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Zufällige Bücher aus der Bibliothek von cdavidwilburn:

Foucault's Pendulum: Fall '95 von Umberto Eco

Burr: A Novel von Gore Vidal

1876: A Novel von Gore Vidal

Primary Colors: A Novel of Politics von Anonymous

Creative Time Management for the New Millennium

The Last Hayride von John Maginnis

American government: Freedom and power von Theodore J Lowi

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Über michHappy
Mardi Gras!

fellow book lovers.
Welcome to my library. in my former life I worked in publishing but it seams I
have always been surrounded by books.. I have had a life long passion for books
and the written word.
My areas of interest; Politics, Labor, GLBT issues,

Political Campaign Management
, Louisiana, New York City, Photography & Fine
Art, Episcopal/Faith, Beat Writers, Gay Fiction, Erotica, Vintage Male
Photography, Humor and much more.

Field Organizer ~ Democratic Party
Turning Louisiana Blue Again!


Is a Virgo

Wants to join a union

Open to new ideas

Was born in 1972
Spoken For

Loves Ethnic Food

Loves a guy named Pooky

Is often referred to as Tiger by aforementioned
Mixed Ancestry and is proud to be every thing

Thinks the Internet should be free and wild as the

Lives in Southwest Louisiana, Works in Baton Rouge,
LA and spends free time in NYC

Counts Mary Harris "Mother" Jones as a Hero

Drives a beat up old suburban


likes to workout
Collects Political Campaign Memorabilia
May be into Labels?

Über meine BibliothekMy collection is all over the map.
In High School I found a copy of Young's The Male Homosexual in Literature at the local university library. My world opened up and I received quite an education. I still search for many of those books today. I have always felt that I was given the gift of appreciation, and for the most part it makes up for the lack of creative talent in my repertoire.
So my library is the collection of one who admires and loves great works. It is not the collection I would have built had I known I was collecting.

My professional books are primarily works about campaign management. I rarely have interest in works of pure policy.
I know that makes me sound less than bright. But one rarely needs the Art of War on the battle field. I know the issues because every day I meet many hard working middle class families headed for economic disaster. I use hope and hard work as my tools and leave policy to those with more delicate hands.
Please feel free to suggest books. And share your likes and dislikes. I am here for social reasons, anyone can database books on access. I want this to be an excuse to grow and get to know others.

GruppenBanned Books, Gay Men, genderqueer, Progressive & Liberal!, Reading in Red Stick, SlashThing


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Bürgerlicher NameC. David Wilburn


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Mitglied seitJan 31, 2007

Lese geradeFull-Body Flexibility von Jay Blahnik

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