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The Little Red Elf Copy 2 von Barbara…
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The Little Red Elf Copy 2 (2010. Auflage)

von Barbara Barbieri McGrath (Autor), Rosalinde Bonnet (Illustrator)

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484437,393 (3.27)1
In this version of "The Little Red Hen," set at the North Pole, a penguin and a hare refuse to help an elf plant, grow, and decorate an evergreen tree but nevertheless expect to open the presents found under its branches on Christmas Day.
Titel:The Little Red Elf Copy 2
Autoren:Barbara Barbieri McGrath (Autor)
Weitere Autoren:Rosalinde Bonnet (Illustrator)
Info:Charlesbridge (2010), Edition: Illustrated, 32 pages
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The Little Red Elf von Barbara Barbieri McGrath

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Barbara Barbieri McGrath, whose The Little Green Witch was a Halloween retelling of the traditional tale of The Little Red Hen, turns once again to that story with this Christmas title. Here, we have a little red elf and her lazy roommates - an indifferent reindeer, a playful penguin, and a perpetually snoozing hare - who all refuse to lend a hand, when the elf finds a pinecone, and decides to plant it. Naturally, the three layabouts also refuse to water the tree, when it starts to grow; to help to uproot it and bring it into the house, when it is time to decorate it; or to put out milk and cookies (presumably for Santa Claus), in the hopes that presents will be left underneath it. They are not, however, averse to helping to open the presents, come Christmas morning! But will the little red elf let them...?

As with her earlier revisionist retelling of this tale, I found McGrath's narrative - with each character's flippant responses to the elf's pleas for help - quite amusing. Unlike that earlier telling, I also enjoyed the illustrations, done in pen and acrylic by French artist Rosalinde Bonnet. They have a cute "artsy-crafty" feeling to them, with lots of quirky little details - I loved all the tiny creatures who appear in the outdoor scenes (and peeking in at the window, in one indoor scene!) - that add to the appeal. I did feel a little ambivalent about the ending, and agree with those reviewers who object to the fact that the elf's animal companions haven't really learned their lesson, but somehow, the overall charm of this one carried me along. Recommended to readers looking for a fun, lighthearted holiday read, or to those interested in adaptations of this tale type. ( )
1 abstimmen AbigailAdams26 | Apr 17, 2013 |
Featured at An Abundance of Books

This book is so stinkin' CUTE! I can't believe it, it's adorable. Now, it's not like the world needs yet another version of the Little Red Hen, but this is a sweet Christmas version of the story and definitely worth the read. McGrath has integrated the holiday them nicely into her version of the tale. The little red elf is a really hard worker and she has some of the laziest friends in the North Pole.

Once upon a time, there was a reindeer, a penguin, a hare, and a little red elf. They all lived together in a comfy, cozy workshop.
The reindeer liked to snooze in the straw.
The penguin liked to relax in the bathtub.
The hare liked to hibernate by the hearth.
That left the little red elf to get all the workshop work done.

She was filling some bird feeders, by herself, when she found a pinecone. Since none of her friends would help her plant it, she decided to do the job herself. When the time came to water it or bring it in to the workshop once it had grown, she was on her own.

By the time she had strung the lights, decorated the tree, and baked cookies for Santa without any help, she had gotten a bit frustrated but tried to keep her holiday cheer. Of course, when she needed help to open all of those presents her friends came running.

"I will!" said the reindeer.
"I will!" yelled the penguin.
"I want the big one!" screamed the hare.

This is the point where the little red elf loses it and yells that she is going to open the presents by herself. Of course her friends are shocked and begin to cry. The little red elf feels terrible, apologizes, and lets the open the gifts. Boy did they dive right in. Inside every box from Santa was a Little Red Hen doll. The reindeer, penguin, and hare are confused (as are some younger readers) but the little red elf understands and thinks they've gotten the perfect gifts.

It's a cute story but I had two tiny issues. I wish there had been a bit more discussion regarding the reindeer, penguin, and hare's horrible and selfish behavior. Even my younger kids were aghast; we just talk about it a bit in class, so it's not really a big deal. (If you're looking for a version where the animal's realize how rude they've been, pick up Philemon Sturges's The Little Red Hen (Makes a pizza). ) My other issue is the ending - younger kids don't get it. I think the ending's humor is a little bit too sophisticated for the little ones.

The real star of this book, the entire reason you want to check it out and pour over it with your kid (or by yourself), is Bonnet's absolutely scrumptious and adorable illustrations. She uses a style of drawing that I tend to associate with Japan (but it's not manga or chibi style) and she throws in fantastically funny little details. I just want to hug this book.

I will say it again, this book is so stinkin' cute!! Bonnet's illustrations are just wonderful and really make this Christmas version of The Little Red Hen worth the read. The Little Red Elf is a sweet holiday book that you should pick up from the library.

Read full review HERE ( )
  AbundanceofBooks | Dec 23, 2011 |
This adorable holiday adaptation of 'The Little Red Hen' is sure to please. A reindeer, a penguin, a hare, and a little red elf all live and work in a workshop at the North Pole. However, it seems that the little red elf is used to doing all the workshop work by herself.

When she finds a pinecone one day, she asks the others for help. When her friends turn her down, the little red elf must once again do all the work alone. She must plant it and water it, bring it indoors and decorate it. But when presents suddenly arrive will the little red elf share with her lazy friends? Or will she open all the presents herself? Wait and see...everyone is in for a big surprise.

The Bottom Line: 'The Little Red Elf' is super cute. Author Barbara McGrath's holiday take on a childhood classic teaches kids the gift of sharing. Meanwhile the softly colored acrylic paintings of Rosalinde Bonnet enhance the story and bring it to life. It's the perfect bedtime story for kids ages 3 - 7. Girls especially will love it.

This review also appears in the Mini Book Bytes Book Review Blog: ( )
  aya.herron | Jul 17, 2010 |
The Little Red Hen is recast as The Little Red Elf for the holidays. Like the Little Red Hen, the elf gets no help from a toy penguin, reindeer, or rabbit as she prepares for Christmas. The last page says it all!! ( )
  pacollins | Dec 9, 2009 |
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In this version of "The Little Red Hen," set at the North Pole, a penguin and a hare refuse to help an elf plant, grow, and decorate an evergreen tree but nevertheless expect to open the presents found under its branches on Christmas Day.

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