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James Bailey

Jan. 31, 6:36am

One of the 18 (or more) James Baileys whose works are catalogued on Library Thing saved the previously divided author page as a single person: https://www.librarything.com/author/baileyjames

This looks like a case where an author new to LT was trying to change "their" author page and didn't realize they were undoing a lot of other people's work.

I can go through and reassign the works according to the history and the disambiguation notice, but the drop-down list apparently only goes up to 14? How do I get additional divisions? And is there an easier way to reverse the changes?

Feb. 1, 9:54am

I just re-split the page based on the disambiguation notice plus what i could see of the truncated division history. I don't know of any easier way to do it.
I also bumped into the same problem of the drop-down list ending at 14. Weird.

Bearbeitet: Feb. 1, 9:58am

Now that there are several saved, the dropdown goes to 24. So I got a few more.

Bearbeitet: Feb. 1, 9:59am

Weirder. Now that it's split, the drop down list goes up to 24. So I've done the remaining assignments shown in the history. But there are still some unassigned.

Feb. 1, 10:01am

>4 lilithcat: I think that's normal. It only goes to the higher numbers when they are needed. It now goes to 29. So if you save every few changes you should keep having free numbers.

Feb. 1, 10:10am

The division history makes it look like MarthaJeanne and i were engaged in an editing war but i think we were simultaneously dividing and just sort of tripped over each other :)

Bearbeitet: Feb. 1, 10:12am

I think so. Only one more I think. I'll leave it to you. (Dropdown now goes to 44.)

Feb. 1, 10:43am

Thank you all for the collaborative effort!