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Moonlight von Keith Knapp
Lädt ...

Moonlight (2007. Auflage)

von Keith Knapp

MitgliederRezensionenBeliebtheitDurchschnittliche BewertungDiskussionen
344573,048 (2.92)Keine
A mysterious and evil presence seizes Westmont, Illinois, making the once peaceful town a place of violence and despair. A small group of individuals must uncover the mystery.
Autoren:Keith Knapp
Info:Outskirts Press (2007), Paperback, 472 pages
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Moonlight von Keith Knapp

Lädt ...

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Meh, just okay
It won't be read again. ( )
  nospi | Feb 7, 2016 |
After a random series of electrical power ups and downs, everything electric dies in Chicagoland. With no way to communicate with the world, let alone each other, individuals struggle to make sense of what is happen around them. During short, quick chapters, the focus shifts between a full ensemble cast covering all strata of Westmont society. Amidst the initial confusion, the sinister Man in the Dark Coat uses his telepathic Voice to create a truly apocalyptic battle between the forces of evil and innocence. Those who can hear the Voice, the Changed, can also apparently rise from any normally fatal injury to continue to carry out The Man in the Dark Coat's agenda. Groups of survivors form and are torn apart as loved ones and new allies fall under the sway of the Voice. For Chicagoland readers, the detailed backdrop of Westmont, Illinois creates a greater sense of immediacy and connection to Knapp's very believable suburban survivors. Meanwhile, the Man in the Dark Coat invokes the Randall Flagg character from Stephen King's The Stand. However, Knapp's apocalypse has a much more paranormal beginning which leads to the final battle for humanity's soul. ( )
  ktoonen | Dec 30, 2011 |
For those who don't mind unanswered questions at the end of the book...this is the story for you. If you like to have the story wrapped up in a neat package with almost all the questions raised in the story answered this is not for you.

It is a tale of an apocalyptic event. The power goes off all electronics quit.. cars don't run, phones are dead. A lone man wanders into town and begins messing with peoples minds, turning them in to mindless killing machines that die and revive then die and revive and die and revive...and so on. Out of a small town only a few survive not becoming "zombies" to the "strange man in a black trench coat". This is because of their "innocents" an implied sense of god's will in their survival.

Okay.. to be honest.. I really hated the book. I was going to write a review that would highlight the positive qualities of the story, but I can't, the inconsistencies and incompleteness of the story annoys me so much. I really thought the story was rushed, the story line was platitudinous, it left too many questions un-answered. The whole story felt to me to be just a mash up of Stephen King and Koontz story lines. There were too many main players introduced and not much time spent on building them out as independent entities. The characters were not developed as fully as they should have for a story of this magnitude. I never got a sense of who they were as a person. I defiantly didn't empathize with them, in fact I kept thinking hurry up and die. I really feel this story would have been better if spread out over several books that took time to explain why things were happening and why the good guys were the good guys instead of just implying possibilities and jamming it all into one fast paced gore filled novel.

So.. Yes the book has redeeming qualities if you like jammed pack action, blood, gore, no answer books.

Unfortunately for me.. I don't. ( )
  Appliquetion | May 13, 2011 |
First off I'm a completely biased reviewer because I actually edited this book. That being said, I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that reading and editing this book was no hardship at all even though it is definitely not within the genre I typically read.

The book description is self explanatory, no need for me to elaborate on that so instead I'm going to focus on the high and lows of this book. If the subject matter intrigues you and if the highs outweigh the minor lows for you then I would definitely recommend you pick up a copy of this book.

The first few chapters contain quite a bit of character introduction but it is definitely worth it in the end because the characters are one of this novel's greatest strengths. Knapp amasses a large cast of characters that are multi-dimensional and fleshed out (sometimes literally!).

I was drawn in by the fact that the supernatural element was genuinely intriguing, well thought out, and had fascinating good versus evil elements that didn't fall into tired cliches.

Knapp is a new author, this being his first published book, and so expect him to occasionally fall into the new writers' trap of trying to build suspense with words instead of situations. Nevertheless those few instances only happen after a chunk of excellent writing so you barely notice it. I'm looking forward to his future books that will undoubtedly rise above that.

This novel is a supernatural horror story which means that there is quite a bit of violence which is why I couldn't bring myself to give it five stars. The majority of the violence and language in Moonlight are obviously not there for shock value, but instead an integral part of the tale. Still, I'm not a fan of graphic violence and language.

My opinion? The intriguing story and characters far outweigh the handful of minor slip-ups by a new author . ( )
  lterwilliger | Dec 15, 2007 |
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A mysterious and evil presence seizes Westmont, Illinois, making the once peaceful town a place of violence and despair. A small group of individuals must uncover the mystery.

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