Found: YA Shifter Fated Mate

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Found: YA Shifter Fated Mate

Mai 25, 2023, 10:04 am

Fiction, sequel in series. Each book in series can be standalone with HEA, each book focuses on one member of a shifter family finding his/her fated mate.
Specific book in series I am looking for involves a male shifter that is both bear and wolf, both animals constantly warring inside him. He wants nothing more than to find his fated/true mate and in previous book about his older brother makes statements about wishing he could find his true mate and doesn't understand why brother is pushing hard against idea. In this book, he finds out his true mate is a human woman which terrifies him thinking that a human isn't strong enough to handle his two shifter personalities.
The woman is running from a man who attacked her (another shifter who tried to claim her as him mate) - I think she has a physical scar from the attack. As she is running away, her car breaks down in a small forest town of shifters. She meets a woman (the bear/wolf shifter's mom?) who gives her a job cleaning (and cooking?) for the bear/wolf shifter. At first the bear/wolf shifter does everything he can to stay away, afraid of hurting the woman because she is human and his animals' instinct to mate her is strong. Eventually they fall in love and mate. Since the woman survives the mating, it's discovered she has witch/magic in her ancestry. Eventually the bear/wolf shifter has to protect her from the other shifter that comes to find her and take her back.
Read within the last 5 years.
Has explicit sex scenes.

similar to Julie Trettel's Westin Pack or Leia Stone's Matefinder

Bearbeitet: Mai 25, 2023, 5:02 pm

It sounds like one of Kristina weaver’s Greyriver Pack series. There is a character who is half bear, half wolf, and there is a heroine who breaks down in the woods and he resists mating her even though she’s his fated. I want to say it’s the book about Banner. Kristina Weaver Greyriver shifters

Mai 29, 2023, 6:06 pm

Yes, that's it! Thank you!!!