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I recently read this book, ANYA, and felt motivated to review it. It's by this guy from Michigan, Dennis K. Hausker. He's had quite the life – served in Vietnam, worked with insurance, and now he's writing novels and doing financial consulting. Talk about a career change!
So, ANYA is his fourth book, and it's a romance. But don't roll your eyes just yet; it's not your typical mushy love story. Hausker's got this way of writing that makes you feel like you're right there with the characters. He's even said he wants to draw in more female readers by creating strong women in his stories. Well, he's nailed it with this one.
The story's about a Russian girl, Anya, who comes to the U.S. for college. She speaks English just fine, but her accent sticks out, and some jerks decide to pick on her for it. Then she meets this rich guy, Peter, who's totally into her. They hit it off, but it's not all smooth sailing. There's drama on campus, other people trying to get in the way, and Anya's mom is sick back in Russia.
What's cool about this book is that it's not just about love. It's about life, ups and downs, good times turning bad, and bad times turning good. Hausker doesn't just tell a story; he makes you think.
I couldn't put the book down. Seriously, I was up way past my bedtime reading it. Hausker's growing as an author, and I'm here for it. If you're looking for something different in the romance department or just a good read, check out ANYA. It's not just another love story; it's something more. Give it a shot, you might be surprised.
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Grantedbooks | 5 weitere Rezensionen | Aug 8, 2023 |
Anya and Peter meet as sophomores in college and Peter is immediately taken with her. She is Russian, he is American. Peter, who is from a wealthy family, offers to buy her new clothes, and to fund her phone calls home to Russia, where her mother is suffering from cancer. Anya isn't sure about Peter's intentions. However, Peter gets his parents involved, traveling to Russia to bring her mother to the US for treatment and to live.
The story follows them through the next several years as they manage their relationship. I would have liked to have more of setting details and less back and forth dialog. I was also shocked at how quickly their relationship progressed and the choices Anya made, with Peter's agreement. Reflecting upon my college experience, this would not have happened.… (mehr)
rmarcin | 5 weitere Rezensionen | Jun 13, 2023 |
Michigan author Dennis K. Hausker earned his degree from Michigan State University, served in the military - a Vietnam War veteran - and worked as a medical specialist for an insurance company. Now retired, he is a financial consultant and an author. With ANYA, his fourth novel, he offers a romance, presented with a fluid writing style that creates credible characters. As Hausker has stated, ‘I continue striving to draw more female readers with strong female characters. Mystery, danger, fear of the unknown, tragedy, failure, and success, total shifts of the paradigm, events shaping people, as opposed to the other way around. Good turning into bad, and bad turning into good.’ He underscores that statement with the theme of this excellent romance novel, creating not only a solid primary figure in Anya, but also supporting his story with strong characters such as Peter, the result being a memorable tale.

The plot follows - ‘Anya is the story of a young woman from Russia who comes to the United States for college. Despite her fluency in English, her accent makes her a target for bullies. As she struggles to adjust to life in a new country, she meets Peter, a wealthy student who takes an immediate interest in her. Despite the challenges of navigating a new campus and dealing with romantic competition, Peter remains devoted to Anya, even going so far as to help her cancer-stricken mother in Russia. As their relationship develops, Anya must navigate her own conflicting emotions and desires.’ Once started, this is a book that is difficult to put down. Hausker continues to grow as a significant author to watch. Highly recommended.
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Philpott | 5 weitere Rezensionen | May 30, 2023 |
Anya by Dennis K. Hausker is a tender exploration of love, resilience, and the complexity of cultural assimilation. As a modern romance novel, it tells the story of Anya, a young woman from Russia, who ventures to the United States for college. Hausker crafts Anya's journey with a nuanced understanding of what it means to adjust to life in a foreign country, navigating both the excitement of new experiences and the challenges that come with being an outsider.
The protagonist, Anya, is a richly drawn character, whose fluency in English does not shield her from the bullying incited by her accent. Despite the struggle to fit in, she remains resilient, and the author masterfully captures the internal strength that allows her to face these challenges.
The character of Peter, a wealthy student who takes an immediate interest in Anya, is a central figure in this narrative. His unwavering devotion to Anya, even amidst the trials of navigating a new campus and dealing with romantic competition, lends a depth to his character that is compelling. His altruism shines through, particularly when he extends help to Anya's cancer-stricken mother in Russia.
Hausker shines in his portrayal of the budding relationship between Anya and Peter, conveying their connection with an authenticity that is both heartwarming and heartrending. Their relationship's evolution, as Anya grapples with her own conflicting emotions and desires, culminates in a dramatic conclusion that will leave readers invested in their fate.
However, while the story is compelling and the characters are well-developed, Anya does not reach the pinnacle of literary achievement. The narrative, while engaging, can feel predictable at times, and certain elements of the plot could benefit from additional depth and complexity.
That being said, Anya is a worthwhile read for those seeking a story that blends romance with a profound exploration of personal growth and cultural transition. It is a testament to Hausker's talent as a writer that he can craft a story that is as relatable as it is emotionally resonant. While not the best book of the year, Anya leaves a lasting impression that is sure to resonate with readers.
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MerrinBoy | 5 weitere Rezensionen | May 30, 2023 |


½ 4.5