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Claudine erwacht (1900)

von Colette

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Claudine, sparkling with life and intelligence, sows merry hell among her classmates and teachers of a parochial school in turn of the century France.
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I think I’m drawn to older lesbian books more so than contemporary because it’s reassurance that there’s always been women who love women so its harder to invalidate. The side effect of this is also positive because lots of these tell stories without making a big deal of it, though they usually end in tragedy. Claudine à l’école didn’t have some sapphique endgame, but didn’t end with invalidating Claudine’s lesbianism at least. It’s a story about deep relationships between women, without saying the word lesbian (or gay or whatever else) once. None of the characters make a big deal of it, and none of the obstacles to her relationship come from a place of homophobia (the biggest obstacle’s literally another woman). This was refreshing compared to the near-trauma porn that people churn out today.

That being said I read this in French and it took a really really long time, and I’m not sure I gained anything reading it in French, because there aren’t any language-specific tricks or anything. The prose is lovely, but I found myself looking forward to it ending really soon after it started. Next time I want to read an aimless story about chaotic girls I will just reread Azumanga Diaoh, which is honestly the closest comparison I can make. Similar to Azumanga though, there were a lot of disturbing references to relationships with (pedophilic) adult men… I don’t want to read about them perving on teenagers unless it casts some sort of critical eye, and I’m not sure if Colette had that given the historical context of this work.

I really did like the protagonist, Claudine, though. She has a bad attitude, and is sort of an asshole. Some people might find her frustrating, but I liked that Colette went to lengths to ensure she has no redeeming qualities, it’s a looooot funnier than the alternative.

I got to read a beautiful old copy of this from my university, it was from 1929, published by Albin Michel, and H. Mirande’s illustrations really improved the book for me. I’m attaching my favorites before I have to return it.

( )
  jooniper | Sep 10, 2021 |
  pszolovits | Feb 3, 2021 |
Decided to read this as it kept appearing on lists of books/authors I should have read. I can almost see what the appeal might have been when this book was first published, however, a lousy, dated British translation and a modern view on bullying make this less interesting to read now. Claudine 50 years ago may have seemed bright and flirtatious and risqué, today she comes off as an obnoxious, spoiled "mean girl". I probably would have enjoyed this more had I read it in French, the British slang was so out of place in a French novel! ( )
  Rdra1962 | Aug 1, 2018 |
This was Colette’s first novel, published in 1900 when she was 27, and which would become a 4-part series of ‘Claudine’ books. Ostensibly the book was co-authored with her first husband, and rake that he was, he likely steered the content towards the provocative end. However, the major voice here in this book is almost certainly Colette’s, and it’s interesting to find that the books were likely semi-autobiographical.

If so, what an interesting school she must have attended! Claudine’s teacher openly carries on a lesbian love affair with an assistant (one that Claudine herself originally desired, turning their tutoring sessions into dates), and the superintendent brazenly gropes and pursues the young girls. Aware of her sexuality but not about to swoon over a guy or fall victim to the superintendent, Claudine is an interesting combination of sharp, sassy, and cynical. She tends to control her environment and the friends around her – flirtatious Anais, clueless Marie, and little Luce, who idolizes and loves her. The narration is through her unique voice, and often with an inner voice in response to what other characters say or do. It’s sentimental in the sense that this is her last year before she will leave the country for Paris and never see these people again, and yet she is tough and far from cloying about it.

It’s not ‘high fiction’, but it is an entertaining, tight story, and transplants you to life in one of these schools at the time, preparing for and taking exams, creating a gala ball to honor a dignitary, and engaging in the everyday lives of kids and their various attractions and jealousies. ( )
2 abstimmen gbill | Mar 28, 2016 |
i don't know. i never wanted to read this when it was its turn. ( )
  mahallett | Jul 25, 2015 |
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"La collaboration de Willy et Colette Willy ayant pris fin, il devenait indispensable de rendre à chacun la part qui lui est due et de remplacer la signature unique de ce volume par celles de Willy et Colette Wily.
Des raisons purement typographiques ont voulu que mon nom fût placé avant celui de Colette Willy, alors que toutes les raisons, littéraires et autres, eussent éxigé que som nom prît la première place" WILLY
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Ich heisse Claudine.
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This is NOT "My Mother's House" (La maison de Claudine), but "Claudine at school" (Claudine à l'école)
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Claudine, sparkling with life and intelligence, sows merry hell among her classmates and teachers of a parochial school in turn of the century France.

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