the author created Mrs. Salvadore's character. She was firm, but not mean. Students, especially from broken homes, need structure and safety in their lives. In this particular story, Mrs. Salvadore's discipline made Regina feel safe because her very own family betrayed her trust. Having read this book, it is clear as day that I need to be advocating in my classroom in a similar way that Mrs. Salvadore did in her classroom. Lastly, I like that the author's note included resources to help fight child abuse. This book was well thought out and valuable to me. ( )
  agreenwald | Feb 12, 2019 |
I was not expecting this book to take the turn that it did. The book starts out to be a book that i about a class with a very strict teacher that wants all of her students to be the best. Most of the children seemingly don't like Mrs. Salvador, but Regina Lillian Hadwig loves all her rules. There is a hint that something isn't right when Regina mentions that she is quiet at home just like she is at school and there are things that her dad does that she doesn't even talk to her mother about. Later in the book, Mrs. Salvador gives the students their annual stranger danger talk, but lets kids know that not only strangers do inappropriate things to kids, but close relatives can also. She lets the students know that she doesn't tell other students if someone is being touched inappropriately, but lets the know that she is the person they should come to and that she knows what to do. The next day, Regina comes o school early to talk to Mrs. Salvador and let her know that her father has been sexually assaulting her. Those words are never used in the book and neither does it go into detail, but a kid that may be going through this will understand. This book may be intense, but its important for kids to hear. ( )
  CharleneMartin | Apr 4, 2017 |
This is a chilling story that is sure to captivate the many readers who pick up this book. Ms. Salvador is a teacher with strict rules, that most students may think are mean but there is one student who appreciates Ms. Salvador in all sorts of ways. This student is Regina Lillian Hadwig, and she is a character who is easily adored. Regina always listens but is super quiet, and we soon find out why. Ms. Salvador decides to read a story in class and speak to her students about children who go through sexual abuse, and she makes it clear that if any of her students were going through sexual abuse she would know exactly how to help them. Regina sat up a little higher, and we soon find out why she is so quiet, at home she is being sexually abused by her father. It is a relief to see Regina’s character change and develop enough confidence to go to her teacher Ms. Salvador and tell her what is going on at home. It is easy to see how relieved Regina is at the end of the story, and as a reader, to know how much of a difference Ms. Salvador was able to make in the character’s life just by simply reading a book. Reading this made my stomach hurt and also made me very emotional because things such as this happen every day with children. Reading this story motivated me to read this book when I am a teacher because these things happen all around us and it’s hard to know what goes on in a student’s life behind closed doors. Although this was an emotional read, the ending made my heart feel warm and hopeful that other teacher’s around the world are able to make this type of difference in a child’s life, and I too will make a difference one day. ( )
  asialandry | Oct 3, 2016 |
5. The “Not in Room 204” is a book about preventing, recognizing, and responsible reactions to sexual abuse. Most importantly, a teacher tells the children in her class to talk to an adult if they are being sexually abused. So, the message is quite strong and brought to light. I had mixed feelings about this book after reading it. I liked the book because it stresses the importance of how childhood sexual abuse happens alarmingly often, and needs to inform to children of school age. But, I am not sure how old children should be when introduced to this book. The characters are clearly, well believable which enhances the connection between the reader and the message of the story. For instance, the teacher in the story shares the book about Stranger Danger to her students which the language stresses the importance of strangers should not be touching you anywhere a bathing suit covers. The characters and language makes the event believable and realistic. I loved that about this book. Also, this story relates to children and their experiences. The book is told through third person, so readers are able to follow with which characters are saying what. Most importantly, the author created a note about childhood sexual abuse on one page before the story begins which pushes readers to become aware of prevention, recognition, and signs of these incidents in school settings. ( )
  kacieforest | Apr 6, 2015 |
This is really a good book to help children open up to a adult who they can trust about child abuse. Most children are being abuse by someone they know like a family member. This book can help save lives of many young children. ( )
  Johniece | Jan 25, 2013 |
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A teacher tells the children in her class to talk to an adult if they are being sexually abused.

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