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"They Have Killed Papa Dead!": The Road to Ford's Theatre, Abraham Lincoln's Murder, and the Rage for Vengeance von Anthony Pitch
1858: Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee, Ulysses S. Grant and the War They Failed to See von Bruce Chadwick
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An address on the life, character and services of William Henry Seward von Charles Francis Adams
The Age of Jackson von Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
Alaska: A Bicentennial History von William R. Hunt
Alias Paine: Lewis Thornton Powell, the Mystery Man of the Lincoln Conspiracy von Betty J. Ownsbey
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America Becomes a World Power von Saddleback Educational Publishing
America's First Dynasty: The Adamses, 1735–1918 von Richard Brookhiser
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The American Civil War von Winston S. Churchill
American Political and Social History von Harold Underwood Faulkner
American Speeches: Political Oratory from the Revolution to the Civil War von Ted Widmerr
American Steam Navigation: Speech of William H. Seward for the Collins Steamers. In the Senate of the United States, April 27, 1852 von William Henry Seward
April 1865: The Month That Saved America von Jay Winik
The Assassin's Accomplice: Mary Surratt and the Plot to Kill Abraham Lincoln von Kate Clifford Larson
Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln, Late President Of The United Sates Of America, And The Attempted Assassination Of William H. Seward... And Frederick ... And Sympathy Inspired By These Events von United States
The Assassination: Death of the President von Champ Clark
Autobiography of William H. Seward from 1801 to 1834 With a memoir of his life, and selections from his letters from 1831 to 1846 von William Henry Seward
Behind the Scenes: or, Thirty Years a Slave and Four Years in the White House von Elizabeth Keckley
The Blockade: Runners and Raiders von William C. Davis
Blood on the Moon: The Assassination of Abraham Lincoln von Jr. Edward Steers
The Bloodiest Day: The Battle of Antietam von Ronald H. Bailey
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Chasing Lincoln's Killer von James L. Swanson
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The Civil War: A Narrative: Volume 1: Fort Sumter to Perryville von Shelby Foote
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The Enemy Within: 2,000 Years of Witch-Hunting in the Western World von John Demos
Flashman und der Engel des Herrn: Die Flashman-Manuskripte 10. Harry Flashman und John Brown in Virginia von George MacDonald Fraser
The Forging of the American Empire: From the Revolution to Vietnam: A History of Ameri (Human Security) von Sidney Lens
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The Gilded Age von Judith Freeman Clark
The growth of the American Republic von Samuel Eliot Morison
Impeached: The Trial of President Andrew Johnson and the Fight for Lincoln's Legacy von David O. Stewart
The insanity file : the case of Mary Todd Lincoln von Mark E. Neely Jr.
KILLING LINCOLN: THE SHOCKING ASSASSINATION THAT CHANGED AMERICA FOREVER BY (Author)O'Reilly, Bill[Hardcover]Sep-2011 von Bill O'Reillyas William Seward
Lee Takes Command: From Seven Days to Second Bull Run von John L. Papanek
The Life And Career Of William Henry Seward, 1801 - 1872 von Catherine D. Hayes
The Life of William H. Seward: With Selections from His Works von George E. Baker
The Life, Crime, and Capture of John Wilkes Booth von George Alfred Townsend
Lincoln and Seward von Gideon Welles
Lincoln and the Russians von Albert A. Woldman
Lincoln as I Knew Him: Gossip, Tributes, and Revelations from His Best Friends and Worst Enemies von Harold Holzer
Lincoln in the World: The Making of a Statesman and the Dawn of American Power von Kevin Peraino
The Lincoln Murder Conspiracies von William Hanchett
Lincoln Revisited: New Insights from the Lincoln Forum (Lincoln Forum Books) von Harold Holzer
Lincoln's Assassins: A Complete Account of Their Capture, Trial, and Punishment von Roy Z. Chamlee
Lincoln's Assassins: Their Trial and Execution von James L. Swanson
Lincoln's Avengers: Justice, Revenge, and Reunion after the Civil War von Elizabeth D. Leonard
Lincoln's New Salem von Benjamin P. Thomas
Lincoln's Sanctuary: Abraham Lincoln and the Soldiers' Home von Matthew Pinsker
Lincoln's War Cabinet von Burton Jesse Hendrick
Lincoln, master of men; a study in character von Alonzo Rothschild
Lincoln. Roman. von Gore Vidal
Little Journeys to the Homes of American Statesmen {complete} von Elbert Hubbard
Little Journeys to the Homes of American Statesmen: William H. Seward von Elbert Hubbard
Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln's Killer von James L. Swanson
Mark Twain: A Life von Ron Powers
Millard Fillmore von Paul Finkelman
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Mr. Seward for the defense von Earl Conrad
Murdering Mr. Lincoln: A New Detection of the 19th Century's Most Famous Crime von Charles Higham
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The Rise of American Democracy: Jefferson to Lincoln von Sean Wilentz
Rise to Greatness: Abraham Lincoln and America's Most Perilous Year von David von Drehleas William Seward
The Secret Service of the Confederate States in Europe von James D. Bulloch
Seward Alaska Purchase Centennial, July 9-15, 1967
Seward at Washington, as Senator and Secretary of State, A Memoir with Selections from His Letters, 1861-1872 von Frederick W. Seward
Seward: An Autobiography & Seward at Washington: 2 Volumes (3 volumes total) von Frederick W. Seward
Seward: Lincoln's Indispensable Man von Walter Stahr
The Shattering of the Union: America in the 1850s von Eric H. Walther
Sherman's March von Burke Davis
The Siege of Washington: The Untold Story of the Twelve Days That Shook the Union von John Lockwood
Speech of William H. Seward, at Detroit, September 4, 1860 von William Henry Seward
Spies, Scouts, and Raiders: Irregular Operations von William C. Davis
The Story of Ford's Theater and the Death of Lincoln (Cornerstones of Freedom) von Zachary Kent
The Story of Seward's Folly von Susan Clinton
Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln von Doris Kearns Goodwin
Turbulent times: the remarkable life of William H. Seward von Stephen G. Yanoff
Twenty Million Yankees: The Northern Home Front von Donald Dale Jackson
War averters : Seward, Mallory, and Fort Pickens / by Ernest Dibble von Ernest F. Dibble
We Are Lincoln Men: Abraham Lincoln and His Friends von David Herbert Donald
William H. Seward von Edward Everett Hale Jr
William H. Seward's travels around the world von William Henry Seward
William Henry Seward von Thornton Kirkland Lothrop
William Henry Seward von Glyndon G. Van Deusen
William Henry Seward and the Secession Crisis: The Effort to Prevent Civil War von Lawrence M. Denton
William Henry Seward, the Virginia Controversy, and the Anti-Slavery Movement, 1839-1841 von Stephen J. Valone
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William Seward: The Mastermind of the Alaska Purchase (Historical American Biographies) von Zachary Kent
The World's History ahd Its Makers: (Vol VIII) Famous American Statesmen von Edgar Sanderson