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"They Have Killed Papa Dead!": The Road to Ford's Theatre, Abraham Lincoln's Murder, and the Rage for Vengeance von Anthony Pitch
American Brutus: John Wilkes Booth and the Lincoln Conspiracies von Michael W. Kauffmanas Christopher Columbus Augur
The Assassin's Accomplice: Mary Surratt and the Plot to Kill Abraham Lincoln von Kate Clifford Larson
The Assassination: Death of the President von Champ Clark
The Beleaguered City: The Vicksburg Campaign, December 1862-July 1863 (Modern Library) von Shelby Foote
Blood on the Moon: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln von Jr. Edward Steers
The Civil War: A Narrative: Volume 2: Fredericksburg to Meridian von Shelby Foote
The Civil War: A Narrative: Volume 3: Red River to Appomattox von Shelby Foote
Dark Union: The Secret Web of Profiteers, Politicians, and Booth Conspirators That Led to Lincoln's Death von Leonard F. Guttridge
The Day Lincoln Was Shot von Jim BishopMajor General
A Great Civil War: A Military and Political History, 1861-1865 von Russell F. Weigley
Lee Takes Command: From Seven Days to Second Bull Run von John L. Papanek
Lincoln as I Knew Him: Gossip, Tributes, and Revelations from His Best Friends and Worst Enemies von Harold Holzeras General Augur
Lincoln's Assassins: A Complete Account of Their Capture, Trial, and Punishment von Roy Z. Chamlee
Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer von James L. Swansonas Christopher Columbus Augur
Murdering Mr. Lincoln: A New Detection of the 19th Century's Most Famous Crime von Charles HighamMajor General
Sarah Morgan: The Civil War Diary of a Southern Woman von Sarah Morgan Dawson
Sherman's March von Burke Davis
Vicksburg Is the Key: The Struggle for the Mississippi River von William L. SheaMajor General
War on the Mississippi: Grant's Vicksburg Campaign von Jerry Korn
Why Was Lincoln Murdered? von Otto Eisenschiml