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Über michJorie Story is a book blogger, joyful tweeter and a writer whose season of publishing has yet to come. Happily spending her hours seeking out wicked sweet stories conceived with a dedicated passion by their writers: she is a time traveller through the portals which stories can yield seeking her favourite next reads.

Entering her 7th year [2013-2020] as a book blogger she expanded her influence as a social reader by becoming an influencer with Once Upon A Book Club*, LibroFM and the Crime Fiction Subsciption Box. (*a monthly subscription box for Adult & YA readers)

Her first vintage typewriter is a Royal wherein her future collective works will be composed and created. She has a knitty heart for charity and is eclectically geeky by nature. Photography is a medium of art she has developed through self-discipline and exploration of wildlife habitats and natural landscapes.

She is toying with the idea of vocalising her ‘term’ Cosy Horror into an inventive work of story which parlays itself between what is Psychological Suspenseful with an edgy textural element of Horror. Where she wanders outside of this scope of focus is yet unknown.

Supports #EqualityInLit
Advocate for libraries
Advocate for Authors
An Eclectically Geeky Book Blogger

A champion of wordsmiths who evoke a visceral experience in narrative. She writes comprehensive book showcases electing to get into the heart of her reading observations. She dances through genres seeking literary enlightenment and enchantment.

Über meine BibliothekA writer who not only dances through genres as she devours stories but carries the torch forward whilst composing her own narratives and worlds. Not limiting herself to one particular branch of literary shelving, she happily resides inside Science Fiction, High Fantasy, Mystery & Suspense (esp Cosy Historical Mysteries or Rom Suspense), Historical Fiction (esp keen on Biographical HistFic), Nautical Fiction, Poetry and Inspirational Fiction (multi-genres of interest).

You'll notice an uptick of focus on Harlequin Heartwarming and Love Inspired Suspense novelists in my shelves - over the past years, I've become wicked addictive to the stories being penned by these authors and I find it a cuppa joy to soak inside their novels.

She devours YA & MG Lit on a regular basis whilst attempting to stack her reading hours with more Classical works of literature; she's practically an inactive member of The Classics Club as a result! Her select Non-Fiction choices run the gambit of the diverse topics & subjects which catch her eye of interest.

A traditional reader of print books & a listener of audiobooks, as she does not read digitally due to chronic migraines. She does appreciate short chapter samplers or excerpts to aide her search for new authors to read. (*) Note if any ebooks show up in my library I received an (printed) ARC or finished print copy to read and/or review (on my blog). In rare cases I was itching for a print release whilst the book was strictly Digital First.

Ultimate dream: get a cuecat and organise my personal library which I've been curating since I was a young reader hungry for a story that would satisfy my curious imagination for a well-built world enriched by strong characters and a breadth of story.

Gruppen2019 Category Challenge, Combiners!, Crime, Thriller & Mystery, FantasyFans, Historical Fiction, Science Fiction Fans

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LieblingsverlegerBethany House, Eerdmans Books for Young Readers, Harlequin, HighBridge Audio, Kensington Books, Love Inspired, Minotaur Books, Plume, Recorded Books, W.W. Norton, World Weaver Press, Zondervan

LieblingslistenSpeculative Fiction: The Classics, Top 15 Historical Fiction Novels 2016 (so far)


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Cycles of Norse Mythology: Tales of the Æsir Gods von Glenn Searfoss
Selah's Painted Dream (Dream Horse Adventures) (Volume 3) von Susan Count
Selah's Stolen Dream (Dream Horse Adventures) von Susan Count

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