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Parallel Seduction (Midnight Warriors, Book…
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Parallel Seduction (Midnight Warriors, Book 3) (2007. Auflage)

von Deidre Knight

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The author of Parallel Attraction unleashes another gripping novel set in an alternate world, where treachery threatens to destroy the strongest of allies, the most loyal of friendships, and the fiercest of passions. Original.
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Okay, my brain must be horribly faulty because I put this book on the to read again pile thinking I enjoyed it enough to warrant a second go around but boy was I wrong. The heroine, a near blind girl with diabetes is taken to the alien compound after she saved the hero's life. The hero- a man whore for blond human woman- becomes immediately enraptured with her and-in fact- she's the only thing keeping him going after his legs are damaged in the previous book and he feels invalid. Together they've begun to shared intimate dreams of pregnancy and sex and love. These are visions for an alternate dimension but also visions of the future to come. It makes things easy for them to know what happiness awaits them so they fall very quickly into lovey dovey relationship mode. But when a strange-a man the hero considers an enemy breaks into the compound, the heroine feels just as connected to him as she does to her hero. And when he comes to take her with him she agrees to go as in one of her dreams the hero tells her to trust the man-so she does. Turns out he's actually the hero from the future where the heroine has died before giving birth to their child and in his pain and rage murdered the murderer and took his body. He's come back to try to change fate and find a way for the heroine to live but inadvertently attracted the attention of the enemy who kidnapped the present time hero and heroine...Wow. This book was so damn muddled with everything jam packed into 320 pages but at the same time it felt like absolutely nothing important happened at all. Regardless of the fact that the other man is the hero in a different body, I do not enjoy love triangle stories. Especially not when from page 50 or so onward the heroine is separated from the present time hero and spends the next majority of the chapters with the future hero-but not knowing he's the future hero. It made my head spin. For a brief moment at the beginning I actually enjoyed with book. I liked the idea of this hardened soldier-depressed from his injuries-finding love with the vulnerable blind woman who saved him. And the 'flashback' or visions where she's pregnant and he's kissing her belly were heartwarming and super sweet. And then it took a sharp turn into crazy land and I was lost in the chaos. What the hell happened??? Like I said I much have been on drugs or coming down from a high of some sort when I first read this book to have the memory of it begins halfway decent. My one brain was lying to me! ( )
  Eden00 | May 14, 2016 |
Book 3 of the Parallel series by D. Knight

The first two books were very good. And that was why I picked this one up. But.... There are too many paradoxes that some of the story lines contradict each other. And I'm the kind of reader who likes the story to make sense. Then again there are readers out there who does not mind that very much as long as the story-telling quality is good. Which it is, well, for the last one-quarter of the book anyway. For the first three quarters of the book took me about two months to read. I literally have to force myself to finish reading the book just because I do not like "not finish reading a book". But it was hard going. The thing that saves this book from being a total no-reader is the author's story-telling quality. D.K. can spin a tale even with a very badly plotted paradoxes as this book is. And that is a real talent.

Overall Rating: 1 out of 5

My review online: ( )
  cherrymischievous | Aug 5, 2010 |
Have I mentioned yet how much I love this series? Science fiction, romance, a healthy dose of intrigue, and some very fun time-travel-twistiness--it's like it was written just for me.

Parallel Seduction features the romance between diabetic, nearly-blind FBI linguist Hope Harper and alien hybrid and second-in-command Scott Dillon that was begun in the previous book.

The war is between the Refarians and Antousians, with humanity in the middle. The Refarians are on our side. Scott, however, is half-Antousian, which makes him feel like an ugly outsider despite being king Jared's trusted second-in-command, and being known for his good looks. As a result, he tends to date humans. A lot.

Hope and Scott are barely acquaintances, but she's been having vivid dreams about him and their life together, and as they get to know each other better, it gets harder to separate the dream Scott from the waking one.

Then Jake Tierney arrives, saying he's from the future, bringing warnings about Marco and events that have already been prevented in Parallel Attraction and Parallel Heat. Scott can sense that the man is an Antousian, and questions his motives, but the dream Scott urges Hope to trust Jake, and since she's already drawn to Jake, she does.

Hope was a wonderful heroine. I already liked her in Parallel Heat, and she continued that wonderful blend of intelligence, strength, and vulnerability here. She had some pretty serious physical limitations, but she never let it stop her. She didn't go too far in the opposite direction, either--she acknowledged her limitations and worked around them. I sympathized with her, but never pitied her.

And with a hero like Scott, who would? He was vulnerable, too, in a typically masculine way (and no, I don't mean it's a macho vulnerability--just that it seemed a typically male mindset). He's confident of his abilities, but doubts his intrinsic self-worth. He's very self-conscious and ashamed of his Antousian side, and because of a previous disastrous romantic overture, he believes his peers share his disgust.

The two of them are well-matched, and it's lovely to see the chemistry and synergy between them.

There's lots of action and intrigue, and the time travel effects can give you a headache until you get them straight--it's like looking at those hidden-picture paintings. As in the previous books, the other characters don't just disappear--their stories continue. For example, king Jared is under increasing pressure to provide an heir, a matter that's complicated by the fact that his mating cycle never developed normally, and that it's unknown whether he can father a child with his human queen, Kelsey.

There are also some futuristic moral dilemmas concerning gene therapy and the origins of the Antousians.

I think there's enough information provided for Parallel Seduction to stand on its own, but this is such a complex series that I'd highly recommend reading them in order: Parallel Attraction, Parallel Heat, then Parallel Seduction. And Parallel Desire in December. I can't wait. ( )
  Darla | Nov 19, 2008 |
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The author of Parallel Attraction unleashes another gripping novel set in an alternate world, where treachery threatens to destroy the strongest of allies, the most loyal of friendships, and the fiercest of passions. Original.

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