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Flannery O'Connor was born in Savannah, Georgia. She had a quiet, bookish life as a child before attending Georgia State College for Women and going on tot he Writers Workshop at the State University of Iowa, where she earned a Master of Fine Arts degree. Her 1949 dissertation consisted of six mehr anzeigen short stories, one of which she developed into her first novel, Wise Blood (1952). Wise Blood is the story of a fanatical, wandering preacher who sets out to found a "church of truth without Jesus Christ crucified." The book introduces some of the religious themes that run throughout O'Connor's later work. Her second novel, The Violent Bear It Away (1960), is the story of murder involving a Tennessee backwoods preacher and a small boy. Once again, O'Connor explores unusual manifestation of religion and human eccentricities. Although O'Connor produced only a small body of work during her relatively brief lifetime, she has received much critical attention. O'Connor suffered from lupus, an inherited disease, which crippled her and cut short her life, and so her creative work was largely compressed within a decade of the 1950's. Her father also dies of Lupus when she was 15 years old. O'Connor is frequently praised as being the most creative and distinctive writer of this period. The two most notable aspects of her fiction are its religious themes and its commentary on the oppressive traditions of the mid-twentieth-century Deep South. (Bowker Author Biography) weniger anzeigen
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(eng) There are two different versions of the book Three (or 3). They both contain Wise Blood and The Violent Will Bear It Away, and some contain A Good Man Is Hard to Find while others contain Everything That Rises Must Converge. Please be conscious of this difference when adding or combining works. If you own an edition of Three, please make sure it is combined with the correct work, and please do not combine the two separate works entitled Three (or 3).

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Die Lahmen werden die Ersten sein. (1965) 2,359 Exemplare
Die Gewalt tun. Roman. (1960) 1,758 Exemplare
Flannery O'Connor: Collected Works (1988) 1,545 Exemplare
A Prayer Journal (2013) 411 Exemplare
Flannery O'Connor: The Cartoons (2012) 85 Exemplare
Seven Contemporary Short Novels [second edition] (1969) — Mitwirkender — 35 Exemplare
A Memoir of Mary Ann (1961) 32 Exemplare
O'Connor 22 Exemplare
Good Country People 19 Exemplare
The Lame Shall Enter First (1962) 15 Exemplare
Novelas (2011) 12 Exemplare
Dommens dag : noveller (1971) 10 Exemplare
Revelation (2005) 9 Exemplare
Um diario de preces (2014) 8 Exemplare
O Céu é dos Violentos (2014) 7 Exemplare
Palava kehä (1984) 6 Exemplare
La buena gente del campo (1955) 4 Exemplare
Sangue Sábio (1990) 4 Exemplare
Antologia Indispensável (1996) 4 Exemplare
Parker's Back 4 Exemplare
Mon mal vient de plus loin. (1968) 4 Exemplare
Diario di preghiera (2016) 3 Exemplare
Diario de oración (2018) 3 Exemplare
Her Cikisin Bir Inisi Vardir (2011) 3 Exemplare
Punto Omega (2022) 3 Exemplare
Judgement Day 3 Exemplare
The River 3 Exemplare
Tots els contes (2011) 2 Exemplare
Tutti i racconti Vol. 1 (2001) 2 Exemplare
Tutti i racconti. Vol 2 (2001) 2 Exemplare
Kein Titel 2 Exemplare
BRA FOLK FRÅN LANDET (1981) 2 Exemplare
Death of a Child (1961) 2 Exemplare
The Province of Joy 2 Exemplare
“Revelation” 1 Exemplar
Journal de prière (2019) 1 Exemplar
Il geranio e altre storie (2023) 1 Exemplar
The Peeler 1 Exemplar
The Train 1 Exemplar
The Turkey 1 Exemplar
The Crop 1 Exemplar
Wildcat 1 Exemplar
The Barber 1 Exemplar
The Geranium 1 Exemplar
La Récolte 1 Exemplar
Home of the Brave (1981) 1 Exemplar
Bilge Kan (2015) 1 Exemplar
The Complete Stories (1983) 1 Exemplar
Displaced Person 1 Exemplar
Nel territorio del diavolo (1998) 1 Exemplar
[Tutti i racconti] 2 (1994) 1 Exemplar
The Enduring Chill 1 Exemplar
Contos de Crime 1 Exemplar
Freedom Fries (2004) 1 Exemplar

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Gebräuchlichste Namensform
O'Connor, Flannery
Rechtmäßiger Name
O'Connor, Mary Flannery
Memory Hill Cemetery, Milledgeville, Georgia, USA
Savannah, Georgia, USA
Milledgeville, Georgia, USA
complications of lupus
Savannah, Georgia, USA
Milledgeville, Georgia, USA
Redding, Connecticut, USA
Iowa City, Iowa, USA
University of Iowa (MFA|1947)
Georgia State College for Women (BA|1945)
Peabody Laboratory School
Lytle, Andrew (teacher)
Iowa Writers' Workshop
Preise und Auszeichnungen
Georgia Women of Achievement (1992)
American Academy of Arts and Letters Academy Award (Literature ∙ 1957)
Georgia Writers Hall of Fame
National Book Award for Fiction (1972)
Hinweis zur Identitätsklärung
There are two different versions of the book Three (or 3). They both contain Wise Blood and The Violent Will Bear It Away, and some contain A Good Man Is Hard to Find while others contain Everything That Rises Must Converge. Please be conscious of this difference when adding or combining works. If you own an edition of Three, please make sure it is combined with the correct work, and please do not combine the two separate works entitled Three (or 3).



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As someone who likes Flannery O'Connor's writing, I was glad to win this book of her unfinished third novel, Why Do the Heathen Rage? Unfortunately, because it was unfinished, and unorganized, we are given snippets of the fragments. I enjoyed the snippets, but I wish the author, Jessica Hooten Wilson, had told us how much of the manuscript was given to us in her book. I'm not sure, as I'm sure Wilson wasn't sure, and O'Connor wasn't sure, how this story would have unfolded, but Wilson does not really elaborate on how she organized the fragments given to us, and I would have liked more information on the manuscripts themselves, and if there was any chronological order to them. Wilson does mention that several parts of the manuscript were rewritten, however. The fragments whetted my appetite and wish that O'Connor had been able to finish this work. I did not like Wilson's attempt to finish the story in a way that she felt it might work out, especially using an excerpt from another of O'Connor's works, The Violent Bear It Away; I doubt O'Connor would have repeated a scene from another novel of hers, but would have tried for something different. Instead, I would have just liked, instead, all the parts of the manuscript that hadn't been presented earlier in the novel to be presented to us in an appendix (unless all parts had already been presented--Wilson doesn't make clear how much of the unfinished novel she has provided us with). I'm not sure, either, of Wilson's conclusions that O'Connor didn't know how to finish this novel because she wasn't able to get into the perspective of black characters. I'm not sure if that was O'Connor's intention, anyway. O'Connor had her specific audience in mind, which seems to be white people who could tend to be racist, etc., and so her intent was to change white people's views--but not necessarily about social issues, but, rather, spiritual perspectives. I did like Wilson's ending discussion of Mrs. Turpin and how we as humans have both "heathen" and "saint", both "hog" and "human." This is a good addition to the O'Connor canon, but I wish Wilson had provided more context about the manuscripts themselves and O'Connor's writing than her own comments about them.… (mehr)
vangogan | 1 weitere Rezension | Feb 17, 2024 |
Delightfully, deliciously grotesque. However I would have liked Hazel Motes to have been at least partially successful in his "Church Without Christ." O'Connor's point is undercut somewhat by the derision Haze gets for his efforts.
I think I prefer O'Connor's short stories to this. Honestly, a little smug Catholicism goes a long way.
ethorwitz | 111 weitere Rezensionen | Jan 3, 2024 |
Southern Gothic fiction is like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre without the chainsaw massacre. Imagine: a van full of Yankees breaks down in front of a slaughterhouse. When the nervous college kids enter the building they don't run into murderous cannibals, but nevertheless have an uneasy encounter. The proprietor is a loud woman who won't stop pestering the kids about whether or not they've read the bible. Her gigantic elder son fixes the car silently, he is mentally disabled and his face is hideous. Her youngest son is twelve and aggressively hits on the girls. There is nothing cute about the boy; despite his age and size he has the menacing air of a sexual predator. Maybe there's a cross-dressing grandpa in the attic, I don't know. That might be a little too much. Anyway, the kids leave unharmed but a cloud hangs over the rest of their trip. That could be a plausible O'Connor story; usually nothing explicit happens but boy is it creepy.… (mehr)
1 abstimmen
ethorwitz | 97 weitere Rezensionen | Jan 3, 2024 |
ethorwitz | 53 weitere Rezensionen | Jan 3, 2024 |


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