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Sleepless in Scotland (The MacLeans) von…
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Sleepless in Scotland (The MacLeans) (2009. Auflage)

von Karen Hawkins (Autor)

Reihen: MacLean Curse (Book 4)

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261680,861 (3.81)1
While attempting to intervene in her sister's disreputable scheme to catch a husband, Catriona inadvertently falls into the trap her sister set and is forced to marry Hugh LacLean, with whom she engages in heated gender battles.
Titel:Sleepless in Scotland (The MacLeans)
Autoren:Karen Hawkins (Autor)
Info:Pocket Books (2009), 384 pages
Sammlungen:Deine Bibliothek


Schlaflos in Schottland von Karen Hawkins

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Enjoyed this one as best so far. There was a nice story line that moved without repetition, it made use of the curse more than once, Old Woman Nora was involved in the story, and there was humor with the antics of the daughters of Hugh. Triona was a sensible wife without overly flirtatious behavior. Hugh was a compassionate and caring person with honor that finally showed after realizing he does not want this marriage to be the sham he originally planned. ( )
  kshydog | Dec 13, 2020 |
This book kept me reading, I enjoyed the characters, though I did think a few things were left unexplained or just ending without follow up.. but I could overlook it. ( )
  MyaB | Apr 25, 2018 |
Known as the responsible twin, the good twin, the twin who never got into trouble or caused trouble- the heroine has suddenly found herself in the deepest of trouble. Travelling to London when she hears of a plot her sister has hatched to trick a gentleman into marriage, she arrives at the carriage to find her sister gone and herself forced into the hatch. There she's horrified to be confronted by the hero who too learned of the silly woman's plot and in a bid to save his brother from an unwanted marriage decided to play a game and frighten the woman. Instead, he finds himself confronted by a captivating woman who sparks desire within him. When they arrive, the heroine is thoroughly compromised and, as a gentleman, the hero knows he must make good and take for to wife. Through she objects to a loveless marriage, the heroine is sensible and reasonable and she knows that she must marry if not for her reputation than for her families. So, she soon finds herself packed up and off to Scotland. There, in her new 'home' she is told quite simply by her new husband that he will never love her. That his home is not her home and after the 2 months are up, she will be returning to her own family. That she may amuse herself with the running of the house but she is only a visitor and as such she will not socialize with his 3 daughters. The heroine, stunned first off that the hero is a father and secondly how cold and unfeeling he can be when it comes to protecting his children, is made to be the enemy in the three girls eyes. This is because of their father and his fear of causing them any further turmoil when they've already experienced so much in their young lives at the hands of their mother. But the heroine is amiable and agrees to his wishes even though she finds herself becoming lonely and isolated in the house with no one to truly talk to. Her husband is hers in body only. His heart is fiercely guarded and as such there is tension that develops between them, especially when the heroine finally has had enough and refuses to be a door mat to his demands. By then the hero begins to doubt his ability to stay distant. He's come to care for his wife...even love her. And at the thought of losing her, he breaks out into a cold sweat. But is he strong enough to fight to keep her? Throughout this book, I was captivated by the odd interactions between the hero and heroine. They didn't truly fight (besides the major argument when the hero lets lose his curse), and the heroine was a fascinating mixture of strength, fire and obedience. Though she is unhappy with how he treats her, she doesn't act rashly or sassy, rather she states calmly her side of things and keeps a level head. When the children begin to do things t her to get her to leave, she responds by playing pranks on them. I loved her as a character. The hero was so horribly frustrating but I loved him as a character too. The one thing he said he gets out of this marriage was the pleasures of the bedroom and when they were alone together he was so tender and playful and sweet. But if he was pushed into admitting his feelings or pressured into re-evaluating his plans, he became cold and harsh and relentless. He was ruled by his fear and he sheltered his children so much that is was him and him alone who was the root of all the problems within the house. They could have been a true family quite easily if he's only allowed it. The ending was weird and it didn't fit the rest of the story. I found it strange and off putting so that was what prevented the 5 star rating but otherwise this was a lovely book. I find each book of the series to be a gem and I'm excited to read more. ( )
  Eden00 | May 14, 2016 |
"4 out of 5 stars. It's the first time I've read a book from this series and if this book is any estimation of the whole series then I would definitely recommend it to all of you! It was sweet, funny, and a great historical romance!!"

Read more of this review here: ( )
  fromjesstoyou | Mar 21, 2016 |
I enjoyed this historical romance even though some events have been used before such as forced marriage after being compromised. I particularly liked the heroine's sense of family and how steadfast she was maybe even sometimes too much. Caitriona tries to save her twin from a wild scheme and instead gets herself caught with Hugh. ( )
  Dawn772 | Jan 29, 2015 |
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While attempting to intervene in her sister's disreputable scheme to catch a husband, Catriona inadvertently falls into the trap her sister set and is forced to marry Hugh LacLean, with whom she engages in heated gender battles.

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