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Summer of the Midnight Sun (Alaskan Quest…
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Summer of the Midnight Sun (Alaskan Quest #1) (2006. Auflage)

von Tracie Peterson (Autor)

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534635,620 (4)14
"The Barringer family is happy in the Alaskan Territory. Confronted by an old flame, Leah realizes her feelings never went away and she is whisked away on an unforgettable journey"--Provided by publisher.
Titel:Summer of the Midnight Sun (Alaskan Quest #1)
Autoren:Tracie Peterson (Autor)
Info:Bethany House Publishers (2006), Edition: Reprinted, 384 pages
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Summer of the Midnight Sun von Tracie Peterson

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Cliffhanger - beware ( )
  tealadytoo | Mar 5, 2021 |
Leah Barringer and her brother, Jacob, have come to love the rugged Alaskan Territory they call home.

Alaskan Quest Book I
  Indiancreek | Jan 1, 2018 |
I know this is the first in a series, but I like series books to be stand-alones. This one ends with a cliff hanger. I enjoyed the book but was frustrated at the ending. ( )
  lillieammann | Sep 23, 2010 |
I read the second book first because it was available on CD at a time I needed one, but I wish I read this first. This one held my attention because although I knew the outcome, I didn't know all the details. Tracie Peterson really has a way of making you are in the book and her characters are very real and believable. Also, there is just the right amount of spiritual talk and scripture. ( )
  eliorajoy | Sep 18, 2010 |
I really enjoyed 'Summer'. The story felt as real as the characters. Nothing was hurried as often is the case in books. You felt like you were there with Leah and Jacob. I am looking forward to book 2 due out in July.

One thing I will mention is that Tracie's Yukon Quest Series...'Treasures of the North', 'Ashes and Ice' and 'Rivers of Gold' are excellent as well and in these books we first meet Jacob and Leah when they were young. You also meet Karen and Adrik who are mentioned in 'Summer'. It's always great to get the history! It makes the story more complete. I read 'Summer' first then went back and read the Yukon series. ( )
  love2readnovels | May 6, 2009 |
Leah is turning 30 years old with no prospects of a future husband. The one man she fell in love with, Jayce Kincaid, rejected her 10 years earlier. Leah and Jacob, her brother, live in Last Chance Creek, Alaska. Their mother died while they were young and their Dad moved them all to Alaska with dreams of the Yukon Gold Rush. After their parents’ death, Karen Ivankov became their legal guardian while growing up, but now they live in the Alaska territory with the natives.

Helaina Beecham and her brother Stanley both work for the bounty hunter agency the Pinkertons in Washington D.C. Their parents, along with Helaina’s husband were murdered by some random shooting.

Leah manages the trading post for the little community and they were running very low on supplies. Jacob braved the cold weather and headed into town to restock. Upon his arrival Leah was surprised to see her brother return with their old friend Jayce Kincaid. Leah was not happy to see the man who rejected her 10 years earlier and also struggled with the awakening of dormant feelings Leah had suppressed.

An unexpected injury Jayce experienced brought all three of them back into town in hopes of saving his life. Waiting in town for Jayce was a young investigator who challenges Jayce’s past deeds. Helaina would do anything to find justice and that would mean capturing Jayce and bringing him back to Seattle for trial. But first she has to get her hands on him.

Leah struggled with her feelings for Jayce while at the same time finds conflicting information about his past. Jacob sets out to prove his friends innocence by find out more about this investigator Helaina Beechman. Unfortunately time might be running out for all of them.

During the hot summer months I enjoyed reading about the cold Alaska territory. Tracie Peterson in the first book of her Alaskan Quest series takes readers on an adventure of love, adventure, and history. The story keep me riveted while I learned more about the harsh living conditions that came with living in Alaska in 1915. Peterson does a great job of showing what it looks like to live God’s will in every day life. Jacob witness’ to Helaina and tries to show what it means to be a Christian. Even when it becomes very difficult, Jacob shows what faith in action looks like and what a gift of mercy we have with Christ.

Can not wait to read book two of Tracie Peterson’s Alaskan Quest Series.
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"The Barringer family is happy in the Alaskan Territory. Confronted by an old flame, Leah realizes her feelings never went away and she is whisked away on an unforgettable journey"--Provided by publisher.

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