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Der Malteser Falke (1974)

von Dashiell Hammett

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MitgliederRezensionenBeliebtheitDurchschnittliche BewertungDiskussionen
8,018251815 (3.88)617
Ein klassischer Kriminalroman, der als Hammetts (1894-1961) bester gilt. Einer wertvollen Skulptur wegen, eines Falken aus dem 16. Jh., müssen mindestens 3 Menschen sterben. Detektiv Sam Spade, der beinahe seiner jungen attraktiven, aber skrupellosen Auftraggeberin in die Falle gegangen wäre, erkennt allmählich die Zusammenhänge.… (mehr)
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    Maltese Falcon [Picador Film Classics Library] von Richard J. Anobile (bks1953)
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    Motherless Brooklyn. von Jonathan Lethem (InvisiblerMan)
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    Der Ruf des Kuckucks von Robert Galbraith (PghDragonMan)
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    Britten and Brülightly von Hannah Berry (lucien)
    lucien: A great modern take on the noir genre in comic form. Berry is successful at both weaving a solid noir tale and having some good fun with genre conventions.
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    PghDragonMan: Dark detective fiction, both radical for their times.
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I've never read Hammett before, nor have I ever seen the movie based off this book. In fact, I only had the barest hint of what this was even about.

And I think, at least for me, that was the best way to come into this story. Sam Spade is an absolutely brilliantly written character. He's almost always unflappable, and can toss an unexpected wrench into any other characters' machinations. He's basically the element of chaos.

At the same time, he's an absolute bastard. Screwing his partner's wife. Leading his secretary on. Screwing his client (in more ways than one). Doesn't seem to give a shit that his partner was murdered.

He's an interesting guy.

But Hammett doesn't stop there...he loads this short novel with other fascinating characters. Brigid. Gutman. Cairo. The cops that are following him around. The kid. The hotel detectives. Everyone is an absolute joy to read.

And then there's the ever-twisting plot. Yes, it gets more and more complicated as the story progresses, drawing the reader into a vat of confusion, leaving them not knowing what's true and what's not, which is, I believe, the entire point of the story...this is like a damn dream where the reader can take absolutely nothing anyone says at face value. Spade constantly calls out his client for lying, and often, she readily admits to it. There's not a single reliable narrator to be found here, and that's half the fun.

Just an absolute blast to read. Now I have to go watch the movie... ( )
  TobinElliott | Sep 3, 2021 |
Sam Spade doesn’t need to go looking for trouble, trouble finds him. I found an interesting hardbound version of this novel at a used bookstore and I couldn’t resist it. Dashiell Hammett wrote this story originally as a serial in the magazine Black Mask. It was eventually published as a novel in 1930. Dashiell Hammett was a major influence on the establishment of ‘hard-boiled’ detective fiction and through film adaptations of his stories – film-noir. Humphrey Bogart played Sam Spade in the most famous adaptation of The Maltese Falcon in 1941. I had seen the film long ago and I remember enjoying it, but to be honest, I couldn’t remember the plot. I really enjoyed the read, as it’s as pure a ‘film-noir’ hard-boiled detective story as you get -- brimmed hats, cigarettes, guns, and even opening with a femme fatale walking into the detective agency as the opening scene. If you don't think it's culturally relevant, just know that the prop statue from the 1941 film sold for $4 Million in 2013!

Hammett writes well – narration is largely just descriptions. He keeps things simple, but occasionally slips in clever little phrases, such as:

“Spade put the cigarette in his mouth, set fire to it, and laughed smoke out.”
“She frowned at her knees.”
“She squirmed on her end of the settee and her eyes wavered between heavy lashes, as if trying and failing to free their glaze from his.”

For the most part, he just lets the story playout through the dialog and action of the characters. Without any insight into their thoughts or motivation through narration, we still get very distinct and rich characters. Spade is determined, cold, and highly observant. The feme fatale is devious, manipulative and unreliable, but still somehow alluring and enchanting. That Hammett can create such distinctive characters through dialog and action is the sign of a great storyteller. I flew through this story.

A classic hard-boiled detective novel that stands the test of time with excellent writing, strong characters, and an often-copied, but certainly entertaining plot. ( )
  Kevin_A_Kuhn | Aug 23, 2021 |
I would recommend reading this book before watching the movie, as I did that opposite. The writing is gripping and the story is fun and solid, but I can't get Bogart out of my head as Spade. I rarely laugh out loud to books, but reading how Spade constantly belittles a punk thug is hilarious! Fun book and great movie! ( )
  echinops | Aug 18, 2021 |
"Mr. Spade, could either you or Mr. Archer?" She made an appealing gesture with both hands. "Could either of you look after it personally? I don't mean that the man you'd send wouldn't be capable, but I'm so afraid of what might happen to Corrine. I'm afraid of him. Could you? I'd be - I'd expect to be charged more, of course. " she opened her handbag with nervous fingers and put two hundred dollar Bill's on Spade's desk. 'Would that be enough?"
"Yeh," Archer said, "and I'll look after it myself."
  taurus27 | Aug 18, 2021 |
Certainly an intriguing book. The real Sam Spade looks nothing like Humphrey Bogart, which we know because Hammett describes his body in erotic detail. ( )
  gtross | Aug 14, 2021 |
[I]t would not surprise us one whit if Mr. Hammett should turn out to be the Great American Mystery Writer. . . . In short, "The Maltese Falcon" is the best one, outside the . . . polite classes, in Lord knows when.
hinzugefügt von NinieB | bearbeitenNew York Herald Tribune, Will Cuppy (Feb 23, 1930)
If the locution "hard-boiled" had not already been coined it would be necessary to coin it now to describe the characters . . . .
hinzugefügt von NinieB | bearbeitenNew York Times (Feb 23, 1930)

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Angell, OlavÜbersetzerCo-Autoreinige Ausgabenbestätigt
Marber, RomekUmschlaggestalterCo-Autoreinige Ausgabenbestätigt
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Samuel Spades Unterkiefer war lang und knochig, sein Kinn ein scharf vorspringendes V unter dem ausdrucksvolleren V seines Mundes.
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The boy spoke two words, the first a short guttural verb, the second 'you'.
"People lose teeth talking like that." Spade's voice was still amiable though his face had become wooden. "If you want to hang around you'll be polite."
The boy repeated his two words.
Spade by means of his grip on the Levantine's lapels turned him slowly and pushed him back until he was standing close in front of the chair he had lately occupied. A puzzled look replaced the look of pain in the lead-colored face. Then Spade smiled. The smile was gentle, even dreamy. His right shoulder raised a few inches. His bent right arm was driven up by the shoulder's lift. Fist, wrist, forearm, crooked elbow, and upper arm seemed all one rigid piece, with only the limber shoulder giving them motion. The fist struck Cairo's face...
"I don't know where that damned bird is. You don't. She does. How in hell are we going to get it if I don't play along with her?"
Cairo hesitated, said dubiously: "You have always, I must say, a smooth explanation ready."
Spade scowled. "What do you want me to do? Learn to stutter?"
‘Who killed Thursby?’

Spade said: ‘I don’t know.’

Bryan rubbed his black eyeglass-ribbon between thumb and fingers and said knowingly: ‘Perhaps you don’t, but you certainly could make an excellent guess.’

‘Maybe, but I wouldn’t.’

The District Attorney raised his eyebrows.

‘I wouldn’t,’ Spade repeated. He was serene. ‘My guess might be excellent or it might be crummy, but Mrs Spade didn’t raise any children dippy enough to make guesses in front of a District Attorney, an Assistant District Attorney, and a stenographer.’

‘Why shouldn’t you, if you’ve nothing to conceal?’

‘Everybody,’ Spade responded mildly, ‘has something to conceal.’

‘And you have – ?’

‘My guesses, for one thing.'
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Ein klassischer Kriminalroman, der als Hammetts (1894-1961) bester gilt. Einer wertvollen Skulptur wegen, eines Falken aus dem 16. Jh., müssen mindestens 3 Menschen sterben. Detektiv Sam Spade, der beinahe seiner jungen attraktiven, aber skrupellosen Auftraggeberin in die Falle gegangen wäre, erkennt allmählich die Zusammenhänge.

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