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Kevin Henkes was born in Racine, Wis. in 1960 and graduated from the University of Wisconsin at Madison. One of four children in his family, Henkes grew up with aspirations of being an artist. As a junior in high school, one of Henkes's teachers awakened his interest in writing. Falling in love mehr anzeigen with both writing and drawing, Henkes realized that he could do both at the same time as a children's book author and illustrator. At the age of 19, Henkes went to New York City to get his first book, All Alone, published. Since that time, he has written and illustrated dozens of picture books including Chrysanthemum, Protecting Marie, and A Weekend with Wendell. A recurring character in several of Henkes's books is Lily, an outrageous, yet delightful, individualist. Lily finds herself the center of attention in the books Chester's Way, Julius, the Baby of the World, and Lily's Purple Plastic Purse. A Weekend With Wendell was named Children's Choice Book by the Children's Book Council in 1986. He recieved the Elizabeth Burr Award for Words of Stone in 1993. Owen was named a Caldicott Honor in 1994. The Year of Billy Miller was named a Newbery Honor book in 2014. (Bowker Author Biography) weniger anzeigen


Werke von Kevin Henkes

Chrysanthemum (1991) 8,508 Exemplare
Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse (1996) 6,061 Exemplare
Wemberly Worried (2000) 4,241 Exemplare
Owen (1993) 4,167 Exemplare
Kitten's First Full Moon (2004) — Autor — 3,230 Exemplare
Chester's Way (1988) 3,127 Exemplare
Sheila Rae, the Brave (1987) 3,105 Exemplare
Julius, the Baby of the World (1990) 2,500 Exemplare
Jessica (1989) 1,677 Exemplare
A Weekend with Wendell (1986) 1,432 Exemplare
Penny and Her Marble I Can Read (2013) 1,244 Exemplare
Lilly's Big Day (2006) 1,088 Exemplare
Old Bear (1712) 990 Exemplare
Penny and Her Song (2012) 924 Exemplare
Birds (2009) 897 Exemplare
Waiting (2015) 879 Exemplare
The Year of Billy Miller (2013) 820 Exemplare
A Good Day (2007) 756 Exemplare
My Garden (2010) 613 Exemplare
When Spring Comes (2016) 591 Exemplare
Bailey Goes Camping (1985) 548 Exemplare
Bird Lake Moon (2008) 539 Exemplare
Little White Rabbit (2011) 468 Exemplare
Sun & Spoon (1997) 460 Exemplare
Penny and Her Doll (2012) 417 Exemplare
Diesmal ist es für immer (1995) 407 Exemplare
Junonia (2011) 360 Exemplare
The Birthday Room (1999) 324 Exemplare
The Zebra Wall (1988) 312 Exemplare
Egg (2017) 310 Exemplare
In the Middle of Fall (2017) 304 Exemplare
Oh! (1999) 252 Exemplare
Sheila Rae's Peppermint Stick (2001) 231 Exemplare
Winter Is Here (2018) 228 Exemplare
Owen's Marshmallow Chick (2002) 222 Exemplare
The Biggest Boy (Mulberry Books) (1995) 217 Exemplare
Circle Dogs (1998) 203 Exemplare
Two Under Par (1987) 187 Exemplare
A Parade of Elephants (2018) 186 Exemplare
Lilly's Chocolate Heart (2003) 181 Exemplare
So Happy! (2005) 131 Exemplare
All Alone (1981) 125 Exemplare
Wemberly's Ice-Cream Star (2003) 120 Exemplare
Sweeping Up the Heart (2019) 114 Exemplare
Summer Song (2020) 94 Exemplare
Grandpa and Bo (1780) 93 Exemplare
Julius's Candy Corn (2003) 83 Exemplare
Good-bye, Curtis (1995) 74 Exemplare
Penny and Her Sled (2019) 67 Exemplare
Shhhh (1989) 61 Exemplare
Billy Miller Makes a Wish (2021) 57 Exemplare
A House (2021) 48 Exemplare
Sun Flower Lion (2020) 48 Exemplare
Little Houses (2022) 47 Exemplare
Return to Sender (1984) 30 Exemplare
Oh, Sal (2022) 29 Exemplare
The World and Everything in It (2023) 27 Exemplare
Once Around the Block (1987) 24 Exemplare
Margaret & Taylor (1983) 19 Exemplare
Lilly's Sticker & Storybook Fun (2000) 17 Exemplare
Clean Enough (1982) 14 Exemplare
A Box Full of Lily (2006) 6 Exemplare
Kevin Henkes 8-book Set (2008) 5 Exemplare
Adventures of Penny (2013) 2 Exemplare
Babies 2 Exemplare
My Garden — Autor — 1 Exemplar
Oscar 1 Exemplar
Oh Happy 1 Exemplar
Lilly adore l'école ! (2002) 1 Exemplar
Wemblerly Worried 1 Exemplar

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Winnie's Midnight Dragon (2000) — Übersetzer, einige Ausgaben129 Exemplare


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Lilly the mouse idolizes her teacher Mr. Slinger, but when she comes to school flaunting three jingly quarters, movie-star glasses and a purple plastic purse ""that played a jaunty tune when it was opened,"" she interrupts Mr. Slinger's lessons on ""Types of Cheese"" and words that rhyme with ""mice."" After one too many disruptions, he confiscates the purse until the day's end. Lilly, humiliated, takes revenge by slipping a mean drawing into Mr. Slinger's book bag--only to open her purse and find a conciliatory note from her hero. Caldecott honoree Henkes (Owen) understands Lilly's enthusiasm for her prize possessions, but astutely shows that Lilly goes too far when she acts up in class (""She's in trouble,"" whispers a classmate in a voice-bubble aside). The perfectionistic watercolor-and-ink illustrations, in vignettes and panels, are as sharp as the narration. Henkes communicates Lilly's emotions through her eyes, so that when she goes from ""sad"" to ""furious,"" her eyebrows shift from U-shaped dips to hard slants; he also enlivens his scenes with tiny details, like Mr. Slinger's copy of Stuart Little. The author/artist offers useful, timeless advice for apologizing to a friend and resolving a conflict. A sympathetic and wise treatment. Ages 4-up.… (mehr)
daisycaudron | 249 weitere Rezensionen | Feb 28, 2024 |
Vivid yet simple prose and artwork. It's a quiet book that would be perfect for an autumn bedtime story.
deborahee | 9 weitere Rezensionen | Feb 23, 2024 |
This book would be good for primary students. This book is "Waiting" written and illustrated by Kevin Henkes and published in 2015. This book is about toy animals sitting on a windowsill each waiting or something different. At the end, a new character joins and they all wait for what to happen next. I think this would be good in a classroom for independent reading for. new reader as there are very little words and the pictures say a lot. I think it is a heartfelt, sweet book that teaches kids to be curious and exciting for what it next in their life.… (mehr)
kcochell23 | 70 weitere Rezensionen | Feb 8, 2024 |



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