Harry W. Pfanz (1921–2015)

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Harry W. Pfanz is author of Gettysburg -- The First Day and Gettysburg -- The Second Day. A lieutenant, field artillery, during World War II, he served for ten years as a historian at Gettysburg National Military Park and retired from the position of Chief Historian of the National Park Service in mehr anzeigen 1981 weniger anzeigen

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Bildnachweis: Gettysburg National Military Park

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MHQ: The Quarterly Journal of Military History — Spring 2008 (2008) — Author "Ask MHQ" — 8 Exemplare



Rechtmäßiger Name
Pfanz, Harry Willcox
Bexley, Ohio, USA
Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA
Ohio State University (1943)



I have read Harry Pfanz' book "Gettysburg: The First Day" and loved it, so was wondering how he would do on "Day 2" of Gettysburg. Well, "Gettysburg: The Second Day" is an even better book. I said on his "Gettysburg: The First Day" that it was the definitive book on that days battle, and this book is undoubtedly the definitive book on Day 2 of Gettysburg. Pfanz is unbiased (unlike many Civil War historians) on his assessments of the various military leaders and their actions. He makes every chapter interesting and makes it easy to follow the actions he describes. It is another long book (about 600 pages) and wonderfully detailed, but it does not seem overwhelming at all. I almost didn't want the book to end. And again it has great maps (as I've said, that can make or break a book). Pfanz wrote one more book about Gettysburg ("Culp's Hill & Cemetery Hill") before he passed away, and I will certainly read that soon. Another must for those interested in Civil War history.… (mehr)
CRChapin | 2 weitere Rezensionen | Jul 8, 2023 |
An excellent study of the first day of the three-day battle of Gettysburg. This book has probably become the definitive study of the first day's actions. Pfanz gives different interpretations of the cavalry action at the beginning of the day as well as the retreat of the 11th Corps later in the day, and makes his opinions very plausible. He narrative is easy to follow and exciting to read. Included are some excellent maps, which to me can make or break a book. Highly recommended!
CRChapin | 3 weitere Rezensionen | Jul 8, 2023 |
Nobody tells the story of Gettysburg better than Pfanz. Lots of good maps help outline a story told clearly, if a bit woodenly. I have reread Pfanz on this battle several times.
wbmccune | 2 weitere Rezensionen | Aug 1, 2017 |
In Gettysburg: Culp's Hill and Cemetery Hill historian Harry W. Pfanz discusses in detail a part of the battle of Gettysburg which gets little attention.

Possibly the most important area of fighting on July 2nd and 3rd, Cemetery Hill and Culp's Hill are little known to the average person. There was no dramatic charge or movie worthy desperation on the defenders part. Yet, the fighting was critical in holding the right on the Union line and Confederate charges cost the Rebels dear. There was also extensive in-town fighting and nighttime fighting, situations not commonly seen in Civil War battles.

This title was a library discard for me, so I wasn't able to read Pfanz's other accounts of the battle. I thought this portion of the series was well written and relatively easy to follow along with. As with most battlefield accounts, I wish there were more maps and I did find some of the writing a little disjointed. The photos and personal stories of soldiers who participated in these battles were great though. The little vignettes really made some of the men come alive and helped me to better understand some of their decision making.

Overall, I recommend this title to those who have a strong interest in the battle of Gettysburg and want to know a little more about events not commonly talked about.
… (mehr)
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greeneyed_ives | 2 weitere Rezensionen | Oct 11, 2014 |


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