Can anyone help me?

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Can anyone help me?

Bearbeitet: Apr. 17, 7:56am

I am an author who has come back to Library Thing after many years of absence and am very confused! I have a novel coming out in a month, The Wife Who Wasn't, and LT isn't allowing me to upload the book cover or import it from Amazon. Moreover, it included the wrong ISBN and it didn't allow me to change it. Can anyone help me? I mean, help by uploading all the data of my upcoming novel?

Apr. 16, 7:01pm

Wow. Just wow.

There's a contact button at the bottom of the page.

Apr. 16, 7:06pm

I can probably help you. :)

First, I recommend getting rid of the book you added, I assume from Amazon. It sounds like it has issues.

Then go to the add books page, and down at the bottom on the left, under Other Options, click on Add Manually

This will get you to a nice long form which you can fill out making sure that all the information about your book is absolutely correct. This guarentees that at least one correct copy of your book will exist on LibraryThing. Then, once you've filled out all the information correctly and saved your book, go to the change cover page and try uploading your cover. The odds are pretty good that it will work correctly this time.

...I didn't seem to have any issues adding your book to my Library, BTW, although I don't know what the ISBN is supposed to be. (And I'm afraid I've deleted it already, because I don't own it and haven't read it, so there's nowhere to put it.)
But if the ISBN was added incorrectly the problem is most certainly with the Amazon data, and not with LibraryThing.

Apr. 17, 8:00am

>3 LShelby: Thank you so much for answering! Meanwhile, I received other answers from other people, and I was told that LT uses ISBN-10 rather than 13.

Apr. 17, 8:02am

>2 Marissa_Doyle: Thanks. Someone else informed me too about this. I wasn't aware. if one doesn't know, it's hard to figure it out.

Apr. 18, 10:44pm

>4 Ifland:
All the books I have written have ISBN-13. This has never caused any problems. Are you sure you didn't get that backwards? All ISBN-10 must be recast as ISBN-13 before being saved by the system? (Because that can be done by mathematical process).