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Das Schloss in den Wolken (1926)

von L. M. Montgomery

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MitgliederRezensionenBeliebtheitDurchschnittliche BewertungDiskussionen
2,4701004,710 (4.26)237
In early 1920s Canada, drastic circumstances give Valancy, a twenty-nine-year-old unmarried woman resigned to being an "old maid," the courage to defy her controlling family and escape to a life of her own choosing.
  1. 90
    Überredung von Jane Austen (allisongryski)
    allisongryski: This is by no means an obvious recommendation. However, the quality of writing and something of the heroines' characters is similar. The heroines of these two books are both under-appreciated members of their families, who are thought beyond any chance of marriage. They are both forced by circumstance to find courage that they didn't know they possessed and they are rewarded with eventual happiness.… (mehr)
  2. 40
    The Young Clementina von D. E. Stevenson (emanate28)
    emanate28: A bit of a fairy tale, it deals with a young woman who is resigned to being alone...but finds her life's not over yet!
  3. 20
    Die Ladies von Missalonghi von Colleen McCullough (MDGentleReader)
    MDGentleReader: Until I reread them both, I actually confused these two stories. I think that if you enjoy one, you'll enjoy the other.
  4. 20
    Ehevertrag (5026 350). von Georgette Heyer (SockMonkeyGirl)
  5. 10
    Maia oder als Miss Minton ihr Korsett in den Amazonas warf von Eva Ibbotson (humouress)
    humouress: 'Blue Castle' and 'Journey to the River Sea' have the same sense of wonderment and discovery at exploring the wilderness around the protagonist in the company of someone else who has made an effort to live in harmony with nature.
  6. 21
    The Sugar Queen von Sarah Addison Allen (infiniteletters)
  7. 00
    Stich ins Wespennest: Roman von D. E. Stevenson (wisemetis)
    wisemetis: Main characters are both overlooked and underappreciated/taken for granted.
  8. 00
    Mein zauberhafter Garten: Roman von Sarah Addison Allen (SunnySD)
  9. 00
    Die galante Entführung von Georgette Heyer (moonsoar)
    moonsoar: Both heroes are charming rakes.
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L.M. Montgomery’s signature wit, humor and beautiful, loving descriptions of nature packaged in a book aimed at a decidedly older audience than Anne or even Emily.

( )
  Annrosenzweig | Oct 15, 2021 |
I sought out this book to see if it confirmed the suggestion that Colleen McCullough had plagiarised it. The first 30-40 pages did seem to confirm this to me and I somehow doubt McCullough did it unconsciously.

Why would she, though? Her book is better in that her heroine decides first to trick her chosen man into marrying her and then not tell him whereas Montgomery’s Valancy herself was misled by the doctor’s mistake. On the other hand McCullough has real-life ghost which completely torpedoes the book’s credibility.

This book, however, is so tedious that I just couldn’t bring myself to get that far with it. Montgomery could have shown what a horrible household Valancy lived in without going over each individual’s hurtful comments to Valancy. Repetitious in the extreme I’m just not resilient enough to plough on. ( )
  evening | Sep 24, 2021 |
[23 July 2021] "A plate of apples, an open fire, and 'a jolly goode booke' are a fair substitute for heaven." A beloved comfort read.

[5 October 2016] I was in need of a comfort reread and this was perfect as always. I also recently got back from a trip to Banff, so I really appreciated the "John Foster" bits this time around (even though the Canadian Rockies are a very different sort of wilderness than Foster's Mistawis).

[15 July 2012] I still love this to itty bitty pieces. :) It is a delightful comfort read and so I brought it along when I went out for adventures on my 29th birthday this year, forgetting that the novel begins on Valancy's 29th birthday! I long to find my "Blue Castle".

[6 Sept. 2006] I love The Blue Castle to itty bitty pieces. ♥ It is a lesser-known novel of L.M. Montgomery's, but it's the loveliest, happiest bit of fluff for a quick read to put you in a good mood. I love Valancy; she's got just the right amounts of sass and spunk and shyness. And the other characters are all great fun to read about as well. This edition of the book has the tragic appearance of a trashy romance novel (and unfortunately the blurb on the back cover makes it sound like one, too), but it's really very good. Okay, the plot's a bit cliché/predictable, but it's still fun and the characters are great and it is very happy-making. :) ( )
  barefootsong | Jul 23, 2021 |
Nice! It's trite, and painfully sweet, and there's very little to the story - but it's fun, too. I loved the bits where Valancy finally spoke her mind. And the descriptions of the forest were gorgeous. I enjoyed watching Valancy come to life. And Barney is an idiot - oh, it makes sense, but he's still an idiot to go away without saying anything like that. Happy ever after...I hope she manages to suppress her family, though I suppose she won't be around them much. I enjoyed it, and I suspect I'll read it again in a while. It'll be interesting to know how it ends as I read - I suspected most of it, though not the Redfern connection. ( )
  jjmcgaffey | Jun 11, 2021 |
Somehow I missed this when I was younger and heard about it for the first time fairly recently, thanks to the What Should I Read Next podcast. Although Anne of Green Gables was not one of my favorite books, I thought I'd give this a try. This is a very different story than that was with a very different protagonist.

On the plus side, I laughed aloud several times. This is a fairly progressive in its way and for its time romance novel. It breaks conventions and has a strong female protagonist who realizes she has and can act on her own POV. The humor is dry, even droll, but it's plentiful, intelligent, sometimes sharp.

The basic story without spoilers: the main character - Valency is 29 with no marriage prospects and considered a hopeless old maid. Her family are a bunch of priggish, judgy snobs who are very much into appearances, manners, and 'class' standing. They disapprove of her (and pretty much everyone for that matter) and delight in criticizing and looking down upon others. They generally bring to life the adage that misery loves company.

Consequently, Valency grows up seeking their approval, chasing their expectations, and following their rules, even when her wishes or opinions (secretly, never expressed outwardly) are in conflict. After she visits a doctor for health concerns and receives a terminal diagnosis, she decides she's never really lived. For the year of life she's told she has left, she looks to life the life she wants regardless of how her family (or anyone else feels about it).

She ends up in a living situation that's much gossiped about and scandal-adjacent and finds more than she bargained for. Her inner and outer life change completely in her 29th year.

I'm glad I finally read this--my wish is I'd heard of it and read it sooner. That said, I'm not sure when the magic window is and am at somewhat of a loss on who to recommend it to. I feel like younger girls who might be open to trying it (like tweens and young teens) haven't lived enough to fully get it. Anne of Green Gables feels more their speed. On the other hand, older teens/younger 20s, or at least the ones I know, would be less likely to give this a chance.

If you're weighing whether to give this a chance or want an alternative to Anne or a non-traditional period romance, give it a try. ( )
  angiestahl | Apr 6, 2021 |

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If it had not rained on a certain May morning Valancy Stirling's whole life would have been entirely different. She would have gone with the rest of her clan to Aunt wellington'd engagement picnic and Dr. Trent would have gone to Montreal. But it did rain and you shall hear what happened to her because of it.
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...fringed by aspens that were always quivering with some supernal joy.
Love! What a searing, torturing, intolerably sweet thing it was - the possession of body, soul and mind! With something at its core as fine and remote and purely spiritual as the tiny blue spark in the heart of an unbreakable diamond.
The new moons always looked down through it (the oriel window), the lower pine boughs swayed about the top of it, and all through the nights the soft, dim silver of the lake dreamed through it.
In a corner a nice, tall, lazy old clock ticked - the right kind of a clock. One that did not hurry the hours awaybut ticked them off deliberately. It was the jolliest looking old clock. A fat, corpulent clock with a great, round man's face painted on it, the hands stretching out of its nose and the hours encircling it like a halo.
...they ate out on the verandah that almost overhung the lake... Supper was the meal that Valency loved best. The faint laughter of winds was always about them and the colours of Mistawis, imperial and spiritual, under the changing clouds, were something that cannot be expressed in mere words. Shadows, too. Clustering in the pines until a wind shook them out and pursued them over Mistawis. They lay all day along the shores, threaded by ferns and wild blossoms. they stole around the headlands in the glow of the sunset, until twilight wove them all into one great web of dusk.
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In early 1920s Canada, drastic circumstances give Valancy, a twenty-nine-year-old unmarried woman resigned to being an "old maid," the courage to defy her controlling family and escape to a life of her own choosing.

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