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Die Mambo Kings spielen Songs der Liebe (1989)

von Oscar Hijuelos

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Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love by Oscar Hijuelos (2005)
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I read this back in 2001. I barely got through it since I was between comps. and transferring to library school. It was my first foray into Hijuelos's works, and I enjoyed very much. My impression back then:

>>This is a novel heavy on nostalgia and memory where I could almost hear the music and feel the passion of the characters.
I am honestly not sure where some of the bad reviews here on GoodReads for this book come from, but as we say in libraries, "never apologize for your book tastes." I personally think they probably missed something, but again, each reader its book and each book its reader. If some of those who disliked this book decide to give Hijuelos a chance, they may want to try [b:Mr. Ives' Christmas|11670|Mr. Ives' Christmas|Oscar Hijuelos||14082]. ( )
  bloodravenlib | Aug 17, 2020 |
I couldn't put this book down. Although it was sad to see the downward spiral of the Moambo King, the author was able to bring the time period and experiences vividly to life. ( )
  Chrissylou62 | Aug 1, 2020 |
Pulitzer Prize Winner ( )
  atufft | Jul 4, 2019 |
Very cool book about Cuban immigrants in NY who play music. Atmospheric, fun.
  JoshSapan | May 29, 2019 |
Oscar Hijuelos won the Pulitzer Prize for his novel The Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love. It is a is a wonderful period piece of the early 1950's, where night clubs had dance contests, men wore zoot suits, and women hoped that all the lace and garter belts and perfume would help them find the man to take care of them. "Everything was different back when; 125th Street was jumping with clubs, there was less violence, there were fewer beggars; more mutual respect between people,”
In 1949 Cesar and his younger brother leave Cuba and hit New York City to play their music and try to make it big like Tino Fuentes and their role model Desi Arnez. When in fact Desi happens to hear them play one night , he invites them to his house and to appear on his show. This helps propel the Mambo Kings to some degree of fame and the rerun of the appearance, when Cesar is 62 is the start of the narrative.
"Between the delicate-looking index and middle fingers of his right hand, a Chesterfield cigarette burning down to the filter, that hand still holding a half glass of rye whiskey, which he used to drink like crazy because in recent years he had been suffering from bad dreams, saw apparitions, felt cursed, and, despite all the women he took to bed, found his life of bachelorhood solitary and wearisome."
Hijuelos' portraits of the brothers are wonderfully drawn. Cesar Castillo, the guitar strumming womanizer whose voice and gregarious personality help the band become a big hit, and Nester, the trumpet playing tortured artist who writes 22 versions of the song Maria of my Soul. He is haunted by a lost love, even though he meets and marries Delores. "Beautiful María of My Soul.” A song about love so far away it hurts; a song about lost pleasures, a song about youth, a song about love so elusive a man can never know where he stands; a song about wanting a woman so much death does not frighten you, a song about wanting that woman even when she has abandoned you."
Their story is told in reflection as the older, overweight Cesar sits in his hotel room reminiscing about the good old days and the many women he has loved. I recommend going to YouTube and listening to the haunting Beautiful Maria of my Soul, letting that melody be the background as you embrace the adventures of these two very different brothers. Though I would caution that the lovemaking tales of Cesar are not for the easily offended, the writing does remind me of that of Junot Diaz who I am sure would acknowledge Hijuelos as a muse. After all Diaz did name his favorite character Oscar. ( )
  novelcommentary | Nov 16, 2016 |
You finish feeling as Cesar's first music teacher in Cuba told him audiences should feel when a song ends -ready to throw up your arms and cry, ''Que bueno es!'' Mr. Hijuelos is writing music of the heart, not the heart of flesh and blood that stops beating, ''but this other heart filled with light and music . . . a world of pure affection, before torment, before loss, before awareness.''

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It was a Saturday afternoon on La Salle Street, years and years ago when I was a little kid, and around three o'clock Mrs Shannon, the heavy Irish woman in her perpetually soup-stained dress, open her back window and shouted out into the courtyard "Hey, Cesar, yoo-hoo, I think you're on television, I swear it's you!"
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Mambo Kings Play Songs of Love by Oscar Hijuelos (2005)

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