Needs work I think: Mary Rosenblum & Mary Freeman = same person


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Needs work I think: Mary Rosenblum & Mary Freeman = same person

Bearbeitet: Jun. 29, 4:13pm

Mary Freeman (1) -
Mary Rosenblum -


The books that were originally published under Freeman have been published under Rosenblum also
examples: (see the cover) (see the cover)

Do the authors get combined? I at least disambiguated Mary Freeman and combined the books but I believe she needs more attention.

ETA: And where is this an acceptable spot to post such things? If no, where is best practice?
ETA2: Combining the books is accurate? Should they have both names on them especially if the profiles don't get combined?

Jun. 29, 4:13pm

Do not combine Mary Freeman and Mary Rosenblum, as there are multiple authors named Mary Freeman. I have separated them now.

You can alias Mary Freeman (1) to the Mary Rosenblum page, if, and ONLY if, there are no other authors named Mary Rosenblum.

Bearbeitet: Jun. 29, 4:26pm

Hi lilithcat.

I don't think I combined them. I did experiment but undid my experiments. Or do you think you undid it in the middle of me experimenting on them? Is that possible? Like while I'm working and learning someone can see that and get in on it? And I think I undid it but they/you actually did? (Maybe bookmark it and see if I mess it up in a bit instead of while actively being worked on because it became obvious that it shouldn't be done to me and thought *I* fixed it and kept working. I wasn't going to leave it wrong as evidenced by me reaching out in this thread.)

Please educate me about the books, should they have both names especially the ones that can be proven to have been published under both names? It is proper to combine them?

Jun. 29, 4:32pm

Oh, yes, it's absolutely possible that that happened!

As far as the books published under both names, in your own catalog, I would use whichever name your copy was published under. If you find that, because of the way people have entered their copies, the book shows under both Freeman and Rosenblum, you can combine the works using the "workbench" (see info about that here: Or, if you have aliased Freeman to Rosenblum, you could combine them from the Rosenblum author page.

Jun. 29, 4:35pm

Okay thanks for the reply.

I'll put it on my to do list to determine if she is the only Mary Rosenblum. I appreciate the information! :D