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Still the One von Robin Wells
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Still the One (2010. Auflage)

von Robin Wells

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506418,010 (3.85)Keine
Recent widow Katie Charmaine finds her life changed forever by the arrival of her first love, Zack Ferguson, and their daughter, whom she gave up for adoption nearly seventeen years ago, and who is pregnant and needs their help.
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I absolutely loved this story. Katie's inability to let go of her husband was so sad to me. I've lost family members before, but I think loosing someone who you've decided to spend your life with must be devastating. However, I think that at some point you do have to move on with your life. Zack and Gracie were just what Katie needed to move on. I got the sense that she was really ready to move on, but her heart was standing in the way. Which is all understandable.

I didn't really "relate" to any of the characters, as I've never been in any of their situations. But they were still great characters. Zack was so head strong and thought he would be able to come in "fix" what was wrong and go back to his normal life. But Gracie and Katie, unintentionally, set his life on a different path. And Gracie, wow, what a work of art she was. But again, with every thing going on in her life, how could she not be a mess emotionally.

As with most all romance stories I knew how it would end, but with this one having pegged the entire end of the story was not at all a disappointment. It was such a great ending. There weren't many loose ends with this one, but I would love to read a book that focuses on Gracie and the struggles that come with being a young mother. I think that would be a great addition to the story.

I don't give out 5-star ratings that often, and I'm not 100% sure what it was about this one that compelled me to dole one out this time: I think it was a mixture of great writing, a touching story, believable characters, and situations that most anyone could picture themselves in. Plus this book just left me feeling so warm and happy.

A review copy of this book was provided by the author. This is not a paid review and is a truthful and honest review. ( )
  Justjenniferreading | May 15, 2011 |
Katie Charmaine is still grieving over the death of her husband who was killed in Iraq two years earlier. Then she receives an unexpected surprise. Zack, the guy Katie fell for during the summer she was 17, has shown up in her small town, and he isn’t alone. He brought with him the daughter Katie gave up for adoption 16 years earlier. 16 year old Gracie is pregnant, and dealing with the death of her adoptive parents. Zack hopes to share joint custody with Katie, and give Gracie the guidance she needs. Factor in the feelings he still has for Katie, and things are bound to get messy.

Katie’s attempts to bond with the daughter she gave up were heartwarming. It wasn’t easy, and Gracie didn’t hesitate to make Katie work for it. As for Zack I have mixed feelings about him. I didn’t feel he was sympathetic enough about what Katie was going through. He seemed to expect her to just forget about her husband, and move on without a shred of guilt with a man who is a self-proclaimed commitment phob. He did get better as the book progressed, and the chemistry between him and Katie can’t be denied. He just never really won me over. I loved the rest of the characters though. Katie and Gracie were fabulous. I also enjoyed the supporting cast of quirky Chartreuse, Louisiana residents.

The book switches points of view many times. We not only “see" life in Chartreuse through Zack and Katie’s eyes, but also Gracie and Katie’s in-laws. That took a little getting used to, but I understand why the author went that route. It made it easier to understand how everyone was feeling about the possibility of Katie moving on. I’d still recommend this book even though I found Zack frustrating. The relationship between Katie and Gracie is reason enough to read. ( )
  C.Ibarra | Sep 6, 2010 |
STILL THE ONE by Robin Wells is a story full of heartache, pain, and love. Like so many other wives before her, Katie suffers the shock of finding that her husband has been killed during his second tour of duty in Iraq. That right there should be enough to hook many readers and tug on a few heartstrings. Ms. Wells takes the story of the war widow and brings it to life within the pages of this book. Readers are left to ponder the question of what they would do if their spouse, their love, was gone, leaving behind only a few material possessions and no biological legacy.

That's certainly what ripped my heart open anyway.

It's not enough that Katie's husband is dead, he has to leave her with no children as well. What could make this situation any worse than it already is? Katie has actually already had a child and gave that baby girl up for adoption nearly seventeen years ago. Still raw with the pain of losing her husband and therefore the opportunity to have children and family of her own, Katie is in for a nasty surprise when an ex-lover shows up along with her sixteen-year-old daughter.

What made STILL THE ONE such a great ready was Ms. Wells ability to create a realistic and believable story while manipulating our emotions in every way imaginable. One would think, okay, so Gracie and Zack show up. So what? It's not like the sudden appearance of her daughter would be enough to suddenly put joy into Katie's heart. The daughter might be angry and could just walk out and leave, then where would Katie be? And Zack? What reason would he have to stay? He's the father to Gracie and only just recently discovered as much. He has every reason in the world to be mad at Katie for not telling him about their child.

Ms. Wells solves this dilemma by introducing a reason why the three need to stay together - Gracie is pregnant. Gracie needs her parents in this confusing time and both Katie and Zack have to find a way to forgive each other in order to help her. Who knows, perhaps forgiveness will remind the two of the connection their hearts once shared.

I found the mix of pain and love in STILL THE ONE to be the main factor in keeping the pages flipping as fast as my eyes would allow. Simultaneously heartbreaking and hopeful, Ms. Wells writes a story that sticks in the mind and permeates dreams. Her characters are relatable and it's impossible not to feel a certain amount of involvement with them. This is one of those books where, once the last page has turned and the characters are left behind, you sit staring at the back cover trying to figure out what you feel such a sense of loss and loneliness.

I recommend STILL THE ONE to any fans of romance fiction. I couldn't ask for a more touching story, one that truly gives you hope in the world and the people in it. As a sidetone, if you've read Between the Sheets by Robin Wells, you will probably recognize some characters and references in STILL THE ONE. ( )
  cinnleigh | May 18, 2010 |
STILL THE ONE by Robin Wells is a Inspirational Contemporary Romance set in modern day Chartreuse,Louisiana. It is well written with depth and detail. This is a heartwarming story of first love and the consequences of that love. It is about forgiveness, romance, betrayal, family drama, reuniting with first love, second chances at love and happiness. The characters both the hero and heroine and the secondary characters will pull at your heart strings.When the hero founds out he has a daughter seventeen, he did not even know about, but she finds him after the death of her adopted parents. She is also pregnant. One of the options her adopted aunt sets is he and the birth mother must share joint custody of the young teenager.The heroine always hoped to one day meet the daughter she had to give up as a teenager, who wanted to give her child the best life possible. What inspires is a wonderful, heartwarming story of love and second chances.I would recommend this story if you enjoy love, romance and second chances. This book was received for review and details can be found at Grand Central and My Book Addiction and More. ( )
  tarenn | May 17, 2010 |
Families come in all shapes and sizes as is evident in Robin Wells' novel Still the One. It does not take long for word to travel around small town Chartreuse, Louisiana, that Katie Charmaine not only has a pregnant 17-year-old daughter, but the wealthy and handsome man who bought Ashton house is the father. After Gracie's adoptive parents were killed in an automobile accident she was sent to live with her aunt where she discovered the identities of her birth parents. After Googling their names she discovered her birth father was quite wealthy and sought him out in hopes of obtaining money and having him help be declared an emancipated minor. However, things did not go quite as Gracie had planned; her Aunt will only agree to relinquish guardianship as long as Katie and Zack share custody of Gracie. The news shocks the small town, Katie's life and the lives of those she loves. Wells weaves together a beautiful southern novel in a charming town filled with friends, gossip, and a fair share of advice. It has been over two years since Katie's husband Paul died in Iraq, yet she has not moved on, longing for her husband and the children they never had. Now she finds herself caring for the baby she lovingly gave up and worrying about her future and the future of her grandchild as well as how Zack fits into her life. Still the One tackles some difficult family and life issues in an emotionally packed novel as Wells weaves the various storylines together beautifully and lovingly. Still the One is a beautiful story of true love and one I heartily recommend. ( )
  knittingmomof3 | May 14, 2010 |
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Recent widow Katie Charmaine finds her life changed forever by the arrival of her first love, Zack Ferguson, and their daughter, whom she gave up for adoption nearly seventeen years ago, and who is pregnant and needs their help.

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