Checkmarks missing for some books on author and tag pages, etc

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Checkmarks missing for some books on author and tag pages, etc

Bearbeitet: Jun. 30, 12:27pm

I did a big re-work of Collections over that past week. Usually I see the checkmarks immediately for my books, for example on the tag page or the author page.

Two examples:
I have all three of these book shelved but only the top one has a checkmark:

I have THE YELLOW WALLPAPER shelved but no checkmark on the author page or the tag page:
screengrab of author page:

screengrab of TAG page:

There are more and I can't find anything consistent like, all the books in "this collection or that" are missing checkmarks.

I searched but couldn't find the exact scenario in past topics.
Any advice? Will it resolve itself? Or maybe you have a link to a topic that I didn't see.

ETA: switched to images vs. links

Bearbeitet: Jun. 25, 8:39am

I removed apostrophes and commas from collection titles. will see if that changes anything eventually. (I didn't make any instant changes)

Jun. 25, 9:27am

Thanks for the report! Here's what I'm finding for your examples:

Isabel Lee
I'm actually only finding one book in your library by this author. Have you cataloged the other two, what titles are they?

Yellow Wallpaper
You're one of the members who has the "Private" Collection showing under the Collections drop-down menu, and this book is in that Collection (as well as another one). I'm not sure if this is anything related, just noting.

I'll keep digging on this one, if you have other examples that should help. Thanks.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 30, 11:47am

Thanks for a response.

They are in my library and they have been since Jan & March 2021:
"YOUR BOOK INFO" is showing and my userid is there.

Clarkesworld Magazine, #168 September 2020
Clarkesworld Magazine, #174 March 2021

(FYI: I just added her to OTHER AUTHORS in MY information section. She was already listed as a contributor in Common Knowledge. No instant change, no checkmarks for me on those books on her author page still. I don't usually add a contributors name until I actually read their story but I do make sure they are listed in Common Knowledge so it should still show a checkmark next to her books.) ETA: I have removed her name from my book info now. 6/26

Interesting catch that THEY YELLOW WALLPAPER is in the Private collection. That is something that is happening without anything being done by me.
I do often fuss with my catalog including changing the collection recently but haven't marked any individual book as private. I did change my whole profile as private temporarily which has been changed back to public now.

I can't hunt for more examples right now. I did first notice it when one book of a 3 book series didn't have a checkmark. So I deleted the entry and re-added and the checkmark came back. This book If I have hunting time later, I will provide more examples.

Jun. 25, 1:18pm

Okay, thanks for this. I'll keep digging.

Note to self: Isabel Lee is listed as a secondary author on the Clarkesworld Magazines. Not sure if this is anything related (it should still be showing the checkmark/s next to those works).

Bearbeitet: Jun. 25, 8:18pm

I have two books shelved by Joan Aiken but zero checkmarks on her page:
shelved 1: (ebook)
shelved 2: (ebook)

her page:

I have this book shelved but no checkmarks on her page: (paperbook)
her page:

I have this book shelved but no checkmarks on his page: (paperbook)
his page:

I have this book shelved but not checkmarks on her page: (cassette)
her page:

(I'll edit this message with more as I come across them.)

Perhaps that enough for more examples, I'm confident I could find more if needed.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 25, 9:06pm

I found a fix.

I recently made a collection named 'Read But Didn't Keep'. I read someone say sometimes the apostrophe causes problems in regards to another issue. So I changed the name to 'Did Not' but the checkmarks still didn't show (msg 2). Just now though, I copied everything to a *new* Collection titled 'Read But Didnt Keep' and like magic the checkmarks appeared.

I had a second collection that was created with an apostrophe also. I made a fresh collection without an apostrophe and moved all the books to that new collection and all looks good with those books also.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 25, 8:31pm

see msg 7 - changed to closed

Bearbeitet: Jun. 26, 10:13am

This shouldn't be closed. Even if the problem is resolved for you there's still a bug here that needs to be fixed.


Jun. 26, 10:23am


Bearbeitet: Jun. 28, 11:26am

1. Made a "Curly Quote’s Collection" and added a book to it. Checkmark showed next to the work on the author page.
2. Made an "Apostrophe's Collection" and added a book to it. Checkmark showed next to the work on the author page.
3. Made Isabel Lee a primary author for (Clarkesworld #174) and checkmark now shows up for Seayla2020. Keeping #168 as-is for testing/fixing purposes.

Without other live examples this will be tricky to test.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 28, 3:22pm

Hi kristilabrie, I see your comment msg 11 / #3

I believe the checkmarks show for all my books now so making her primary didn't adjust anything.

I can't say what was funky. I hypothesized it was the apostrophes but I was doing lots of Collection work and maybe I caused something to go glitchy. Creating new Collections and moving the books to those resolved my issue.

Thank-you for testing. Sorry I didn't save you any examples. I was done proving it and happy that it's resolved.

Jun. 29, 10:01am

Okay. In my testing, #168 still wasn't showing up with a checkmark on Isabel Lee's author page, but it is now. Not sure what changed between my testing and now (unless you made further Collections edits, or perhaps certain changed needed more time to process?).

I'm keeping this open since it wasn't really resolved fully on our end, but deferring it until we have live examples.

Thanks for your help, Seayla2020!

Bearbeitet: Jun. 30, 11:22am

This book:

proof no checkmark:
proof it's shelved by me:

Jun. 30, 9:55am

Okay, hmm. I'm going to try reindexing your catalog just to see if that does anything.

Can you check again in the next hour or two? If that doesn't do anything, I'm going to try recalculating the users on the page, and then go from there. Thanks for your help with this trial-and-error.

Jun. 30, 10:34am


Did you know that LT can host images, so you can either (a) include the images directly in posts or (b) provide an on-site link rather than a somewhat sketchy looking offsite one?

Like this:

I've included the image here using HTML, but if you don't want to do that you can also just drop the link like this:

Bearbeitet: Jun. 30, 11:08am

Hi Lorax, I know lots of people aren't familiar with gyazo but it is super convenient, easy to use and has been around for awhile. I recommend especially for casual non-archival activities.

Since I've gotten so used to gyazo for quick & "don't care to save/host" images that I haven't kept up with more well known methods. I understand I could upload a picture to my LT profile and link to it but where is the image you are showing saved/hosted? "I've included the image here using HTML" ETA: nevermind you gave me the answer in the post, it's on LT. (duh LOL)

I'll switch to image for those links so people don't have to click on things they feel are sketchy

Bearbeitet: Jun. 30, 11:06am

I've just now seen this when adding Uncanny Magazine Issue 41 to my collection (touchstone isn't showing up for this) and then to the Uncanny Magazine series.

It is the same work, as when I click on the unchecked item it sends me to the work I've shown a picture of.

My exact title and author information is different, even though I believe that my import of this from Amazon data was the first addition of this work. I use specific formatting for titles in my personal collection, and for periodicals like this I change the primary author name to the magazine name, and list all editors and contributors as other authors.

I would expect a grey checkmark as it's not in my Your Library collection, which I use for my physical collection. As seen in the first screenshot, the previously-added other issues have the appropriate checkmark.

Jun. 30, 11:09am

>17 Seayla2020: You can go to your profile, then in the top right "Member Gallery", add a picture, and put it in your "Junk Drawer". Then view the picture, and right click to get the URL. Use an HTML image tag like:

<img src="">
and there it is.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 30, 11:12am

hi kat, i'm glad I'm not alone, though of course sorry others are experiencing this.
I appreciate the additional info regarding junk drawer and the html coding, etc...
gyazo is pretty darn quick but I'll think about changing my ways.

Jun. 30, 11:26am

>20 Seayla2020: You can also continue to store your images in gyazo but show them directly in your messages here using the html in >19 hypatian_kat:, so no one has to click on a link at all and you can continue to use gyazo.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 30, 11:49am

thanks norabelle, gyazo provides links so i had switched msg 14/17 to images for you all ETA: I switched all my above links to images.

And okay, yeah, I could use that method until I commit to another method.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 30, 11:50am

>15 kristilabrie: 11:50 EST no change, it is exactly as it was in msg 14

Jun. 30, 12:09pm

I didn't suggest norabelle414's option because, not being familiar with gyazo, I didn't know what their policy on hotlinking was.

Jun. 30, 12:16pm

>24 lorax: Oh yeah I get that. How could you? I should of posted the images all along. I don't know what I was thinking.

Jun. 30, 3:50pm

>18 hypatian_kat: Thanks for the report! Verified, and making a couple notes for myself to continue investigating this.

- data source: books
- added 6/26/2021
- in 1 non-default Collection, "E-books"

Jun. 30, 11:14pm

It looks like someone else must have done a "Recalculate title/author" on the magazine I mentioned, since it's now got my values for those things in the work, and they're displayed in the series as well. (I try to avoid doing that somewhat to avoid spreading my formatting to everyone else.)

(Despite that, it's still not showing the checkmark for me!)

Bearbeitet: Jul. 2, 8:58am

adding an example
this book:
this author:

No checkmark:

Proof I have it shelved:

Bearbeitet: Jul. 11, 8:16am

adding an example
this book:
this author:

no checkmark:

proof I have it shelved:

Bearbeitet: Jul. 11, 8:15am

adding an example
on the series page it doesn't look like I have A LION, THE WITCH AND THE WARDOBE shelved but I do.

The Series page:

My shelving:

Bearbeitet: Jul. 10, 11:29am

And now, the checkmark for THE MAGICIAN'S NEPHEW disappeared


Bearbeitet: Jul. 14, 10:30am

All three of these "purple ones" are shelved. I'm getting itchy to create a new Collection without the ampersand and move my books to it in hopes that it will "fix it". I know that will cause us to lose evidence so I will try to hold out longer. Maybe until at least there is some staff acknowledgement of these new examples.


ETA: Okay I waited for at least 72 hours since my last report and now I'm going to create new collections and move books to them, deleting the old. My current hypothesis is, any books that passed through or was/is in a collection with a symbol vs. all letters, has a high chance of doing this behavior (at least for me). Almost every book I add gets added to "Inbox & Currently Reading" and they are showing this issue even when I move them out of that Collection. It could be that I'm only noticing on these because it's my most used collection so my hypothesis could be completely wrong. Regardless, I won't be reporting any more examples.

ETA2: all my examples above show checkmarks now. I remade every one of my collections without symbols moved the books to them. *fingers crossed*

Bearbeitet: Jul. 17, 1:26pm

I've edited my last message with some comments including being suspicious of non letters in COLLECTIONS titles causing the issue. And hypatian_kat offered an example of when this "bug" also happened to her (msg 18). If you notice the book is in a collection of hers that has a hyphen. So I think non-letters in a COLLECTION title is a solid lead.

>18 hypatian_kat:

ETA: July 17, 2021 Still happening even with my work above. ugh!