Authors, what are you working on? (Part II)

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Authors, what are you working on? (Part II)

Apr. 23, 5:57pm

Apparently it is time to start a new thread for this discussion. :) The link at the top takes you back to the previous thread.

I'm responding to
LeonStevens, in message 153 :
"I'm a slow writer or I write in sprints. I'm creeping up to 30000 words."

My instinct is to sprint, but I've discovered it isn't actually all that good for my overall production. :(

I have apparently reached 157 000 words on the current WIP, but I started it a couple years back. I'm nowhere near 30K for this year yet.

But I made my writing goal for the week, so I'm happy. :)

Apr. 23, 6:38pm

I've found that I can do sprints when I translate, but *not* when I'm writing my own stuff.

The problem with sprints is that they can break my flow. If I'm particularly inspired, I have to keep writing no matter what. So usually what works best for me is to do a full chapter/scene in one sitting. This might take me 20 minutes like it might take me 45 minutes, depending on length. But since I can't guess this in advance, I don't do a sprint.

I type pretty fast though. I usually can do 6 to 7000 words a day, though more than half of those are on translations, so I suppose those don't fully count ;)

Apr. 24, 6:40pm

I recently started to just write the dialogue, when I feel blocked, and then go back to fill in the other parts.

>2 slarken: "I type pretty fast though. I usually can do 6 to 7000 words a day..."

Yeah. I can do 6 too. 😉

Bearbeitet: Apr. 30, 3:52pm

>3 LeonStevens: "Yeah. I can do 6 too."

Not me. I definitely have days where six words is six words more than I am up for. At least, I can write the six words, but when I come back later, I will invariably decide that they are the wrong six words and delete them.

But I made my writing goal for the week again, so hurray for that!

... Too bad I got absolutely nothing else done all week. No art, no music, no blog, and no coding. :(

Mai 1, 8:24pm

I finished the 30 poems in 30 days (plus 1 for my mom's birthday). I tried to commit to getting up, reading the prompt, then getting it written and posted within an hour. The longest it took was about 3, so that's good. I thought that it may make my poems sub-par, but when I looked back at them there were none that I was unhappy with.

Now back to the novel.

They are all here:

Bearbeitet: Mai 5, 10:17pm

>5 LeonStevens:
Congrats! I bet your mom was happy!

That was a delightful read.

... And apropos of not very much, like your Dad I can also recite "The Cremation of Sam McGee." I memorized it as a jr. high-school student, and when my English teacher found out I had done so she had me recite it not only to my own class but the other class in the same grade.

My next challenge to myself was to memorize Rudyard Kipling's "The Ballad of Boh Da Thone" but that one hasn't stuck quite as well, and I can only do bits and pieces of it now.

...No English teacher has ever evidenced any desire to have me recite that one in class. Why not? A story about somone sending someone else a severed head COD isn't suitable for school?

Mai 3, 6:28pm

>6 LShelby: "Congrats! I bet your mom was happy!" - Yeah. when she called me I could tell she was teary.

"...isn't suitable for school?" - Oh, there are so many things that use to be...

Glad you enjoyed the poems. I'm going to put them into a ebook.

Thanks for the random emails!

Bearbeitet: Mai 4, 3:58pm

A story inspired by alice in wonderland, and try to type up all my poetry. the world building is what is the hard part as i have to build multiple.

Mai 9, 9:19pm

>8 vegetarianveggie: Worldbuilding is always one of my favorite parts, but yes it can be work intensive.

I coded a basic version of a new game. (At least, I've only tested it in a couple browsers, but it works in both of those.)

I also made my writing goal for the week. :)

Mai 12, 2:25pm

I've been reading books and writing reviews. I have a talk to give in June (by telepresence) on fiction and occultism, so I'm writing that also.

My "front burner" book projects are pretty much at a standstill.

Mai 12, 10:11pm

>10 paradoxosalpha:

Sometimes more time sensitive projects have to take priority.

...I don't really have that excuse -- it's just that I started the other project when I did have a reason, and now that I don't really have a reason anymore, there's this thing called momentum. I just started 'Episode 12' (out of 16). According to my theory that I will eventually write it up as four books, I am almost done the third book. But, the four books are all really the same story, so when I get to the end of this segment, I'm going to be three quarters of the way through the story.

It's going to be really hard for me to convince myself to stop there. I might just have to complete the entire thing before I can get back to my own "front burner" projects.

Mai 12, 10:38pm

The early months of the pandemic gave me some focus I'm really missing now for book production. Not that I'd rather have that back for the price.

Jun. 23, 1:44pm

I don't think I'll manage to do much catching up here today, but I wanted to at least post something.

Today for the first time in far too long I wrote a normal-for-me amount of words, instead of probably far too many words, or no words at all. (We were just discussing how sprinting isn't always good for me, weren't we? It leaves me exhausted and drained for a couple days, and makes it hard for me to get anything else done.)

The problem is that by the time I had got recovered enough to write anything much, I had dragged myself into the story's "end game". It's normal for my daily word counts to go up at this point in a story. But it doesn't combine very well with me trying to put my affairs back together after a crash. :(

Also normal, but unfortunate timing-wise, is that the intricacies of bringing all the plot threads together in a satisfying way keeps taking over my brain even when I am supposed to be thinking about other things... my daughter getting married in less than two months. Eep!

But at least I'm having fun: My second female lead just got captured by pirates, and the second male lead is in the process of being sold to the enemy, meanwhile my hero and heroine are both about to get engaged to the wrong people, (as part of the hero's final gambit to bring down the evil mastermind -- but my poor heroine doesn't know that!) >:)

Also: my wordcount just passed 200 000 words.
That's a first.

Jun. 24, 4:19pm

>13 LShelby: "My second female lead just got captured by pirates, and the second male lead is in the process of being sold to the enemy, meanwhile my hero and heroine are both about to get engaged to the wrong people, (as part of the hero's final gambit to bring down the evil mastermind -- but my poor heroine doesn't know that!)

Gee, spoiler alert...

I decided to give Wattpad a second chance and I uploaded my NaPoWriMo collection, 30 Poems/30 Days there, as well as on Inkitt. I will probably turn that into another reader magnet.

I finally broke the 30k word barrier on my novel. I'm at the point where I'm filling in more details and descriptions.

Jun. 25, 11:27am

>14 LeonStevens: "Gee, spoiler alert..."

At my current rate of publication, nobody will be seeing this particular story for almost a decade. I figure by that time, they will have forgotten any details I have posted here. But I can try to be more careful if people want.

"I decided to give Wattpad a second chance"
I'm interested in knowing how that goes.

"I finally broke the 30k word barrier on my novel."

My writing mentor said that usually when writers have trouble getting beyond the first 30K words its because that's where they run out of their initial situation and have to start knowing how to plot. One of my daughters had this difficulty. But one of my other daughters apparently can't get past it, because her stories just don't have enough details in them, so they read more like... traditional fairy-tales? (I say apparently, because that particular daughter is too self-conscious to let me read her work.)

Jun. 26, 2:03pm

>15 LShelby: Since when I read, I tend to skim over parts that are too detailed, or lack relevance to the story (yeah, sometimes I have to go back), which probably makes me write the same way. I don't want to add words for the sake of words, which tends to limit my writing to short stories.

As for Wattpad (and Inkitt, and Medium...), unless you are constantly promoting your works on social media, I think it is difficult to get a lot of readers there, but it may be a way to get new readers, or they might just stick around for your free stuff.