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Mary Higgins Clark was born in the Bronx, New York on December 24, 1927. After graduating from high school and before she got married, she worked as a secretary, a copy editor, and an airline stewardess. She supplemented the family's income by writing short stories. After her husband died in 1964, leaving her with five children, she worked for many years writing four-minute radio scripts before turning to novels. Her debut novel, Aspire to the Heavens, which is a fictionalized account of the life of George Washington, did not sell well. She decided to focus on writing mystery/suspense novels and in 1975 Where Are the Children? was published. She received a B.A. in philosophy from Fordham University in 1979. Her other works include While My Pretty One Sleeps, Let Me Call You Sweetheart, Moonlight Becomes You, Pretend You Don't See Her, No Place Like Home, The Lost Years, The Melody Lingers On, As Time Goes By and Kiss the Girls and Make Them Cry. She is the author of the Alvirah and Willy series, which began with Weep No More, My Lady. She is also the co-author, with her daughter Carol Higgins Clark, of several holiday crossover books including Deck the Halls, He Sees You When You're Sleeping, Santa Cruise, The Christmas Thief, and Dashing Through the Snow. She writes the Under Suspicion series with Alafair Burke. In 2001, Kitchen Privileges: A Memoir was published. She received numerous honors including the Grand Prix de Literature of France in 1980), the Horatio Alger Award in 1997, the Gold Medal of Honor from the American-Irish Historical Society, the Spirit of Achievement Award from Albert Einstein College of Medicine of Yeshiva University the first Reader's Digest Author of the Year Award 2002 and the Christopher Life Achievement Award in 2003. Many of her titles have made the best sellers list. Her recent books include All By Myself, Alone, I've Got My Eyes On You, and You Don't Own Me. Bestselling suspense novelist, Mary Higgins Clark died on January 31, 2020 at the age of 92. (Bowker Author Biography) Mary Higgins Clark has written nineteen novels & three short story collections since 1975. She has served as president of the Mystery Writers of America & lives in Saddle River, New Jersey. (Publisher Provided)
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Weil deine Augen ihn nicht sehen 2,671 Exemplare, 51 Rezensionen
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The Plot Thickens [Anthology 11-in-1] 304 Exemplare, 7 Rezensionen
You Don't Own Me 291 Exemplare, 7 Rezensionen
Death Wears a Beauty Mask and Other Stories 270 Exemplare, 5 Rezensionen
Kiss the Girls and Make Them Cry: A Novel 230 Exemplare, 5 Rezensionen
Piece of My Heart 187 Exemplare, 4 Rezensionen
Ghost Ship: A Cape Cod Story 185 Exemplare, 3 Rezensionen
Manhattan Mayhem: New Crime Stories from Mystery Writers of America (Herausgeber; Einführung; Mitwirkender) 156 Exemplare, 30 Rezensionen
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I 11 Exemplare
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Lacey/Alice 7 Exemplare
My Gal Sunday [2014 TV movie] (Autor) 5 Exemplare
Requiem für einen Mörder. CD 3 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
Piece of My Heart 3 Exemplare
The Man Next Door 3 Exemplare
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Wachzeit 1 Exemplar
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It Occurs to Me That I Am America: New Stories and Art (Mitwirkender) 59 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen
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Great American Ghost Stories (Mitwirkender) 34 Exemplare
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Murder Among Friends (Anthology 11-in-1) (Mitwirkender) 26 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
Justice in Manhattan (Anthology 10-in-1) (Mitwirkender) 25 Exemplare
Reader's Digest Condensed Books 1980 v04 (Mitwirkender) 21 Exemplare
Great American Ghost Stories Volume 1 (Anthology 16-in-1) (Mitwirkender) 20 Exemplare, 2 Rezensionen
Eastern Ghosts (Mitwirkender) 20 Exemplare
Murder in the Family (Anthology 12-in-1) (Mitwirkender) 17 Exemplare, 1 Rezension
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The Saturday Evening Post Stories 1962 (Mitwirkender) 3 Exemplare
Livros condensados 3 Exemplare
Hochspannung 3 Exemplare
Livros Condensados 2 Exemplare
A Body Is Found (Anthology 10-in-1) (Mitwirkender) 2 Exemplare

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